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Rocket Internet Exit Ops to Consulting/...Hi, I wanted to inquire if anyone here has any scoop on Rocket Internet specifically with regards to exit ops post a 1-2 year stint here. My current role entails venture development in ventures located in frontier nations and is quite unique in many regards. But having said that, I would... 3 1 year 10 months
You play Chess? Just curious as to find out if there is any intelligent and engrossing activity WSO monkeys like to indulge in post their 100 hour workweeks. Or you just go drink it up...its all models or bottles. I personally like playing chess cos i find it adrenaline pumping...esp playing with really smart... 9 2 years 2 months
Turks going wayward!! Traders to Short Lira?So turkey does a mini Indonesia circa 1997 and jacks up their lending rates overnight from 7.5 to 12%...Though it temporarily corrected the fall in Lira/USD...I feel their economy cant take this sudden surge and not to mention sustain a 12% lending rates... Traders out here...Im only a student but... 2 2 years 2 months
3 Simple Changes to Banking Fix the Economy?Its a short 3 minute video which tries to really wrangle out the issue and present a rather etopian looking 3 steps to fix the economy. 1. Take the power of money creation away from banks and to an independent capable, transparent comitte of top economists, academecians. 2. Instead of... 1 2 years 2 months
Leveraging exciting start up experience for a...So, I cough, stumble upon n cross the line to get into a innovative start up in a pretty exciting a role which entails me to do almost anything i want!! basically its a bunch of engineering nerds with lets say less than optimal business knowledge or know-how but a strong business model and... 2 years 3 months
15 Bizarre Things That Candidates Have Done In...Now that is one heck of a list though half of it might be fiction but who cares!! started my weekend in style! "When asked why he wanted to work for the company, the applicant responded, 'That's a good question. I really haven't given it much thought.'" "When asked what the candidate was... 5 2 years 4 months
29 Dumb Things Finance People SayCame across the write up and though the writer is hard pressing and stretching the limit at places, but at all a bad compilation !!! Any other vague n idiotic statements ever thrown at you during your career.... 6 2 years 5 months
#ASKJPM Talk about a loud slap on its face, you slipping on a banana follwed by 30 people laughing and you sneaking out the back door only to find its raining outside......probably a really bad joke to begin a discussion but guess it captures the bad joke that JPM played on itself with its twitter fiasco... 5 2 years 5 months
HELP Needed to understand Twitter developmentHi, I was going through news articles on twitter and have couple of doubts on below statements made.Can someone please help me understand this better. In total, Twitter left $1.524 billion "on the table," the $1.325 billion from the original IPO allotment, and the $199 million on the second... 2 2 years 5 months
IS BAT THAT BAD?So today my school was kind enough to organize a free Bloomberg aptitude test and what with nothing else to do other than making fun of kids who take BAT from a distance, even contemplating throwing "loser" paper planes on them from a distance or trying to score the really hot chick invigilating... 3 2 years 5 months


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this is gold! thanks for sharing...Similar...this is gold! thanks for sharing...Similar targets I set for myself at a networking event - Taking X number of business cards by the end of event. - Finding atleast 3 hot girls and complement them on their looks. ( trust me, this can go way off when you are a nobody trying to play the game... 10 1 year 12 months
great postgreat post 74 2 years 1 day
Solved it couple of weeks back....really good fun...Solved it couple of weeks back....really good fun but takes over your free time...points are secondary...main task is to get to 2048. I scored 20192 I think.. The strategy I used is to keep the big blocks in one corner so that the little 2s and 4s eventually flow into it smoothly. and no matter... 32 2 years 2 weeks
So how do you price your offering? and how...So how do you price your offering? and how exactly are you marketing your venture. is it primarily social media? Also I want to be the devil in the room and say I would not like anyone in my office or school to know I am receiving "charisma training" from kickass just sounds so... 66 2 years 2 months
From the looks of it, you seem to have 2 issues...From the looks of it, you seem to have 2 issues to spend your every second on =Operations ( Includes raising your 25k, coordinating with your suppliers, getting the first batch ready) =Marketing ( social media campaigns, presence in popular blogs, media write ups etc) If I may ask, 1)... 140 2 years 2 months
I once missed a meeting cos I overslept..when my...I once missed a meeting cos I overslept..when my manager asked later why I told him I had smoked weed and was high as shit and that I was doing the company a favor by not being there...ofcourse it helps if u know ur manager and his wife and also the office girl he was screwing around.....that... 35 2 years 2 months
I wd personally put a million dollars to some wiz...I wd personally put a million dollars to some wiz kid who can come up with suck up detector...cos as a 21 yr old in consulting when i started it was just unbelievable to see how suddenly my team lead becomes a wagging dog to his reporting manager and laughs at all his jokes, ask about his wife, his... 46 2 years 2 months
I have experimented quite a lot with my...I have experimented quite a lot with my applications to stand out of the cookie cutter resumes and cover letter "tips" my school and seniors dole out... 1. Cover Letter: Use 3 paras....1st and 3rd with 2 bullet points each covering my value add and motivation to apply 2.. Usually spend 10 mts... 64 2 years 2 months
I know this is really good and useful advice and...I know this is really good and useful advice and something I would do as well...but it also points out the fundamental flaw in the system that you have to suck up to the hot shots to get somewhere...its not that i dont know how to turn on my "charming self" before the right people and talk... 46 2 years 2 months
oops...meant utopian!!oops...meant utopian!! 1 2 years 2 months
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