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Summer 2007 Placements for Ivey and Queen's...actually ivey is because of donor's name the school was named after...Richard Ivey. 7 years 10 months
Which office buzzwords do you hate?jfdi as in just fucking do it 7 years 12 months
How I got into Bankinginspiring ! thanks for giving something to look up to 7 years 12 months
French Cuffs as an analyst?agreed with the all white linen suit. maybe a seersucker one too with a straw boater hat 8 years 2 months
What to do with freshman summer?im going to finish freshman year in about a week. ill be interning at P&G. basically screwing myself over because it has A finance component, but it is by no means a finance internship. 8 years 2 months