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Investment bankers on a contract basis?Kind of interesting. You guys think it would catch on at all? Here it is. 2 weeks 4 days
Startup to automate IB analyst work?I wondered when some startup was going to try and tackle this. Pellucid Analytics is trying to add some automation to the pitchbook generation process. What do you think monkeys? Will this catch on? Will analysts be replaced by software? 6 months 3 weeks
How to make VP in Private EquityA few weeks ago, I shut down my ThinkPad for the last time, turned in my security badge, and said farewell to my colleagues – and to PE and private equity interviews. I found myself in a position in which many private equity associates find themselves every summer: thanked for my efforts, praised... 10 months 3 weeks
Year-end book recommendationsSo the year has come and gone and the holiday season is once again upon us. And unless you are one of the poor unfortunate souls with a sadistic MD and pitch the day after New Year's, you're probably looking forward to some down time between now and year-end. I know I am, and one of the things I... 1 year 5 months
Life after PEI've been steadily chugging down "the track" for some time now. Target school > MM banking (one year) > lateral to BB banking > PE, the whole nine. I've managed to stretch out my current PE associate tenure well beyond the typical two years, but I've extended my rope as far as it can go so it's... 2 years 2 months
Pushing BackSo throughout my finance tenure, I've adopted and maintained the usual junior resource demeanor. In other words, do as you're told, don't talk back, eat the shit sandwich with a smile on your face, and always try to appease the boss even if he's off the reservation. However, after noticing that (... 3 years 3 months
The end of the trackI'm approaching the end of my third year as an associate at a MM PE fund. I'll either be promoted at year end or transitioned out. Getting promoted would be great in theory, but the trouble is, I'm actually becoming less and less enthused about the more "senior" (i.e. VP level and up) pe track.... 3 years 7 months
The Analyst Blueprint for Saving on TaxesWe all know that as bankers we get hit pretty hard with taxes. Here are a few tips for the new analysts that will help soften the blow: (a) signing bonus: Try to make sure your bank pays you this in the fall of your senior year right after you get your offer. This way you can claim exemption... 8 years 7 months


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Know Anyone Involved In A Scam?[quote="accountingbyday"]Apparently as women get past 30 and have kids it becomes more appealing to attempt to make money by bombarding social media with posts about your AWESOME PRODUCTS. [/quote] Ha, so true. I get this in my feed from time to time and it's always the same demographic... 3 days 19 hours
How to avoid eyes hurting after staring at a...In addition to using the flux app, which I highly recommend, you can change the default window color for your applications (e.g. Excel, Word) to something other than white that is easy on the eyes. I use this RGB setting: 195, 200, 196. Sets a background of a cool, greenish grey color. MUCH... 6 days 18 hours
Married Monkey with wandering mind, help me outHooking up with someone in the office would of course be a bad idea, as it would severely damage your reputation (for obvious reasons). However, that doesn't mean you can't redirect these urges elsewhere. Have you ever considered the possibility that monogamy is not the optimal choice for you... 1 month 18 hours
Investment banking after 10+ years of engineering?If your goal is to make serious money and advance beyond grunt or mid-level drone, you need to change the way you think about things Based on your brief description, I’m guessing you are the typical overachiever: you’ve organized your life around “succeeding” where “success” is defined by awards... 1 month 2 weeks
Is Private Equity Dead?The conclusion in the article could be valid if PE were actually about "investing" or generating "real" returns, but it isn't, so no, PE isn't "dead." 1 month 3 weeks
Tax evasion is totally out of control but creates...You are going to find this kind of thing in every business, not just the small ones. The bigger ones are just more sophisticated about it. When I was in PE, even when we bought $800mm top line revenue businesses their taxes were rarely "in line" if they were founder owned. They wouldn't do... 4 months 2 weeks
Signs your banker is bullsh*tting to youHad a partner at my PE fund who would throw out numbers and facts in meetings like they were iron-clad, scientific truth, when in reality most were off, some wildly so. Took me awhile to figure out when to correct him and when to keep my mouth shut because I had to balance (i) getting in trouble... 6 months 4 days
test1223323[quote=OpsDude] My friends at other schools definitely don't seem to always have such an amazing experience. For example, My friend from Wharton just messaged me this 10 minutes ago: "the team building exercises were a waste and that its superficial at best. just people making small talk and very... 8 months 3 weeks
Cramer vs. Rubenstein - the Private Equity DebateSpent some time in PE. After seeing the PE machinery operate from the inside and seeing the impact on portfolio companies, I would say that overall PE firms are probably not a huge positive for the economy generally and companies specifically. There certainly are some cases where PE firms save a... 8 months 3 weeks
Bonus Bananas July 11th, 2014What happened to Eddie? He retire? 10 months 2 weeks