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Second Year IB Analyst Answering QuestionsHey guys - I am open to taking questions on anything. I am currently a second year analyst at a top bank and headed to the buyside in the summer. Ask away. -Bigbadanalyst 2 years 5 months
Dividend stocksFor those of you who have your own PA, what are some high dividend paying stocks you would recommend? Bigbadanalyst 4 years 1 month
Can give internship adviceI have been a long time reader of these forums - since college has started, really. It has helped me tremendously, and I really would like to give back. This past summer I summered at a top bank (GS,MS) and got an offer to return, which I accepted. The SA season doesn't start for a while, but I... 4 years 2 months


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Second Year IB Analyst Answering Questions I wasnt at an MM, so I am not 100% sure, but I imagine it is the same route. Talk to headhunters and hopefully they place you in interviews. Best way to prep is know all your deals through the eyes of an investor, refresh on technicals, follow the markets and know whats going on in the world, and... 8 months 1 week
Second Year IB Analyst Answering QuestionsHonestly, every day is different. In at 7-730 and out 5-7 and no weekends in the office. Usually spend the first hour or two of every day reading up on the markets and then my day consists of working on new names or doing work on one of my coverages, meeting with management teams, going to... 8 months 1 week
Second Year IB Analyst Answering Questions@Radiohedge - No not at all. I have already seen one of my investment thesis come to fruition - quicker than I expected, but it still happened. And I mean if I didn’t believe that then I would be out of a job right? My fund has beat our benchmark consistently, so it does seem that it is more than... 8 months 1 week
Second Year IB Analyst Answering QuestionsHey guys - I am back on the site. Have been out of banking and at my fund for over a year now. Lovi life! Happy to answer any questions.... 8 months 1 week
Second Year IB Analyst Answering QuestionsDont know what you mean by that? [quote=Financier4Hire]Q: Which portfolio management systems are you currently using ?[/quote] 2 years 3 months
Summer 2014 Pre-MBA Associate RecruitingI dont know where you did banking at, but it was very clear who the best analysts were pretty early on and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Beyond that though, I am not just talking about top analysts in the groups - I am talking about the top groups alltogether. I know many at GS/MS/BX and... 2 years 3 months
Summer 2014 Pre-MBA Associate RecruitingIt definitely is an interesting situation. On the one hand, the analysts being interviewed have more experience and there is less bullshit on the other, the vast majority of top kids I know in my class were done before the MF process started. There were a few KKR or bust types that held out, but... 2 years 3 months
Second Year IB Analyst Answering QuestionsMonkeys I am back and ready to answer more questions. I am sure all the first years are starting to panic as the headhunter meetings are in full swing. Bigbadanalyst is here to help.... 2 years 3 months
How to Save Your WeekendThis is one of the most epic analyst moves I have ever heard. I wish more people had balls for this kind of thing. Definitely plan on trolling hard as fuck in the remaining few months of this shit. [quote=rufiolove][quote=SanityCheck] 6. Flip shit. I don't recommend this most of the time but... 2 years 3 months
.Took a break from posting on this site, but I had to post on this thread before this kid decides to throw away BX for GS/MS due to the advice of dumb college kids who have never worked in banking in their lives. On the camaraderie point, wtf is that? Once training ends, you will spend most if... 2 years 4 months