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How prominent are athletes on wall street?I read here that athletes are loved a lot on wall street when it comes to recruiting. How true is this statement? Does it vary a lot depending on the department they are in? For example so far I see that there seem to be more athletes in stuff like PWM compared to IBD (which seems to attract... 4 1 year 5 months
Dumb advice people gave to you regarding job...I always see people giving advice on how to get the job you want, what you should do etc. Some of the stuff has worked pretty well. This thread is for the dumb stuff people have actually told you. So anyway a few years back I went to my university career counselor/consultant/... 3 2 years 2 months
Who here hates offices with open floors plans?Seriously... What guy thought it was a good idea to come up with this stuff? No privacy and can be sure everyone is watching you. Getting distracted by loudmouth colleagues. When some ones catches a flu, everyone is going to get it and you definitely will keep hearing them sneeze because they... 26 2 years 4 months
Anyone tired of the constant tech scene hype?Everytime I go to see the Bloomberg television in my office or view some form of financial media, I always see some hype about XXX startup planning to change the world again. Yes its great and all that silicon valley is getting a lot of attraction but they don't need to shove it down our throats so... 23 2 years 6 months
Why the hate for linkedin news posts?You know those news pieces they have on your feed? The ones that say stuff like "5 tips to getting your next job" , "How to stand out as an employee" , "Is company X on the wrong path?" etc. Why do users on WSO call them garbage? Are they really that bad? What's the worst on you remember reading? 6 2 years 7 months
Are bosses/superiors in banking really that bad?I see a lot of stories on wso about how they got chewed out non stop, how their boss goes on abusive power trips etc etc. Is it really that bad though? I mean bosses in general aren't supposed to be the nicest people on the planet. I'm sure there are a lot of nasty bosses in other industries too... 11 2 years 7 months


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Who's the Zyzz of WSO?Who's the Zyzz of WSO? 136 10 months 1 day
Majoring in Sociology? Clearly you're not...Majoring in Sociology? Clearly you're not prestigious enough. A truly prestigious guy would major in something higher up like History (Art History for even more prestige), Philosophy or the Classics. Sociology is for plebs. 234 1 year 2 months
I expected to see a lot of young kids there but...I expected to see a lot of young kids there but most of them are just conveniently 1 year short of turning 30. They should just call this the Forbes 29 since most of them are that age. 111 1 year 3 months
HFs aren't as great as the west.You don't want to...HFs aren't as great as the west.You don't want to work for some small fund that could easily lose half of its AUM overnight at anytime As for PE, its a lot bigger. But for HK, I believe a past WSO user said it best: How much opportunity you have in the PE world is directly proportional to your... 13 1 year 5 months
For a homeless guy, he sure has a lot of outfits...For a homeless guy, he sure has a lot of outfits. And they all look in pretty good condition. Anyway, does this put all those PUAs to shame yet? 45 1 year 7 months
Don't do Operations. Every single person I knew...Don't do Operations. Every single person I knew who stepped in there optimistically has become very pessimistic after 1 year. Aside from lower pay, being pretty much bottom of the ladder, maybe not even being near the main office, I think the worst part about it is the fact that a trained monkey... 2 1 year 7 months
This reminds me of the tech bubble in the 90s...This reminds me of the tech bubble in the 90s where everyone wanted to go into CS. Then the bubble crashed..... Anyway programming or rather software engineering (since some guys say the term programming is low class) isn't easy for anyone to get into. A lot of people will struggle and basically... 27 1 year 7 months
Wonder if she will walk away with half the...Wonder if she will walk away with half the fortune like many others. Or maybe the guy has a plan to win and keep most of what he has. Can the big guys on wall street beat the divorce courts? 3 1 year 9 months
So how many success stories are there from...So how many success stories are there from employees suing or talking shit about Goldman Sachs? It seems these days everyone wants to sue or publicly announce how horrible the firm is. Makes me wonder how they stayed there for so long in the first place. 54 1 year 10 months
Depends on your current background. If you're...Depends on your current background. If you're from Wharton its easily doable. If you're from a complete non finance background who isn't good at standardized testing, please reconsider. 32 1 year 10 months
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