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Question about telecoms -- why the obsession with...First off, I'm not in equities or telecoms or anything related to either of them. However: *** Something I have wondered for a while now, is why management and analysts alike seem to have such an obsession with ARPU in the telecom industry. In every industry I have seen up to now, it is... 2 5 years 1 month
Question for telecom analysts -- why the...First off, I'm not in equities, I don't work in anything related to telecoms, and don't claim to know much about the telecoms industry. However: *** Something I have wondered for a while now, is why management and analysts alike seem to have such an obsession with ARPU in the telecom... 5 years 1 month
Base salary numbers for this recruitment season (...Just wondering about the analyst and associate interns from this summer who got offers to return to their BB, what is base pay + signing for those starting full time in 2011? I'd be interested to hear for both New York and London, whichever info you've got. Somewhat related: on WSO, when you'... 48 5 years 7 months
Toronto / Calgary / Montreal headhunters?Does anyone know some good recruiters for Toronto / Calgary / Montreal? Would consider both sell side and buy side. Trying to transition to Canada from NY/London. Relatively junior, BB commodities background (front office). Thanks 3 5 years 11 months
Commodities trading and structuring in CanadaI know most big commodities desks are in London and Houston, but I'm trying to get some info on the major commodities groups in Canada (especially Toronto, but also Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal and even Winnipeg if applicable). Who has major trading operations where? Same question for commodity... 1 6 years 6 months
Personal account -- getting on the share registerHi this is a question for those of you running personal accounts on the side. At the moment all I want to do is buy a certain company's stock, and hold it for the forseeable future (long term). However I want to be sure that I am on the company's share register. Is this possible through a... 1 7 years 4 months
Salespeople who refer to themselves as investment...I'd like to clarify this once and for all. Somebody works as an equity salesperson at an investment bank, and refers to herself as an investment banker. Is this accurate? Totally wrong? Misleading but not completely inaccurate? I had always thought this term refers specifically to IBD/M... 14 7 years 9 months
What is a desk strategist? Or trading strategist?Just wondering what these positions actually entail. From what I can see it looks like the same thing as research, but just wanted to know what others think the following titles mean, and if there's any difference between them. -commodity strategist -commodity trading strategist -options and... 9 7 years 10 months
How do bonuses actually work?Noob questions: So I was just wondering, how many times per year does a BB typically pay bonuses? And also, what proportions of the bonus at mid-bucket analyst level are typically cash, versus stock that can't be sold for x years? 1 7 years 10 months
Coming to AmericaSo I'm going to NYC for training and just wondering how the ATMs and in-store debit systems work in the US. 1. Are you charged for using an ATM that is not owned by your home bank? If so, how much? I know the atms in nightclubs always rip you off but what about the major banks ATMs? 2.... 7 7 years 11 months


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melvvvar: you're indian, so you don't qualify...[quote=melvvvar]you're indian, so you don't qualify for URM status. i'd place your chances at under 5%.[/quote] Why would you think he's indian? From what he wrote I would guess he is from a South American country that is poorer than Brasil. So one of Colombia, Suriname, Bolivia, Guyana,... 10 3 years 9 months
kmess024: swagon: Disagree. You should...[quote=kmess024][quote=swagon] Disagree. You should achieve as many goals and get as many finance certifications as possible so you will have an impressive resume to engrave on your tombstone. Without a stellar tombstone resume, obviously you won't get into a prestigious afterlife.[/quote] Why do... 13 3 years 10 months
Can't believe this is even a question, as these...Can't believe this is even a question, as these two options are leagues apart. Is there something you are not telling us, such as a large difference in total cost, which is causing you to actually consider this a serious choice? 6 3 years 11 months
That film was terrible...That film was terrible... 57 3 years 12 months
Abdel: Manual? Let me guess, you're from europe...[quote=Abdel]Manual? Let me guess, you're from europe, that is, eastern 'macho' europe Either way, the interior is nice. The ride looks pretty clean too, congrats man![/quote] Why from eastern Europe? Western Europe also is basically all standard transmission. Only handicapped people drive... 65 4 years 5 days
I am fiscally conservative, and I don't really...I am fiscally conservative, and I don't really understand why people who claim to be fiscal conservatives support war-mongers. War is the most wasteful, costly and sprawling government program known to man. I am socially conservative, but that doesn't mean I think government should impose my... 14 4 years 5 days
Do they though? Someone needs to make the...Do they though? Someone needs to make the entirely subjective decision of how the length measurement and girth measurement will be weighted toward the total score and final contest ranking. 12 4 years 1 week
koske: - Another thing in Canada they are...[quote=koske] - Another thing in Canada they are regarded as the second coming of Christ, which has shielded them from criticism and actually let them face reality and know where they stand[/quote] I think this is really the biggest problem, and is essentially the root of the rest of the huge... 38 4 years 9 months
British people are obsessed with high school...British people are obsessed with high school grades. Even after you've completed a masters or phd HR departments will still expect to see your high school results on your CV, and if they are not there they will ask you about them. 3 5 years 1 month
Sir Incognito: In London? Richard Ivey. lol[quote=Sir Incognito]In London? Richard Ivey.[/quote] lol 24 5 years 5 months
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