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Preping for a pension fund interviewHey everyone, Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prep for a pension fund position. The assets under managment are +5 billion? Thanks for your help. 3 4 years 3 months
Burnt out, remedied and came back stronger?Hey! Anyone want to briefly share some stories about the envitable burn out being in the finance industry, taking a break and making a strong comeback? or leaving the show all together.... I could see some professionals not taking the proper vacation time, working in shitty conditions for a... 2 4 years 3 months
ASA Business ValuationAnyone have any opinions on the ASA Business Valuation designation ( in terms of popularity, applicability and/or recognition? How about thoughts on whether these individuals can break into VC, PE or IB? Thanks. 3 4 years 4 months
Chartered Business ValuatorFor all you Canadians and Americans in the know. What are you thoughts on the Chartered Business Valuators designation (CBV)? How inferior are they to CFAs or superior to Chartered Accountants in terms of finance related work? Would people just take the CBV because they believe it to be an... 2 4 years 5 months
MBA: overpriced ego boost?The focus on education seems to be different in Canada versus the US; In Canada, it seems like everyone is trying to get designated (Chartered Accountant, CFA, etc) rather than placing weight on an MBA. But, the MBA seems to be alive and well in the US. I am currently deciding between an MBA and... 14 4 years 6 months


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I have a bottle of scotch in my's...I have a bottle of scotch in my's definitely good to have handy to celebrate the successes. We have drinks whenever we want (lunches, dinners, etc) as long as you get done want needs to be done. 62 2 years 5 months
allowing myself to settle for mediocrity and...allowing myself to settle for mediocrity and security becasue my childhood friends lived/settled for an average life... 126 3 years 2 weeks
awesome!awesome! 35 3 years 2 months
not that big of a deal...if you can shot the shit...not that big of a deal...if you can shot the shit and take a joke you will be fine. 34 3 years 2 months
so damn busy today and didnt damn busy today and didnt check wallstreetoasis on time and missed the deal. 40 3 years 2 months
Excellent writeup!Excellent writeup! 23 3 years 3 months
Great post. I worked for the government as well...Great post. I worked for the government as well and come year end it was spend or lose it for next year. 21 3 years 3 months
How to Win Friends & Influence People is a...How to Win Friends & Influence People is a great book. I try and read it twice a year; its a good refresher/reminder of how crazy people can get and how to react and manoeuvre your way through some situations. I know with myself sometimes work/life can get too busy and stressful that I forget how... 31 3 years 3 months
Congrats man! You going to work on any other...Congrats man! You going to work on any other designations while your in PE? 25 3 years 3 months
Amazing advice! "Oh, and also, work on those abs...Amazing advice! "Oh, and also, work on those abs chunkster - employers like to hire chiseled stallions." - droking7 18 3 years 4 months
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