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To those who have taken the GMAT...Did you study before you took the GMAT? I'm asking this because my girlfriend is taking the GMAT this morning, and she's only studied for about 2-3 weeks. Her 'studying' consisted of buying the Kaplan GMAT book and the Kaplan GMAT Math section book and leisurely going through each of them... 19 8 years 1 week
Bear Stearns: what is going on?Would you buy shares of Bear Stearns? Yes/No? Why? AP JPMorgan Chase Funding Bear Stearns Friday March 14, 10:08 am ET By Stephen Bernard, AP Business Writer JPMorgan Chase, With Federal Reserve Bank of NY, to Provide Funding to Bear Stearns NEW YORK (AP) -- The federal... 52 8 years 1 month
Retire at 25? how much do you need?would you retire at 25 if you got an inheritance for 8-12 million USD? my lucky friend (actually a friend, not lying) has this opportunity. 30 8 years 2 months
London Trader's Chime inRead an article today randomly: 3 8 years 2 months
Can we ban 'selling' on this site Can you ban selling on this site (the ebay-ification of Wallstreetoasis), whether that be football tickets or CFA notes, etc. If people want to sell stuff, they can easily private messaage someone asking about the CFA in a related topic rather than... 7 8 years 4 months
Who's interested in going to law school at...Who's going to law school, at some point??? Just curious about the # of people on this site interested in law as a future career after their dose of business. I'm applying to law school to start next fall. 33 8 years 4 months
Traders: What's your opinion of the Fast...Traders, What are your thoughts on the panel of traders on the show? Thanks, Net Worth or Nothing 1 8 years 5 months
Lateral question, regarding length of employmentJust a general question: Would you stay at a job a few extra months so that you're employment history looked organized... Work an extra month to make 2.5 years as opposed to 2 years 5 months, etc? Weird question but my friend needs to know and he's not getting on IBO anytime soon. Thanks. 2 8 years 5 months
26 year old Rogue Trader.... 3 8 years 6 months
Monster vs. Red BullWhich do you drink: Monster or RedBull? I prefer Monster most days. 21 8 years 7 months


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The cut off for most major banks is 3.3 + FOr...The cut off for most major banks is 3.3 + FOr minorities, you can get in with a 2.3 + This is Street Standard... even the minority. -From the Suburbs 147 9 months 3 weeks
eric809e: I had a GMAT book sitting on my...[quote=eric809e] I had a GMAT book sitting on my bookshelf since I was a freshman in college and it just sat there.[/quote] In college, you should be focusing on a 3.5+ GPA, not breaking 700 on the GMAT. Although, in hindsight, I wish I had taken the GMAT when I had all that highschool... 64 1 year 4 weeks
LudvigJ: I would mention another option is...[quote=LudvigJ]I would mention another option is getting an MS in Finance, like I'm going to do after I graduate from NDSU.[/quote] you are freaking hilarious dude. you get on this board, ask people about your situation and people tell you to get a Msc Finance.'re the hotshot advising... 202 1 year 3 months
sashimi: is it harder to transfer once you are...[quote=sashimi]is it harder to transfer once you are in college, rather than applying to these straight out? [/quote] to answer your question, one of my best friends brothers didn't do well in highschool. he flunked out of h.s. and got his GED. he moved to california, established residency... 202 1 year 3 months
dixm655: Like I previously stated: Haha alright...[quote=dixm655]Like I previously stated: Haha alright, as in I get it. No need for name calling either. I was mainly stating what I have observed; you guys probably observed different things. Everyone is going to have their opinions, and mine is not better then yours or vice versa. But, as it... 87 1 year 4 months
dixm655: For the people too lazy to check:...[quote=dixm655]For the people too lazy to check: Marijuana: Urine: (single use) 2-14 days, (prolonged use) 25-30 days Hair: up to 90 days Blood: 2 days[/quote] Hey, you dumb idiot, I just explained that these ultra liberal estimates are BULLSHIT when you look at true partiers. Ya... 87 1 year 4 months
dixm655: Sorry, I'm in high school. But...[quote=dixm655]Sorry, I'm in high school. But seriously, if you want to get into a BB, reevaluate your life and why you even want to enter ibanking. If your hobbies only include smoking pot, you'll probably end up hating yourself for even wanting to become an ibanker because: a) you probably... 87 1 year 4 months
tekno: the advice i gave is not crap. 6-10...[quote=tekno]the advice i gave is not crap. 6-10 weeks is a very very conservative number. if you smoke on a daily basis, 3 weeks is enough time. if your the occasional smoker, and not a fat ass, it can be out of your system in a week. the water and vitamin B actually works.[/quote] I... 87 1 year 4 months
Most of the advice is crap. If you puff, stay...Most of the advice is crap. If you puff, stay clear for 6-10 weeks to be sure... Factors such as exercise, perspiration, fat content, metabolism, quantity/quality of the stuff, etc. affect your result. Go to a headshop and get the drink and follow that, don't use some moonshine style... 87 1 year 4 months
Instead of a 700, how do recruiters look at a 510...Instead of a 700, how do recruiters look at a 510 GMAT and a 1060 SAT. I've heard those two make a killer ibanker in places like Billings, Montana and Fargo, ND. Any insight?? 113 1 year 12 months
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