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Exit from Special Servicing Hi - I got approached by a recruiter for an opportunity with a special servicer's loan work out team and I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts regarding exit opportunities. The job responsibilities include underwriting cmbs loans for b-piece acquisitions and working out loans. I have a debt... 1 week 6 days
CMBS Interview I have an upcoming interview with a CMBS conduit for an associate position in originations and wanted to know if some of you guys could provide me some insight on the following: - How much time does it take to close a loan from the day you received all the documentation packages? - What is a... 5 months 1 week
Salary Packages - Sovereign Wealth Funds in the...Hi - Wanted to know if any of you are familiar with salary packages offered within sovereign wealth funds in the middle east ADIA, QIA, Mubadala, Maabar, Aabar, KIA etc...Thanks. 1 year 3 months
Underwriting Stabilization DealI wanted to know how you guys would structure the following deal: Class B Multifamily Needs capital Occupancy was 85% 5 years ago Current Occupancy is 60% in a market like Phoenix (lots of supply, lots of land, but also decent amount of demand) Drop of occupancy primarily due to new... 1 year 4 months
Are there banks still active in junior lending in...Wanted to know if banks were still active in - mezz, bridge, b-notes, pref equity type - type of lending. If so which banks are still in that business. Thanks 1 year 5 months
Financing Developer/Lot SalesHi all - I just received a deal to finance a residential developer and wanted to know if anyone has a model they would be willing to share or trade. 1 year 6 months
Boston / Cambridge Real Estate ProfessionalsAre there any RE professionals in Boston? If so anyone interested for a monthly happy hour? Please PM me if interested. Thanks. 2 years 5 days
B Note Valuation ModelHi, Does anyone know how to build a model to value B Notes / junior tranches on a securitization? Are there any online resources? I have been looking for about a week and couldn't find much besides model to create a cash CDO. Thanks in advance. 2 years 6 months
Real Estate Startup FundWhat would be the fair compensation for an associate with a solid transaction background acquired in a boutique strategy consulting firm (5years) at a startup real estate fund in a top 5 US city. Fund size ~ $150-$200m not all funded. Staff includes 1 other associate, 3 MDs/partners. Fee structure... 2 years 7 months
Exit Cap RateLet's say you are purchasing an asset at an 8 cap and that you will hold the asset for 5 years and you generate 5% YoY NOI growth. Where would you want your exit cap to be? We all know how IRRs are sensitive to cap rates since they drive your purchase and exit prices. I know that at times people... 2 years 9 months


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securitization=leverage You buy a pool of 100mm...securitization=leverage You buy a pool of 100mm with a coupon of 6%. Now you do an A/B structure where you sell a senior note at 3% for 70% of the capital stack and you keep the B. This way your return is in the mid-teens. Securitization can get more complicated than this, but this is a... 1 day 16 hours
Would love to get more input on careers in cmbs...Would love to get more input on careers in cmbs special servicing. Thanks 3 days 14 min
Thanks Thanks 3 days 18 hours
@capital360 - Just sent you a PM. @capital360 - Just sent you a PM. 3 days 23 hours
@disre Thanks for the input. Would you mind...@disre Thanks for the input. Would you mind explaining a little more the "what side of the business" you're going to be on? Thanks 3 days 23 hours 2 months 5 days
You can approach your own cap rate calculation by...You can approach your own cap rate calculation by doing the following: cap rate= required return - expected rental growth rate over the holding period. 2 months 5 days
Depending on years of experience but 60-80K + 10-...Depending on years of experience but 60-80K + 10-20% bonus is my guess. 3 months 4 weeks
Do you guys know if there are big discrepancies...Do you guys know if there are big discrepancies in terms of comp between the lifecos? Say Pru vs Met Vs Northwester Vs HIMCO Vs Pac Life. Just being curious. 4 months 1 week
Thanks. Really appreciate it. Thanks. Really appreciate it. 5 months 5 days