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I have $100+ million to place for RE dealsReceived dozens of responses. Thanks so much, WSO! 10 hours 58 min
Answer found. NMFound answer. Sorry. 1 week 1 day
Creating an Annuity out of a CRE LeaseSo, we've got an old office building that's being fully vacated in an urban, densely populated area. We're in discussions with the local school board about building out the shell for a badly needed public school. In theory, the lease would be a 30-year absolute NNN lease (county takes care of 100%... 2 weeks 2 days
Who Sells Huge Land Deals?Even my boss is kind of stumped on this one. The owners of my organization have all agreed to sell our land in a Washington, D.C. exurb; the land is predominantly for single-family homes, townhomes, condos and/or apartment rentals, although there is a piece of commercial (office/retail) land worth... 2 weeks 6 days
International Dating (Turkey)So I met this Turkish girl who is super hot and super rich (pretty rich--family is probably worth $~25 MM) and really well educated (she's a secular, non-practicing Muslim). We're sort of dating now, but she's moving back to Istanbul at the end of this year. Does anyone have any insights into... 1 month 3 weeks
Anyone familiar with the nightclub business?My organization is about to have a retail vacancy at an absolutely SICK location in Northern Virginia and we're kicking around the idea of recruiting a nightclub to the location. This is kind of an open-ended discussion, but what are the thoughts? Anyone familiar with the business? Any obvious... 8 months 5 days
Michigan Ross UndergraduateHow difficult is it to get into Ross at the undergraduate level for in-state Michigan students? Is it on-par with getting into UVA's McIntire School of Commerce in-state? 8 months 2 weeks
Where the smart money is going: elite prep school...My gifted niece is 12-years-old and my brother is starting to think about where to send her to high school. My brother decided to look into some of the elite east coast prep schools as well as the highly regarded Washington, D.C. area prep schools to see how well they place into college.... 1 year 1 month
Georgetown MPS in real estate - 2014 updateI've searched WSO and found a few threads on this program, but most of the threads are pretty dated at this point. I'm starting the program this month. What are the thoughts on this program? Does anyone currently attend? Any graduates out there with some feedback about the program? Can anyone... 11 months 1 week
Quick income tax questionHey, I get paid out on my work usually 2-4 weeks after the fact. For example, my July profits are paid out to me by our corporate structure in middle to late August. How does one account for this when filing income taxes? For example, my December 2012 profits will be paid out no later than January... 3 years 5 months


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Pio nono: Not true see below:http://home....[quote=Pio nono]Not true see below:[/quote] Did you actually read what you posted? The Bible verses the author quotes specifically allow for interest to be collected/charged. The author was writing from his own position as to why he doesn't believe... 7 hours 3 sec
trazer985: BTOWN: Disclosure: I will not...[quote=trazer985] BTOWN: Disclosure: I will not respond to anyone that attacks me or my faith. So if you don't agree with me, please be an adult about it.It's extremely important to me. I don't feel the need to reconcile my faith with my work because the Bible is full of faithful Believers that... 7 hours 37 min
Correct. And in reality, risk is almost never the...Correct. And in reality, risk is almost never the same. So this is all in theory. 10 hours 39 min
In its simplest form, the discount rate is your...In its simplest form, the discount rate is your REQUIRED return on a project. If you need a 10% annual return (using a discounted cash flow model) then that is your discount rate (the rate you use to discount your cash flows)--and nothing will change that number other than your investment demands.... 10 hours 49 min
Pio nono: Also all earning of interest is...[quote="Pio nono"]Also all earning of interest is completely illegal and so our whole entire economic system is wrong.[/quote] Not true. Interest is legal in the regular course of business. Charging excessive interest in the regular course of business or interest to a friend/neighbor in need was... 11 hours 23 min
It's not about "money" per se, but about the...It's not about "money" per se, but about the focus of one's heart. Abraham was the wealthiest person in human history up to the time of his life and yet he's one of the most revered figures in the Bible. In fact, there was a parable about this, referred to as Abraham's bosom, in Luke. A rich man... 1 day 42 min
Nope.Nope. 2 days 7 hours
Honestly? I'm thinking about a lot of things. I'm...Honestly? I'm thinking about a lot of things. I'm actually a bit flustered--it's sort of like a lifelong poor person wining the lottery in that he may have no idea how to handle it. All of a sudden I've got more money than I can place through my entire contacts list. I think ultimately the fund... 2 days 9 hours
trader_timmy: Any preference on commercial vs...[quote="trader_timmy"]Any preference on commercial vs residential?EDIT: just finished the post and read that you won't respond. Nevermind[/quote] No preference. Different investors want different deals. No industrial or medical due to lack of expertise to underwrite the deal. Edit:... 3 days 1 hour
Esuric: Pretty sure this is a scam. Are you...[quote="Esuric"]Pretty sure this is a scam.[/quote] Are you serious? I've been on this site for nearly a decade. I've spoken to hundreds of people offline from WSO. If you're not interested then don't contact me. But don't impune my character. By the way, I love those scams where the scammer... 3 days 2 hours
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