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Covering a company you're not allowed to...Is it just me? I'm interning at a small ER firm and it's so boring because I can't even trade the stock I'm spending hours and hours researching. How do you guys deal with this? I need to move to the buy side... 5 2 years 5 months
Historical price data for Options?Where can I view historical price data for call/put options? Not finding it on Google or Yahoo finance. 3 2 years 11 months
How much can a 1st year analyst help you get a...Say you're really good friends with a 1st year analyst in IBD at a BB. To what extent could this guy help you get a job/internship at his company? I'm sure they can't guarantee you a job, but could they guarantee you an interview? 7 3 years 3 months
BRING BACK THE CHAT ROOM^see title 6 3 years 6 months
School trading competition - what should I bet onMy school is hosting a student trading competition that'll run from November to December, and I want to win this. I can trade equities, FX, commodities, futures, and options. What should I bet on? I want something highly volatile that I can bet on with a lot of leverage (that's the best... 17 3 years 6 months
Recommend me some TV showsIdeally the show I'm looking for contains most of these attributes: (1) draws me in within the first 5 minutes of the first episode (I have a low attention span). (2) mentally stimulating (3) good sense of humor (eg. Arrested Development is good, How I Met Your Mother and The Office are... 24 3 years 9 months
Does the corporate world make you boring?I was browsing a career-related internet forum a while back, and someone started a thread called "Which [degree type removed] program has the hottest girls". An MD commented on the thread saying "this is inappropriate" and the thread was removed shortly afterwards. Obviously you have to carry... 26 4 years 2 weeks
What should I do this summer - Graduating senior...I'm a graduating senior (math major) who'll be attending grad school (1-year MS program in operations research) in the Fall. I have absolutely nothing lined up for the summer. I realize that recruiting season is over. Is there anywhere that's still hiring? Any suggestions on what I should do? I... 4 6 days 22 hours
Where are all the fit girls?I'll admit I prefer my girls a lot thinner than most guys do, but it still shouldn't be this difficult to find a girl fit enough for me to fuck. Today my roommate brought over 4 chicks and they were all way too fat. I was so pissed that I locked myself in my room, so here I am. I used to pretend to... 175 4 years 1 month
23 Year Old Trader Drops £200k on Booze in One... 23 year old FX trader Alex Hope's bar tab amounted to £203,948 for the night. This includes spending £125k alone on a single champagne bottle. Looks like models and bottles and the glory days of finance is still alive... 80 4 years 1 month


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What is your day to day work like? How much of it...What is your day to day work like? How much of it is spent tackling challenging intellectually demanding problems (eg. involving algorithms or data structures) vs. mundane grunt tasks? What are the best and worst parts about your job? 48 10 months 2 weeks
DeutscheSuisse: Well you're a dick for having no...[quote=DeutscheSuisse]Well you're a dick for having no respect for others' personal boundaries and space, but then again so are most of the people on the trading floor. So it's really her fault, because she should have known that before signing up, and shouldn't be complaining about it now.[/quote... 15 2 years 5 months
They left out the part where you're making out...They left out the part where you're making out with a chick and her fat ugly jealous friend barges in and pulls her away. 6 2 years 5 months
they both suckthey both suck 8 2 years 5 months
You won't know what you enjoy until you actually...You won't know what you enjoy until you actually do it. Honestly I think this whole idea of "do what you love" is utter fantasy bullshit. Not everyone can make a living out of being a rock star. But if you're willing to take the risk and be in poverty for a while, then maybe that's the path for you... 3 2 years 5 months
From the perspective of an investor, sell-side ER...From the perspective of an investor, sell-side ER reports are practically useless. They don't offer much in terms of actual analysis. I'm amazed that those analysts get paid so much. 17 2 years 5 months
Wow this is the dumbest thread ever. 2 years...Wow this is the dumbest thread ever. 2 years later and I'd take intelligence over good looks in a heartbeat. 74 2 years 6 months
Get me a seat at your table and I'll tell you...Get me a seat at your table and I'll tell you where the hottest clubs are 18 2 years 6 months
oh how terrible it must be to loose all that...oh how terrible it must be to loose all that presteej 175 2 years 6 months
You're talking about Bloomberg New Energy Finance...You're talking about Bloomberg New Energy Finance right? The most natural transitions would probably be energy-related market research, consulting, or working for an energy company. Look up LinkedIn profiles of ex-BNEF guys and you'll get a better idea. 2 2 years 6 months
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