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AMT on your taxes??Anybody here being hit by AMT this year? Are there any super-obvious deductions that I'm missing? Seems like anyone single living in a high tax state (CA, NY...) making over ~200k a year without a house would be subject. Welcome WSO's thoughts. 2 years 11 months
These people must be confused...Saw someone post this on Facebook this morning - these people must be seriously confused: We are the 1 percent - We stand with the 99 percent We stand with the 99% One of these posts particularly caught my eye: We are the 1% Now, if you went from being at the point of society where you... 4 years 3 months
Owning the modelWhen working on a transaction with multiple offices / groups (i.e. US coverage, HK coverage, sponsors and M... 4 years 11 months
3.9 GPA - Should I redo undergrad?So I just got my transcript from target college, and is highly disappointed in my performanse. I only has 3.9 GPA on 4.0 scale. Everyone tells me that in order to be number one banking analyst one require much attentions to detail. I feel only way to show this attentions is to get perfect 4.0 GPA... 5 years 10 months
Google Pulls the Trigger on ChinaIn short: now redirects to, where mainland users can get uncensored search results. Aside from the fact that this will in all likelihood only last for a few hours until the Great Firewall "fixes" it, how would we monkeys profit from this? Some ideas: The obvious -... 5 years 10 months
American Psycho: The MusicalPatrick Bateman breaks out into song: --- Drenched in equal parts blood and hit '80s pop tunes, Bret Easton Ellis' novel "American Pyscho" chronicled the fissured state of... 5 years 12 months
2009 US Tech M&A League TableSince there's been a few questions about good tech groups recently, figured this table would be a nice data point for the prospective monkeys out there. Now, a few words. - I have no idea about the methodology used (announced vs. completed, etc.) - League tables are stupid anyway, but people... 5 years 12 months
Housing - training and working in different citiesWhile it seems like it should be pretty simple, what do 1st years working in regional offices (LA, SF, Chicago, etc.) usually do about finding an apt if your bank has firmwide training in New York? Let's say both with and without a roommate. Does it make more sense to find the place in April-June... 6 years 2 weeks
watch dealers recsSo, given the ton of watch threads, figured I'd throw another wrinkle on it: where you actually go to buy the watch. Now, if you're buying a Timex, Casio, etc., great, go to Amazon or similar and go from there. Unfortunately, the higher-end brands (Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier, Tag even) will only... 6 years 2 months
Rank Top RankingsSince we love ranking well, everything, here at WSO, why not rank rankings? I'll get us started, with a by no means all-inclusive list. 1. IBs a. BBs b. "Elite boutiques" c. MMs d. Boutiques 2. B-Schools 3. Undergrad schools 4. HFs 5. PE shops 6. VCs 7. Suits 8. Watches... 6 years 2 months


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Seriously - this is KKR/Del Monte/Barclays all...Seriously - this is KKR/Del Monte/Barclays all over again: 1 year 11 months
Yeah, as a Stern alum on the west coast, can...Yeah, as a Stern alum on the west coast, can comfortably say either Stern or Haas could get you into IBD, just a question of where you want to wind up longer-term...there are very few people from Stern out here. 1 year 11 months
I think there's a nugget of truth in there,...I think there's a nugget of truth in there, except there is a paucity of 8+s here in San Francisco to really pull this off...but the key point that guys working on the buyside are not at the top of the foodchain is totally true. 1 year 11 months
Well BIDU will tell you QIHU and Sogou search...Well BIDU will tell you QIHU and Sogou search share are overstated by CNZZ :). Search monetization is a long road, but even if they have 10% share (and not 25%), thats still quite a bit of LT revenue relative to their existing base (using BIDU as reference). I do tend to struggle with this name, as... 1 year 11 months
What are you referring to on QIHU? He thought...What are you referring to on QIHU? He thought their webgame ARPU was inflated, turns out others in the ecosystem have the same ARPU (e.g. Forgame) - he thought if you dont have URL tracking on a nav site then they're free links (welcome to the Internet, we have Referer headers). The main thing he... 1 year 11 months
I'd say mixed overall - some great calls (e.g....I'd say mixed overall - some great calls (e.g. CCME), but total swing and a miss on QIHU - which he was very loud about. Got paid on SOHU long but that was M&A (Tencent Soso + SOHU Sogou merged into Sogou), so mixed there. 1 year 11 months
craigslist (or maybe airbnb, yeah)craigslist (or maybe airbnb, yeah) 2 years 1 week
$365$365 2 years 2 weeks
Simple As...: P is like freakin' Teflon, man....[quote=Simple As...]P is like freakin' Teflon, man. I may have looked at it as a short 1H 2013, but decided against it. If Mandel and the guys at Lone Pine own a good chunk of something I generally think twice before I take the opposite side of their trade. What's your catalyst?[/quote] QFT... 2 years 3 weeks
Why did you apply in the first place? What do you...Why did you apply in the first place? What do you want to do post-MBA, and do you need an MBA to get there? How big of an impediment is the ~$400k+ opportunity cost (i.e. if you graduate and don't have a job immediately is that a problem)? Just some things to think about. 2 years 3 weeks
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