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Goldman Sachs Legal IssueHow much do the legal issues that Goldman Sachs is in hurt their company and reputation. Just thought it would be an interesting topic. 4 years 2 weeks
New regulations on Hedge Fund and Private Equity...I am looking to get into the Hedge Fund/Private Equity business but I am concerned about the new regulation talks from this administration. Does anyone have any other information on what might be coming and what the impacts could be on this field? 4 years 2 weeks
Best way to break into Private Equity BusinessI am looking for any good advice on how to break into the Private Equity business. I have extensive training in M&A but have not worked in the business yet. Any help would be great. 4 years 2 weeks


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Private Equity Finance Institute - Scam? Reviews?... 4 years 2 weeks
A day in the lifeYes there is tons of information on the web if you just google it. 4 years 2 weeks
Weekend work in PEI have not started yet but after reading this I don't know if I want to. LOL 4 years 2 weeks
NEW - WSO Recommended ReadingI agree with Gekko21 as there is way to many random books being recommended here. 4 years 2 weeks
Dirk Vs Lebron the reasonI agree with status_quo people just like to hate people for no real reason these days. It time to take the higher road and even if Lebron does something or acts a certain way don't sink to his level. 4 years 2 weeks
1st Big Boy Paycheck - Keep your heads up!Very cool, congrats. Hard work and knowing the right people is the key to success. 4 years 2 weeks
Searching for a Summer Internship?Thanks for all the help you have given; this gives me more confidence in my search. I appreciate all your hard work for guys like me. Thanks 4 years 2 weeks