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Can you kill the scroll hijack?The "smooth scroll" hijack is kind of annoying. I would suggest removing it -- I think the browser's native scrolling functionality is adequate. Thanks much. 3 3 months 2 weeks
How to make VP in Private EquityMod Note (Andy): This was originally posted 7/15/13. See his most recent post updating on his status (posted 5/26/15) here. A few weeks ago, I shut down my ThinkPad for the last time, turned in my security badge, and said farewell to my colleagues – and to PE and private equity interviews. I... 81 10 months 4 weeks
Life after PE - the other roadAs I mentioned in a previous thread ("How to Make VP in Private Equity"), a couple years ago I said goodbye to the private equity industry and decided to try my luck in the tech industry. Not as a VC associate. Not as an “entrepreneur”. As a programmer. Yep, you read that right. After thinking... 39 10 months 4 weeks
Investment bankers on a contract basis?Kind of interesting. You guys think it would catch on at all? Here it is. 7 11 months 3 weeks
Advanced organizational literacy - a year end...I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite traditions around the holidays / year end is to pause everything for a moment and take stock of where I’m at and where I’m going. As part of this process, I usually enlist the help of a book or two, preferably something that puts a new spin on a... 3 3 months 3 weeks
Startup to automate IB analyst work?I wondered when some startup was going to try and tackle this. Pellucid Analytics is trying to add some automation to the pitchbook generation process. What do you think monkeys? Will this catch on? Will analysts be replaced by software? 8 1 year 5 months
Year-end book recommendationsSo the year has come and gone and the holiday season is once again upon us. And unless you are one of the poor unfortunate souls with a sadistic MD and pitch the day after New Year's, you're probably looking forward to some down time between now and year-end. I know I am, and one of the things I... 39 2 years 4 months
Life after PEI've been steadily chugging down "the track" for some time now. Target school > MM banking (one year) > lateral to BB banking > PE, the whole nine. I've managed to stretch out my current PE associate tenure well beyond the typical two years, but I've extended my rope as far as it can go so it's... 30 3 years 1 month
Pushing BackSo throughout my finance tenure, I've adopted and maintained the usual junior resource demeanor. In other words, do as you're told, don't talk back, eat the shit sandwich with a smile on your face, and always try to appease the boss even if he's off the reservation. However, after noticing that (... 3 4 years 2 months
The end of the trackI'm approaching the end of my third year as an associate at a MM PE fund. I'll either be promoted at year end or transitioned out. Getting promoted would be great in theory, but the trouble is, I'm actually becoming less and less enthused about the more "senior" (i.e. VP level and up) pe track.... 21 4 years 6 months


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It's going really well. I think I'm more or less...It's going really well. I think I'm more or less over the hump -- I have a good gig at a funded start-up and I'm reasonably confident in my skills and ability to meaningfully contribute. I also really enjoy the actual work, which is a nice change of pace from my PE days. So yeah, still early... 3 3 months 3 weeks
So much misinformation in this thread. OP's...So much misinformation in this thread. OP's advice is a manifestation of blatant preference falsification ( and as such is actually harmful for young bankers when taken at face value (as @xqtrack stated). That said, calling out MDs and telling... 94 10 months 3 weeks
Dingdong08: I'm curious about the LA startup...[quote=Dingdong08] I'm curious about the LA startup scene. Has it gotten more organized? Is the "Silicon Beach" (and I get sick of the "Silicon ___" being attached to anywhere with a startup scene, it's a bit like anything-gate) become a real thing with VC dollars, a concentration of startups with... 39 11 months 2 days
Alex-Smith5: Thanks, great follow up post and...[quote=Alex-Smith5]Thanks, great follow up post and good to hear it's worked out well overall so far. I have some questions that I would be very interested to hear answers to (quite a few sorry!): 1. Does not having a computer science degree matter or can it all be learnt on the job and through... 39 11 months 2 days
moneymogul: I remind myself not to get too...[quote=moneymogul]I remind myself not to get too caught up in building hard skills because the ultimate goal is to have a seat the decision maker table, but it's nice knowing that I have a skill that I can always rely on because it's in such high demand.[/quote] I think that's a great way to... 39 11 months 3 days
ke18sb: Great post, great story. Along the...[quote=ke18sb]Great post, great story. Along the lines of DingDong, do you every find your self trying to help with the strategy, finances, overall direction of the firm. Like is that/was that part of your pitch to employers I'm a coder with this exploitable skill set as well. Or do you really... 39 11 months 3 days
Dingdong08: Good stuff. I'm curious, do your...[quote=Dingdong08]Good stuff. I'm curious, do your future plans include a start up venture or something where you move from the pure programming side to management? I'm in no way saying there's anything wrong with a career in programming/development but as someone who made it to PE I'd imagine you... 39 11 months 3 days
MD_Nasty: Great read, thanks for the post. A...[quote=MD_Nasty]Great read, thanks for the post. A few questions if you don't mind: 1) How much programming did you know prior to taking the JavaScript bootcamp? 2) Knowing what you know now, would you still recommend this move to others who are currently in finance and wanting to explore a... 39 11 months 3 days
accountingbyday: Apparently as women get past...[quote="accountingbyday"]Apparently as women get past 30 and have kids it becomes more appealing to attempt to make money by bombarding social media with posts about your AWESOME PRODUCTS. [/quote] Ha, so true. I get this in my feed from time to time and it's always the same demographic... 60 11 months 1 week
In addition to using the flux app, which I highly...In addition to using the flux app, which I highly recommend, you can change the default window color for your applications (e.g. Excel, Word) to something other than white that is easy on the eyes. I use this RGB setting: 195, 200, 196. Sets a background of a cool, greenish grey color. MUCH... 24 11 months 1 week
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