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Dress Shirt Iron or SteamHi Monkeys, (Stupid question alert). As a poor SA that doesn't have many shirts (basically 1 for each day of the week), my shirts get really wrinkled. Can't afford dry cleaning everyday either. Do any of you have experience with fabric steamers ( 12 4 years 1 week
Appropriate to expand on something in Thank You...Hi Monkeys, Quick question. I know thank you emails after interviewing should be short and concise. But I totally failed to expand on an aspect of my past work experience that's entirely relevant to this position. Is is appropriate to include 2-3 additional sentences expanding on a point that... 10 4 years 3 weeks
Fashion Advice: Placket or no placket?When ordering custom shirts, do you guys recommend with placket or without? My shirts will be worn with AND without a tie. 13 4 years 1 month
Need Advice: Leverage an offer in another...Hey guys, Need some advice as to what I should do. Basically, I've received an offer for a middle/back-office support gig at a BB. I was just contacted by another BB for a phone interview for a very similar position as the first. I have no preferences as to which bank I want to work for... 3 4 years 1 month
Best Custom Slim Shirts?Hey Guys, I'm looking to buy some custom slim shirts for my summer gig, since I'm not totally satisfied with my off-the-rack slim ones. I've done some research and I've come across Indochino and Charles Tyrwhitt. Are there any other notable ones? Which one is the best quality/price? Let me... 11 4 years 1 month
How to move within Bank (internally)?Hey guys, I spent my last summer at a mid-sized bank doing back-office operations-related stuff. Instead of returning to the same position/department this upcoming summer, I was thinking about moving within the firm, perhaps to a more analysis-related (still middle/back office) position. How do... 5 4 years 2 months
HR follow-up email to improve chances?Hey guys, A couple weeks back, I had a phone interview with HR. It didn't go well. My behavioral examples didn't really highlight my qualities and skills. It was clear that I was unprepared. Yesterday, I received a generic email (addressed to all applicants) that they were still deciding on who... 3 4 years 2 months
How many shirts/pants needed for SA?How many shirts/pants should a summer analyst have to last the next 2 months (working full time, only 5 days a week)? I'm only a freshman/sophomore, so I won't be graduating anytime soon. Also, I'm on a fairly tight budget so I'm cutting costs wherever I can. And of the minimal number of shirts... 10 4 years 10 months
Good idea to email other (summer) analysts...Hi guys, I have an upcoming interview for a summer intern position at a bank (corporate, not IBD). I'm not so sure how the interview will be structured (i.e. technical, behavioral, any specific questions, etc)... And so, I was wondering if it is a good idea to email another summer intern (... 5 4 years 11 months
Too late to apply to Toronto Boutique Banks?Hi guys, I'm a first year business school student. I'm wondering if it's too late to even bother applying to boutique investment banks in Toronto. I know that hiring -- especially at large banks -- are over; and the fact that I'm a measly first year kid won't help either, but is it worth trying... 9 4 years 11 months


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Fantastic story. Wish I had something I was as...Fantastic story. Wish I had something I was as passionate about as you. 292 4 years 1 week
I guess that makes sense. I just keep kicking...I guess that makes sense. I just keep kicking myself for not highlighting a couple things. Perhaps I'm overreacting. 10 4 years 3 weeks
Oreos: No. Care to expand? I'm not trying to...[quote=Oreos]No.[/quote] Care to expand? I'm not trying to correct a question I screwed up or anything. I'm just highlighting a couple things that I forgot to mention in my interview. Would this still be in poor taste? 10 4 years 3 weeks
TU_Math: In most interviews I've had, they ask...[quote=TU_Math]In most interviews I've had, they ask where I am in the process with other companies, so I don't think it would be inappropriate to mention. I wouldn't use it as a way to make yourself appear more attractive. Instead, think of it as giving the second bank a fair shot. Any chance you... 3 4 years 1 month
I'm willing to spend up to 80 per shirt maybe?...I'm willing to spend up to 80 per shirt maybe? Having a hard time choosing which one to go with. Is indochino's quality good? 11 4 years 1 month
A Posse Ad Esse: If you're a returning summer...[quote=A Posse Ad Esse]If you're a returning summer analyst, it's a little late. You needed to have broached that topic a bit earlier, hopefully before or during the recruiting cycle. Now that banks have wrapped up their recruiting, it's almost impossible for you to convince someone that you should... 5 4 years 2 months
is it a bad idea to jot down some it a bad idea to jot down some internal contacts before wrapping up a summer gig? would be look bad -- especially when you contact said contacts via an external email months later and having to explain how you "stole" their contact info from the company while interning? 7 4 years 9 months
+1 I'm interested in this topic as well...+1 I'm interested in this topic as well... 7 4 years 9 months
What was your (OP) "mediocre GPA" if you don't...What was your (OP) "mediocre GPA" if you don't mind me asking? Congrats BTW 10 4 years 10 months
I'm assuming subtle stripes and square patterns...I'm assuming subtle stripes and square patterns are okay? i.e. something like this? Thanks 10 4 years 10 months
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