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Admissions for Highly Accomplished IndividualsSo this doesn't apply to me, but I've always been curious about this--do the top MBA programs have "special" admissions processes for exceptionally accomplished or famous individuals? To clarify, I'm not talking about applicants with prestigious resumes--I'm talking about people who have already "... 16 1 month 2 weeks
Best Lenders for Medium-Sized DealsWhich organizations would you all recommend among national lenders for the $2 - $30 million loan sizes? Direct lenders and brokerage companies. Not interested in specific individual referrals (because I don't have a specific deal I'm asking about)--just trying to get an idea of what organizations... 22 1 month 4 weeks
I have $100+ million to place for RE dealsReceived dozens of responses. Thanks so much, WSO! 22 2 months 3 weeks
Answer found. NMFound answer. Sorry. 1 3 months 2 days
Creating an Annuity out of a CRE LeaseSo, we've got an old office building that's being fully vacated in an urban, densely populated area. We're in discussions with the local school board about building out the shell for a badly needed public school. In theory, the lease would be a 30-year absolute NNN lease (county takes care of 100%... 9 3 months 1 week
Who Sells Huge Land Deals?Even my boss is kind of stumped on this one. The owners of my organization have all agreed to sell our land in a Washington, D.C. exurb; the land is predominantly for single-family homes, townhomes, condos and/or apartment rentals, although there is a piece of commercial (office/retail) land worth... 15 3 months 2 weeks
International Dating (Turkey)So I met this Turkish girl who is super hot and super rich (pretty rich--family is probably worth $~25 MM) and really well educated (she's a secular, non-practicing Muslim). We're sort of dating now, but she's moving back to Istanbul at the end of this year. Does anyone have any insights into... 14 4 months 2 weeks
Anyone familiar with the nightclub business?My organization is about to have a retail vacancy at an absolutely SICK location in Northern Virginia and we're kicking around the idea of recruiting a nightclub to the location. This is kind of an open-ended discussion, but what are the thoughts? Anyone familiar with the business? Any obvious... 24 10 months 4 weeks
Michigan Ross UndergraduateHow difficult is it to get into Ross at the undergraduate level for in-state Michigan students? Is it on-par with getting into UVA's McIntire School of Commerce in-state? 4 11 months 1 week
Where the smart money is going: elite prep school...My gifted niece is 12-years-old and my brother is starting to think about where to send her to high school. My brother decided to look into some of the elite east coast prep schools as well as the highly regarded Washington, D.C. area prep schools to see how well they place into college.... 79 1 year 3 months


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networkyournetworth: My understanding is that...[quote="networkyournetworth"]My understanding is that REIT's rarely borrow at the property level, unless they are assuming a debt already on the property. They instead have a massive line of credit and leverage that instead.[/quote] It was my understanding that REITs rarely borrow at the... 10 22 hours 11 min
Let me just point out that I was wrong. Did a...Let me just point out that I was wrong. Did a little digging into some REIT annual reports and it looks like mortgage debt and unsecured debt is about 50-50, give or take (some have noticeably different weights), which is far from the "rarity" that I suggested. However, lines of credit specifically... 10 22 hours 17 min
To follow up on this, my friend broke it down for...To follow up on this, my friend broke it down for me. Basically, there are credit thresholds every ~20 credit score points. For example, there is one between 681 and 700, 701 and 720, 721 and 740. Each hurdle is worth about 25 basis points in pricing, all other factors remaining equal. So the... 4 1 day 20 hours
I mean, that's a great question you're putting...I mean, that's a great question you're putting forth. Keeping all factors constant, what is the impact of default expectation on interest rate for SF mortgages? I've got a friend who is a higher up at a very large mortgage lender--I'll ask him and see what he understands about that process. 4 2 days 19 hours
It's an interesting question you pose, but in...It's an interesting question you pose, but in practice interest rates are set by supply and demand between borrower and lender. That balancing point is established through countless tens of thousands of daily transactions and is impacted by lender competition, the index rate, economic cycles, real... 4 2 days 19 hours
Non-PC Broker: To point #2 - I think you...[quote="Non-PC Broker"]To point #2 - I think you overestimate the amount of qualified RE professionals with experience that will jump ship to a small shop for no carry. Yes, there are plenty of people he can hire that are relatively inexperienced and not ready to run the deal continuum. Therefore... 15 3 days 7 hours
This is a tough one. It depends on how "valuable...This is a tough one. It depends on how "valuable" you are. If you were to "disappear" tomorrow, how difficult would it be to replace you? If his capital and his contacts and his reputation are making the deals work, then one might think that he could always hire an analyst to do the numbers... 15 6 days 1 hour
Years ago I worked for an appraisal company (...Years ago I worked for an appraisal company (similar in size and name) for about a year and they checked my unofficial transcript, but I had already graduated, so my grades wouldn't have changed between resume submission and hiring. 6 2 weeks 5 hours
If you had 3.02 GPA placed on your resume, they...If you had 3.02 GPA placed on your resume, they invited you in for an interview, and they hired you, then they won't care if your GPA falls to 2.97. They care more about having a mule to do the heavy lifting of appraisal research and analytics. It's not worth their time to go through the process... 6 2 weeks 1 day
In the grand scheme of things, public equity...In the grand scheme of things, public equity REITs are a small segment of U.S. real estate, comprising something like 3% (if that) of the total asset value of U.S. real estate. In addition, they operate mainly in higher quality assets in the best U.S. markets. They've totally changed the landscape... 3 2 weeks 6 days
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