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End of elitismSomething I've witnessed working for almost 3 years in the industry is the beginning of an end of elitism in banking. I'm at a BB and it's not just ivy league finance majors getting in. No, we've hired some finance majors from nontarget colleges, there's even some marketing research analyst folk... 1 month 16 hours
Investment banking survival for MenI've seen a lot of guys melt down and break down during the analyst stint. Here are some pointers, from my experience, on surviving investment banking and coming out on top. 1. Work out regularly. Lift some fucking real weights and don't just do cardio like some fucking pussy. 2. Your... 1 year 3 months
Why is iBanking culture so conservative?So, I'm currently dating a girl working in a digital advertising media company. I went to see her at the office a few days ago ... Jesus Fucking Christ. open-concept-loft kind of an office with couches, pool tables, red bull fridge, people just sitting around chatting (apparently doing work), the... 2 years 3 weeks
Invest Your Goddamn MoneyWorking at BB IBD full time I am just amazed at how wasteful everyone is with their money. Growing up in an old money Canadian family, I've always been taught to invest 20 % of my earnings into a diverse portfolio. That's what I plan on continuing to do as I move through my IB career. However,... 2 years 4 weeks
Sending Proposals / Ideas to VPsIf you have solid ideas about how a given company (corp. finance) could improve its position (kind of a consulting brief so to say), is it worthwhile to send them cold to F500 CFOs / VPs / Fin directors? Let's assume they open the email and bother to read it :P Say your purpose is to land a gig at... 2 years 1 month
Escort vs wife vs girlfriendI recently had a conversation with one of the associates from my summer stint at BB. We talked about relationships vs casual encounters vs escorts. Here is how he saw it (and it kind of made sense to me). Your thoughts? Escort: no emotional baggage, you can always pick a gorgeous looking girl... 2 years 4 months
"Do What You Love" How do you rank: $ / prestige vs satisfaction from the job. Do you think "do what you love" advice is an idealistic product of liberal mental masturbation or a realistic guideline for one's life. Would love to get the input. 2 years 6 months
Justin Bieber Learned that the little prick makes 50-60 Million per year :( :( :( Now I have to live with the fact that even in the highly unlikely event that I become the next Blankfein ... I'll be making less than the creator of "Baby, baby" .... demotivating as fuck haha 2 years 7 months
Favorite Champagne?Your favorite champagne? I'll start: Bolly and Krug 2 years 11 months
Networking SecretSecret to networking - break out into this song during the interview. Trust me, works like a charm! 2 years 11 months


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Fashion ----> Finance (Yep I know)lol, I just don't know what to say. This is a brilliant troll post. "Fashion ivy league" has basically made my day. Possibly, my life. On the 0.0000000001 % probability that this is not a troll post, I'd say do a CFA and take some finance classes in con't ed NYU or smtn. You'll get some job in... 3 weeks 8 hours
Would you guys marry a poor chick from a poor...You are they type of prick that makes everyone hate us - bankers. Because I'm pretty sure if you go on a forum for doctors / techies / etc, you're not going to find idiotic, vapid threads like "would you marry a poor chick" 3 weeks 3 days
End of elitismGood points. I agree with most. Just to add my view. Not to get philosophical, but I feel like IB is adjusting to the new world. It's a world where educational credentials matter increasingly less and less and employers just want proof that you can kill at the job. An extreme example of that are... 1 month 4 days
End of elitism[quote=JGerardA] Forrest: Am I the only one who thought this was a troll post based on the way it was written? Second[/quote] Second. And third. 1 month 4 days
Congratulations Summer Interns of 2013… Grab a...Are you a retarded person? If so, why are you on teh internetz unsupervised? 2 years 3 weeks
Invest Your Goddamn Money[quote=Michael Eisner] Aero: CanadianPositiveCarry: Working at BB IBD full time I am just amazed at how wasteful everyone is with their money. Growing up in an old money Canadian family, I've always been taught to invest 20 % of my earnings into a diverse portfolio. That's what I plan on... 2 years 4 weeks
Invest Your Goddamn Money[quote=Kenny Powers] CanadianPositiveCarry: Growing up in an old money Canadian family Wow that's incredible, so is your family in the maple syrup or moose hunting business?[/quote] We've been the majority shareholders of Moose... 2 years 4 weeks
Quit the Rat Race and Attempting a Comeback, are possibly my favorite monkey on WSO as of now 2 years 3 months
If you tip you're an idiotif you don't tip then you are an uncultured, cheap, and probably poor motherfucker :) 2 years 4 months
What Motivates You?[quote=SirTradesaLot][quote=CanadianPositiveCarry]Vaginas motivate me[/quote] Would you say you are self-motivated?[/quote] haha, nice 2 years 4 months