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To those who have taken the GMAT...Did you study before you took the GMAT? I'm asking this because my girlfriend is taking the GMAT this morning, and she's only studied for about 2-3 weeks. Her 'studying' consisted of buying the Kaplan GMAT book and the Kaplan GMAT Math section book and leisurely going through each of them... 7 years 9 months
Bear Stearns: what is going on?Would you buy shares of Bear Stearns? Yes/No? Why? AP JPMorgan Chase Funding Bear Stearns Friday March 14, 10:08 am ET By Stephen Bernard, AP Business Writer JPMorgan Chase, With Federal Reserve Bank of NY, to Provide Funding to Bear Stearns NEW YORK (AP) -- The federal... 7 years 11 months
Retire at 25? how much do you need?would you retire at 25 if you got an inheritance for 8-12 million USD? my lucky friend (actually a friend, not lying) has this opportunity. 7 years 11 months
London Trader's Chime inRead an article today randomly: 8 years 3 days
Can we ban 'selling' on this site Can you ban selling on this site (the ebay-ification of Wallstreetoasis), whether that be football tickets or CFA notes, etc. If people want to sell stuff, they can easily private messaage someone asking about the CFA in a related topic rather than... 8 years 1 month
Who's interested in going to law school at...Who's going to law school, at some point??? Just curious about the # of people on this site interested in law as a future career after their dose of business. I'm applying to law school to start next fall. 8 years 2 months
Traders: What's your opinion of the Fast...Traders, What are your thoughts on the panel of traders on the show? Thanks, Net Worth or Nothing 8 years 2 months
Lateral question, regarding length of employmentJust a general question: Would you stay at a job a few extra months so that you're employment history looked organized... Work an extra month to make 2.5 years as opposed to 2 years 5 months, etc? Weird question but my friend needs to know and he's not getting on IBO anytime soon. Thanks. 8 years 2 months
26 year old Rogue Trader.... 8 years 4 months
Monster vs. Red BullWhich do you drink: Monster or RedBull? I prefer Monster most days. 8 years 4 months


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Virginia Tech 4ever: Yep, New York tax rates are...[quote=Virginia Tech 4ever]Yep, New York tax rates are confiscatory. That's among the reasons I'm a Republican. [/quote] +1 7 years 7 months
3K apartment...just ask your parents to come up...3K apartment...just ask your parents to come up with half and be done with it. 7 years 7 months
if you don't like watches, ok, great. If you do,...if you don't like watches, ok, great. If you do, then you understand what i'm saying and where i'm coming from. you are the ones who place ego, being pompous, etc. into the equation. don't understand the aggression though, when i said i would backhand you i was being sarcastic you sensitive... 7 years 7 months
Marcus_Halberstram: I had that watch, wore it...[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]I had that watch, wore it into the shower once... now its useless. Overrated. [quote=net worth or nothing]Hopefully, some day I'll join the Patek ranks by owning one of their PP 5960's. Although I get disgusted with the hoarding and flipping that is going on with a... 7 years 7 months
Hopefully, some day I'll join the Patek ranks by...Hopefully, some day I'll join the Patek ranks by owning one of their PP 5960's. Although I get disgusted with the hoarding and flipping that is going on with a number of their better looking offerings. It seems like everyone either want sa 5960, 5980, or 5070. People's styles tend to converge when... 7 years 7 months
Some great comments in this thread. To add one...Some great comments in this thread. To add one mroe thing, even if you aren't accepted into the accounting/finance masters program, it seems like there are 10 or more great finance-related/biz-related programs. 7 years 7 months
plus1: net worth or nothing: plus1: elan:...[quote=plus1][quote=net worth or nothing][quote=plus1][quote=elan]Sign-on bonus is 10k... about ~6,500 after taxes, where did you buy a Patek for 6,500? [quote=plus1]I love watches and in fact collect them. I have the IWC Pilots watch and it is a rock! it is so well made and great for every day... 7 years 7 months
MMBinNC: Bill Brasky is a fictional SNL...[quote=MMBinNC]Bill Brasky is a fictional SNL character whose friends discuss his superhuman awesomeness ------------------------------------------------------ So what do you do? -I work for an investment banking firm. Oh okay; you are like my brother, he works for Edward Jones. -No, a... 7 years 7 months
With those grades I bet you have some great...With those grades I bet you have some great opportunities, whether they be IB or not. 7 years 7 months
Doing study abroad there will be negligible, I...Doing study abroad there will be negligible, I did the summer program and had a great time. It boils down to just an extra curricular line item (if that), if you do the masters then it's a whole new ballgame. Contact DISJOINT, he's the guy who went there for a Masters program and got a Sales job... 7 years 7 months
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