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Anyone familiar with the nightclub business?My organization is about to have a retail vacancy at an absolutely SICK location in Northern Virginia and we're kicking around the idea of recruiting a nightclub to the location. This is kind of an open-ended discussion, but what are the thoughts? Anyone familiar with the business? Any obvious... 5 months 3 weeks
Michigan Ross UndergraduateHow difficult is it to get into Ross at the undergraduate level for in-state Michigan students? Is it on-par with getting into UVA's McIntire School of Commerce in-state? 6 months 1 week
Where the smart money is going: elite prep school...My gifted niece is 12-years-old and my brother is starting to think about where to send her to high school. My brother decided to look into some of the elite east coast prep schools as well as the highly regarded Washington, D.C. area prep schools to see how well they place into college.... 10 months 4 weeks
Georgetown MPS in real estate - 2014 updateI've searched WSO and found a few threads on this program, but most of the threads are pretty dated at this point. I'm starting the program this month. What are the thoughts on this program? Does anyone currently attend? Any graduates out there with some feedback about the program? Can anyone... 8 months 4 weeks
Quick income tax questionHey, I get paid out on my work usually 2-4 weeks after the fact. For example, my July profits are paid out to me by our corporate structure in middle to late August. How does one account for this when filing income taxes? For example, my December 2012 profits will be paid out no later than January... 3 years 2 months
Liberalism's totalitarian mindset!/pages/Boycott-Rush-Limbaughs-Sponsors-to-SHUT-HIM-DOWN/253645602134 So Media Matters has started a boycott of Rush Limbaugh's sponsors. This is basically the modus operandi of the American left in this country. If you don't agree with someone then use your organizing... 3 years 8 months
Naming a business. Tough examplesI haven't been able to find the answer to this question on Google (not sure how to frame it in a search function), but can a new business be named after a defunct business? All examples I scammed from Wikipedia (I'm no genius): Pan American World Airways (colloquially known as "Pan Am") went... 3 years 9 months
Anyone else have business partner issues?So my best friend is also my business partner. He and I are both (ownership) partners in a branch of a larger mortgage bank. He and I are doing good business and we're set to make a lot of money in 2012, a ton of money in 2013 and illegal money in 2014. He and I have very different personalities,... 3 years 10 months
What the balls happened to Midas Mulligan Magoo?Did I miss the announcement? Haven't read his stuff in weeks---maybe even months? Anyone know what the heck happened to him? 3 years 10 months
My grievances against the present administrationDuring the GOP primary the debates between supporters have become pretty heated. But I think some voters get lost in the weeds of their political philosophies. For me it is absolutely essential to throw out Barack Obama, if for no other reason than to repeal Obamacare. A lot of "conservatives"... 3 years 10 months


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Did you seriously create a new account just to...Did you seriously create a new account just to prod someone? Come on, man. Talk about being a little baby. 10 hours 57 min
In the future, if someone (who appears kind of...In the future, if someone (who appears kind of ignorant) asks you where you're from, I'd respond, "I'm a proud American, born and raised in [so and so], but my ethnicity is [so and so]." I think that "micro aggression" in particular comes down to people struggling to articulate their question,... 2 days 4 hours
undefined: You could at least understand my...[quote="undefined"]You could at least understand my argument before you try and tear it down. I never argued immigrants have a right above Congresses' rights to control immigration. I argued that Congress doesn't have the authority to make the law under the 1st amendment. The court would have to... 2 days 6 hours
undefined: That's pretty blunt.Yes, I have...[quote="undefined"]That's pretty blunt.Yes, I have rejected an absolute stunner. She is one of the hottest girls at my school and is actually signed with a major modeling agency and has been featured in a couple magazines. Why did I say no to her? She is the craziest person I've ever come across. A... 3 days 6 hours
Ah, you're a 2009 graduate. Hiring must have been...Ah, you're a 2009 graduate. Hiring must have been unmitigated garbage in 2009. 5 days 6 hours
undefined: Hmmm, interesting answers. Now let me...[quote="undefined"]Hmmm, interesting answers. Now let me ask you this - have you ever rejected a pretty girl because she acted so desperate and was so aggressive that it made her seem less physically attractive?Also, have you ever rejected a pretty girl because she was a different race?And lastly,... 5 days 14 hours
I've dated girls who I knew I didn't want to...I've dated girls who I knew I didn't want to continue to date but couldn't bring myself to break up with because they were so hot. So for me, no--I've never rejected a hot girl (7+), even when I've wanted to. To reject attractive vagina is like a crime against our biology. 1 week 3 hours
undefined: you have amazing cop-out powers.. I...[quote="undefined"]you have amazing cop-out powers.. I can't decide whether to facepalm or congratulate you..[/quote] You have an amazing power of cognitive dissonance. 1 week 13 hours
undefined: First Amendment-Congress shall make...[quote="undefined"]First Amendment-Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of... 1 week 13 hours
I wouldn't put surveillance of Muslims up there...I wouldn't put surveillance of Muslims up there with imprisonment of Japanese-Americans. I actually fail to see how surveillance actually reduces civil liberties, unless you buy the case that the U.S. Constitution has an implied "right to privacy" (which I think is completely bogus--a total... 1 week 13 hours
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