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Merrill LynchBest IB division at Merrill Lynch? 7 years 11 months
derivativesIs it a good internship if a job says "sales and marketing of derivatives." What is it, and is it better than PWM internship? 8 years 4 weeks
HLHZ wingman neededAnyone want to go to HLHZ distressed M&A conference in Dallas on May 8th? A great opportunity to learn more on the industry and meet some IB people. I just don't want to go alone. 8 years 2 months
sophomore summerDo you guys think it is easier to get an IB interview during your junior year if you were a summer ER intern between your sophomore and junior year? 8 years 2 months
Spencer ClarkeAnyone heard of Spencer Clarke? Are they well-known among the BB? 8 years 2 months
Graystone Capital AdvisorsAnyone heard of Graystone Capital Advisors and is it an elite company like Warburg and HLHZ? 8 years 2 months
semi-targetWhat schools do you guys consider semi-target? Also, is it recommended to have a minimum 3.5 GPA from a non-target school or something higher? 8 years 2 months
IndiaSo is anyone here willing to move to India if your job gets transferred there? How likely are more BB companies to follow Citi? 8 years 2 months
mailroom clerkHow does a person get a job as a mailman or some other entry level job at a BB? 8 years 2 months
back office workHow does someone get a job as a mailroom clerk or some other clerical work? 8 years 2 months


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How badly did I mess up?obviously you will be in the same building as ER. invite them to lunch/coffee at the company's cafeteria, just network. 6 years 10 months
Deutsche Bank Opening New Center in Jacksonville... 6 years 11 months
Distressed Debt/Special Situationsbecause there is a lot of risk analysis involved, they may ask statistics and calculus questions. I know one BB does that 7 years 2 weeks
Financial Advisory to I-BankingI know one guy who transitioned from Big Four FA doing valuation to BB's M... 7 years 2 weeks
Experienced hires after working for valuations...i talked to one guy who was in transaction valuation who is in M&A now. He said it is closely related to M&A 7 years 2 months
Leveraging a spring internship for the summer -...I was in the same situation. A lot of bankers told me not to write it in your resume until you have actually started your job, and figure out what your responsibilities exactly are. You should write it in your cover letter though. 7 years 4 months
Merrill IBD SuperdayGood, I was getting a little scared there that you were talking about summer. nycstateofmind is right. I've talked to ML people and they say it really does depend on the interviewer but it is mostly behavior. The ivy schools don't offer business majors which is why they don't ask too many... 7 years 8 months
Merrill IBD Superdayis this for full-time or summer? 7 years 8 months
Getting an interview with Boutique/MM banksthere are plenty of accountants who worked at the Big 4, and did either auditing or transaction services who are now iBankers. Those accountants worked for at least a year at the Big 4. You working there for only 2 months is still not enough experience and shows a lack of commitment in my opinion... 7 years 9 months
Finance at BB or IB at MM?I am not sure, but it sounds like the CFO division of a company. CFO deals with budgets and stuff. 7 years 9 months