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Who makes a better CEO? Auditor or MBB Alumni?Probably not who you expect....although good audit partners certainly have a very strong understanding of the technical drivers of value. This combined with getting to know the industries they audit may help make them strong executives. 1 year 5 months
Types of Consulting by Non-MBB FirmsI have found this forum seems to have a lot of information about MBB work, but I'm not sure everyone is familiar with the work by the other firms. Considering the number of questions asking about non-MBB firms, I thought I would start a thread to share the types of projects done by consultants at... 6 1 year 8 months
Ever have to fix someone elses speadsheet?It's a rhetorical question, of course you have. And no doubt you've also made beautiful spreadsheets that were hacked to shreds by someone they sent you to help you with it....Or maybe this doesn't happen in banking, but it certainly happens in consulting when first years are creating models... 2 2 years 3 months
Org Struture QuestionHi. I normally don't venture outside the consulting forum - but I was wondering if anyone here could help me with roughly where a Managing Director of HR in an I-Bank sits in relation to the CEO (how many levels removed). I can't name the bank at this time, just due to confidentiality.... 1 3 years 5 months


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Seekingalpha is right - what's your biggest...Seekingalpha is right - what's your biggest weakness and what are you doing to work on it. TT 145 6 months 2 weeks
I can't speak for the other firms, but PwC in the...I can't speak for the other firms, but PwC in the UK is very highly regarded. Because of the quality of the practice I believe their strategy practice pre-Strategy... 14 1 year 8 months
The ranking you listed includes other factors...The ranking you listed includes other factors like work-life balancer etc. The traditional prestige ranking is here, which to some degree may be a better measure of the brand strength rather than using the employee value proposition. This will "shock" people less. 19 1 year 8 months
Depends what they'd pay to use it ;) TTDepends what they'd pay to use it ;) TT 8 1 year 9 months
Well as a CIO of a major oil company once told me...Well as a CIO of a major oil company once told me...focus on two things: be happy, and be useful. If you're happy at the old firm 75%, it would stand that you could perform at a higher level longer (it is a lot of mental effort to force high quality and long hours when you don't enjoy a project... 14 1 year 9 months
@"BGP2587" Absolutely don't sit on things so long...@"BGP2587" Absolutely don't sit on things so long if you don't know what you're doing. Either ask questions or take a stab at it and then schedule time to go over it. That point is huge, although I'd caveat it with at least come up with something to show for your time (i.e., some internal... 16 1 year 11 months
An old post but for future consultants: Take the...An old post but for future consultants: Take the vacation (protect your utilization) and try to do what is right for your team. little compromise can go a long way, especially with your resource manager. You can figure out how to work the family commitment when it comes (pull against next years... 18 1 year 11 months
brj: I would expect lots of this type of work at...[quote=brj]I would expect lots of this type of work at PwC, Accenture, some Deloitte groups, etc. Many firms also include cost-cutting, strategic reductions, and offshoring/outsourcing under the ops umbrella. [/quote] This is very similar to what we do at PwC under Operations. Depending on the... 3 2 years 3 days
Be aware of the locations you are applying to. In...Be aware of the locations you are applying to. In my experience PwC likes to try to cluster practices near their customers. Additionally, some firms are better positioned in the market than others. The UK PwC Strategy office is considered a "Tier 1" strategy firm. This however is not the case in... 4 2 years 3 days
<span class='keyword_link'><a href=http...[quote=MBB Future Past]I've heard a few consultants call this the "Accenture kiss of death" (pretty sure one of them was an Accenture consultant too, looking to switch). [/quote] Just a guess, but that may be the cultural difference from a private partnership and a publicly traded company. Most... 17 2 years 1 week
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