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I Am The Toxic AssetThis was originally posted on 2/28/12 There comes a certain risk involved with divulging one's personal troubles all over the internet where potential employers could read it and make all sorts of judgement. However without some risk, there is no return as everyone on here should know by heart... 86 3 years 2 months
Can't see postsHey guys, I all the sudden can't see any posts on this site. I can see who made the post, the title, and the picture if it has one. It's bizarre. I restarted my computer and that didn't help. I don't know if it's my comp, the site's server or I got banned or something. Some advise in a PM... 3 4 years 2 months
Where do I go from here - Serious guidance Hey everyone, I'm really glad that I found this site. I'm extremely lost in life and need some serious guidance. I graduated from a very non-target, a Tech school in the south, with a BS in Finance... and a 2.1. I want to work in IB/PE/HF/VC... but I don't even know if that's possible. My... 25 1 week 1 day


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UFOinsider: eriginal: ^Well, aside from the...[quote=UFOinsider][quote=eriginal]^Well, aside from the fact that that guy could beat me in a debate any day of the week, he seems to be missing the point.[/quote] Dude is gay, or seriously anal retentive, likely both. He's not that smart either: "intention" of procreation? How about the church... 143 3 years 11 months
SECIB: But since it isn't recognized as such,...[quote=SECIB]But since it isn't recognized as such, we have to speak to the religious aspect. It completely boggles my mind that people act upset about gay marriage ruining the sacredness of marriage. Newsflash: 50% of marriages end in divorce, just how sacred is marriage now-a-days? Also, I... 143 3 years 11 months
swagon you're my hero.swagon you're my hero. 19 3 years 11 months
Reminds me of the novel Bank by David Bleden....Reminds me of the novel Bank by David Bleden. Awesome story dude! I'd say that banking was necessary for you though, you needed the misery to drive you and the money to make it all happen. 292 4 years 1 week
Waymon3x6: Check this out:[quote=Waymon3x6]Check this out:[/quote] I love documentaries, thanks! 20 4 years 1 month
Okay so why is WS2 so bad? I liked it as a movie...Okay so why is WS2 so bad? I liked it as a movie. Like I'd rather watch is then say, Twilight, for sure. I still have definitely have my criticisms though. Is it the inaccuracy of the portrayal of the job/industry or cinematography or acting or what that's turning so many actual wall street guys... 20 4 years 1 month
UFOinsider: In real life, I had friends take...[quote=UFOinsider]In real life, I had friends take their federally gauranteed 1% loan, stick it in mutual funds for 5% or whatever, and then pay it back at the end of college. They bought a car with it. I'm only pissed because I didn't think of it at the time.[/quote] I'm pissed because I... 64 4 years 1 month
Personally I think Rise of the Planets was a...Personally I think Rise of the Planets was a really good Wall Street Movie about one how analyst can really make a difference in his firm and turn heads if everyone would leave the office and play in the woods for the afternoon. 20 4 years 1 month
honeybluesky: just curious, which CNBC...[quote=honeybluesky]just curious, which CNBC documentary is that? [/quote] The Price of Admission: America's College Debt Crises. [quote]I think college only worth it when ur parents are willing to pay. I personally would not choose to come to college if... 86 4 years 1 month
dabanobo: This post and its comments are a...[quote=dabanobo]This post and its comments are a microcosm of the macrocosm. While you have some good ideas OP, your grammar is poor, and you clearly couldn't be bothered to revise before posting. I couldn't read beyond this "sentence": "So if you're eighteen and have an kind of ambition... 86 4 years 1 month
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