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Financial metrics in the car-rental industry?Fellow monkeys, While operating KPIs are straight-forward (utilization %-age, rental duration, rentals/car, $/rental, daily $/rental), I struggle with identifying what the most common financial metrics are for comparison within the industry. ("financial" meaning financial statement derived... 7 months 1 week
Braverman busted for Insider TradingDimitry Braverman, that is... "Dimitry Braverman, 41, pleaded guilty in New York federal court to one count of securities fraud, two years after another Wilson Sonsini employee, attorney Matthew Kluger, received the longest insider trading prison sentence in history in a separate case in New... 8 months 1 week
A Conference Call in Real LifeThey nailed it. This is exactly why I hate calls. They're almost always like this. 1 year 6 months
Still lacking Chritmas gift ideas?Let ZIP the monkey share his wisdom with you... 1 year 7 months
Where did all the groups go?Hi WSO-Team, "My Groups" no longer appears when hovering over the Groups button in the toolbar. leaves me at "page not found". What's wrong? Thx MinA 1 year 7 months
Meanwhile, in Australia...While I held the belief that the U.S. leads the world in people attempting to sue for abstruse compensation claims, down under seems to have a shot here. Bloomberg: Sex-Related Injury Not Compensable, Australia Court Rules How do people come up with such ludicrous lawsuits? 1 year 9 months
Event-Driven Funds - Squeeze-Out litigation in...Fellow Monkeys, I'm trying to gather a list of event-driven funds in Europe, especially those taking minority positions in merger targets and then litigating for higher squeeze-out payments (or waiting for others to do so). 1) How would you categorize this? "Activist merger arbitrage" as a... 2 years 1 month
New Global Macro Fund launched - TGSF AdvisorsJawad S. Mian, former CIBC and QInvest PM is starting a new global macro fund, The Good Society Fund (TGSF), see this presentation. Themes - Developed economy governments insolvent; burdening unemployment becoming a source for increased social and economic strain - Process of deleveraging... 2 years 3 months


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Very helpful post. I consistently direct pledges...Very helpful post. I consistently direct pledges and other mentees to this post and recommend using the WSO resume review service, unless I have time to check them myself. Since I started reviewing resumes for my firm, I am shocked at what some people dare to submit. 12 hours 4 min
I recommend contacting CFA Institute's 24h...I recommend contacting CFA Institute's 24h Hotline. 12 hours 7 min
So glad I got it all behind me. Enjoyed the extra...So glad I got it all behind me. Enjoyed the extra vacation I had this year, as I didn't need to use it as study time. To all those still at it: KEEP ON TRUCKING! The reception by coworkers and fellow finance professionals once you have the thing is very positive (I'm in Europe). Plus, the... 20 hours 35 min
Congratulations, Patrick and team! This site has...Congratulations, Patrick and team! This site has become both a great resource and a fun/interesting place to spend down time. I'm at the point where interns and others seeking advice from me on starting their finance careers get a "WTF?" if they don't know WSO. Aside the obvious tons of work... 5 days 14 hours
Good post. I like the feedback-on-the-business...Good post. I like the feedback-on-the-business part, this probably gets overlooked the most. Can be a great way to invest in your network. 4 months 4 weeks
Thanks for this. Looking forward to the series...Thanks for this. Looking forward to the series continuing. 4 months 4 weeks
Link to part 2 (Career ranking) doesn't work Link to part 2 (Career ranking) doesn't work 7 months 2 weeks
I wouldn't wear a backpack to B school either,...I wouldn't wear a backpack to B school either, seeing you'll look like a college kid. But maybe I'm just too old school / too European. 8 months 4 days
Great series. Thanks! Great series. Thanks! 8 months 2 weeks
Great stuff. SB'ed Great stuff. SB'ed 8 months 2 weeks