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Possible to nap in the office bathroom?Is it? If so, any tips? Would appreciate any and all advice! 10 3 years 10 months
How should I write this Cold Email?Hey guys, I was looking to reach out to an alum. Any help for this particular situation? - first, the alum's not on linkedin but is featured on bank's website. - no email address is mentioned, but i found out the sample format through google My only concern is not to sound overeager,... 7 3 years 10 months
Anyone Watching the IPL Final (KKR vs CSK)?Go KKR! :p 7 3 years 11 months
1 Thing in Common Among PE AssociatesAttractiveness. At least a half-decent amount of it. Coincidence? 40 4 years 1 week
GPA: 3.7 with a 'W' or a 3.55 without...Hey guys, So I'm considering dropping a class that has the potential to mess up my GPA pretty bad. [It's an advanced physics course not even required for my major btw.] Should I drop it and keep my GPA decent, i.e somewhere between. 3.65 and 3.75 or keep it, avoid the 'W', and end up with a 3.55... 19 4 years 1 month
Appropriate Attire for SituationWhat if you were meeting up with an alum casually... no formality... not seeking a job and were just doing a friendly and casual meet-up... but at the alum's office... for coffee... alum graduated quite a few years ago and is now MD at his own firm... not anything related to Wall Street. Very... 19 4 years 1 month
Why IBD or S&T--Good Reason?I'm pursuing a career in Sales and Trading or Investment Banking because of my dynamic personality, hard working attitude and utmost for financial market research. Good? Bad? Amazing? 9 4 years 2 months
Cold-Calling/Emailing a BB Satellite Office?yay or nay? 18 4 years 2 months
DB achieve [sophomore program]Posting for a buddy. Just post if you've heard back or not. 38 4 years 2 months
how long should I wait after application...A contact insisted that I submit an application--two weeks after it was due (I had no plans of applying initially). So just wondering, how long should I wait before reaching out? How long did you guys have to wait after submitting your apps before hearing back? Thanks in advance. 4 years 2 months


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I've seen a BB posting that asked for a minimum...I've seen a BB posting that asked for a minimum of 3.3 147 9 months 3 weeks
Google Keep Google Maps Google Drive Rdio Grindr...Google Keep Google Maps Google Drive Rdio Grindr Financial Times Whatsapp Reddit is fun 15 2 years 8 months
IvySachs: First, unless you have a genuine...[quote=IvySachs]First, unless you have a genuine interest in finance I don't suggest you go down this route. Do some research and read about what bankers do. Second, your GPA is low but, there are ways around it considering you're from a target. Third, this goes back to the first point. Besides... 17 2 years 9 months
PutINweRK: Depends on the firm. If you want a...[quote=PutINweRK]Depends on the firm. If you want a job at the big four obviously you need a good GPA. Who says you need to work at the big 4 though? But generally no. I don't think it's anywhere near as competitive as IB/PE/HF obviously, and they accept remedial BBA kids where you have to be... 18 2 years 10 months
couchy: IvyGrad: tons of kids i know from my...[quote=couchy] IvyGrad: tons of kids i know from my college with mediocre gpa and work experiences graduated unemployed. some took horrible jobs in sales, and many others became 'volunteers' at no-name non profits. many kids with degrees in poli sci, history, or english ended up in retail sales... 17 2 years 10 months
above_and_beyond: Warwick's placement is pretty...[quote=above_and_beyond]Warwick's placement is pretty good in London, I don't know anything about this specific program though. However, I guess it will open plenty of doors and if you're interested in that kind of stuff, go ahead. Btw, here's the Excel of London summer bankers that is... 19 2 years 10 months
^ Hahaha. Bondarb, you're the man! :D Also, what...^ Hahaha. Bondarb, you're the man! :D Also, what the fuck is wrong with being gay?! Some posters here really need to be dragged out of the 19th century. -__- 112 2 years 10 months
Bondarb: 4) This will probably be something...[quote=Bondarb] 4) This will probably be something that most on this board disagree with, but I think that having long hair is a huge plus for guys. When I was in my early 20s I had short hair mainly because I was in junior level jobs where longer hair would be frowned I got in my mid-... 112 2 years 10 months
Idk if this helps but the final round for the Mck...Idk if this helps but the final round for the Mck Sophomore program was really no different from the first round except in length. Good luck! 23 2 years 10 months
A few points: - I don't think OP is in the United...A few points: - I don't think OP is in the United States. - I don't think OP attends a truly top law school. U of Toronto, which has a top law school, also has an MBA that is very well-regarded (and I say that as a (Canadian) HYP student). - The best advice OP received was to enroll in his... 26 2 years 10 months
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