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Dynamics Search PartnersI was cold emailed by someone at Dynamic Search Partners regarding the PE recruiting process. They said to fill out an online profile on their website and that their recruiting will be holding meetings in my city in Jan. / Feb. What experience have people had with them? 1 year 7 months
Roommate Needed: ChicagoHi All, Two grads looking for a third roommate (3 bedroom / 2 bath). Rent is $565. Starting in September with the availability to move in now. Located off of Division Blue Line. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP! Thank you. Chi312 1 year 10 months
Jamie: "That's why I am richer than you... BA 2 years 4 months
LevFin QuestionWhat is the difference between Lead Left and Traditional Bookrunner? 2 years 4 months
Capital Markets Research QuestionSpecifically, I need to know the annual new issuance volumes for the U.S. market for these: -entire syndicated loan market volume -leveraged -leveraged new money (what is the difference between leveraged and leveraged new money?) -pro rata -institutional -high yield bond -high grade... 3 years 1 week
Week Long Training Program QuestionsWhat do you do aside from the training? Is there a good amount of free time? When do they let you go for the day? Do people go out drinking on those nights? 3 years 1 month
Banking Boy ScoutsIn my recent superday, 3 out of the 8 candidates were Eagle Scouts. This was brought up in my interview. I was asked why I thought they see so many Eagle Scout applicants. I said that it was because of our commitment to achieving long term goals. I worked for over 8 years to achieve the... 3 years 4 months
IB Tax-Oriented InvestmentsHow does this stack up to other areas of IB? Hours? Comp? Exit Ops? 3 years 7 months
Public Finance Banker Comp?Can some one give me an idea of the comp for Public Finance bankers? What is typical for an Associate? What is typical for an Vice President? 3 years 7 months
PNC Capital Markets Comp?Does any one know what typical all in is for a 1yr Capital Markets analyst? What are the hours like in general? 3 years 7 months


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AllState Investments Interview (PE arm) Bump - anyone have insight into this group? 4 months 23 hours
Savings after two years as an analyst[quote=qweretyq] Disjoint: They got banking jobs in the midwest? At Charles Schwab? There is this place called Chicago in case you haven't heard. There, you can live off $1200-1500 a month if you live frugal lifestyle. I'm not in IB so I have time to go out and spend a lot more, and I... 1 year 4 months
"Lifestyle" jobs[quote=streetwannabe]Would have to agree with ARMMonkey on this in regards to teaching hours. My girlfriend is currently an "intern" teacher and works quite a few hours on lesson planning, after school aid, etc. and says that when she becomes "legit" full time teacher, those hours will only... 2 years 3 months
DePaul University or Indiana University for...DePaul. Then start networking day one. 2 years 3 months
Where to buy Shirts? Charles Tyrwhitt is too big...[quote=rogersterling59]An extra slim fit CT shirt was too BIG for you? Do you even lift? Jokes aside, if a extra slim CT shirt is too big for you, ask around the office to see if anyone knows a good custom guy. I know a guy in Chi that does them for $50 a shirt and they are great.[/quote] PM... 2 years 4 months
Jobs with the Best Hours + Most Pay with an MBAI'm surprised no one mentioned Corporate Banking. 2 years 4 months
How Do You Deal With the BB Sweatshop Hours?I would suggest anything but alcohol. Try and find a hobby. 2 years 4 months
PIPE deals useful for Buyside?Interested as well. 2 years 4 months
Jamie: "That's why I am richer than you...WWJD 2 years 4 months
Recent undergrad - the best way to go about a job...Troll? 2 years 4 months