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Ferragamo Loafers to InterviewThey came up in a previous thread so just wanted to ask - what would you think if a kid showed up to an interview rocking these? I picked up a pair after my internship this summer because I found a nice pair on discount. Since then I have been kinda iffy about wearing them to interviews but I... 22 7 years 8 months
Misinformation on the boardI often hear that there is a ton of misinformation being spewed on the board by people still in school. Could the real bankers speak up and lay out some of the most common misconceptions? I know firm/group prestige is a huge one, and its all over the non-BB thread. I'm not too worried about that... 4 8 years 5 months
Information in ApplicationDoes anyone actually look at the information you put into your online applications? I transferred twice so I have to put my previous schools/GPAs into my online apps, which is something I think could negatively affect my candidacy. Otherwise, my stats are solid. 1 8 years 5 months
When to use cover letter?I was wondering what the general rules were regarding cover letters. For instance, if I meet someone at an info session and they give me the email address of someone at HR to send my resume to, should it be with a CL? 7 8 years 5 months
BiotechI'm looking to eventually exit into biotech-focused VC or industry. What would be the better group for me to work under, tech or healthcare? I'm assuming HC but not sure. Also, which banks have the strongest healthcare practices? 2 8 years 7 months
Hiring CutsWho will be affected more, this years FT analyst class or summer analyst class? Also, how does the horizon look for the next few years? 8 years 7 months
Wearing expensive stuff to interviewsI know it is always good to be well dressed, but how would they view someone who is wearing obviously expensive gear? I've figured that its bad and will probably leave my best stuff at home. What are your opinions on this - 12 7 years 8 months
About resumes.Had a couple questions regarding resumes... -Good to bold your gpa? -If I applied last year, will banks still have my old resume/stats on file? 4 8 years 7 months
Any exit ops other than the obvious?Other than PE, HF, VC, F500 Corp Fin/Corp Dev what exit options are there for ibankers at any level? It does not have to be easy, but I'm looking for anything like "I heard so-and-so got into XXX after being at a BB for Y years". 6 8 years 9 months
Real bankers - Do you regret going into banking?I get the impression that a lot of people in IBD hate their jobs and are just grinding it out to get to the golden temple of exit ops. That being said, if you could do it all over again...would you have chosen a different profession? Or if not, then perhaps a different group or bank? 72 7 years 4 months


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If someone has a high gpa (3.8-3.9), as well as...If someone has a high gpa (3.8-3.9), as well as good ECs and internships (but not BB) how much value would a 750+ gmat score add? Also, would this be different for management consulting? I heard that M/B/B factor in standardized test scores a lot because it is an indicator of a candidate's raw... 113 1 year 12 months
Quite some controversy I stirred up here - just...Quite some controversy I stirred up here - just wanted to make sure. Btw I didn't buy the loafers to be some wannabe baller or anything, my parents just always bought nice things that would last for a long time (therefore end up costing less than replacing cheap stuff) and I learned that from... 22 8 years 4 months
I am also interested in this. Other than the...I am also interested in this. Other than the Global Alpha Hedge Fund, what groups are the most prestigious (that do not have separate recruiting)? Also, how would a summer analyst position at GSAM work towards a fulltime IBD offer if I wanted to pursue that? Thanks. 9 8 years 4 months
i am interested in this as well..i am interested in this as well.. 7 8 years 4 months
is there discrimination in the office there discrimination in the office regarding other things, like religion or race? 15 8 years 5 months
.. 14 8 years 5 months
You should definitely put that inYou should definitely put that in 6 8 years 5 months
are you guys talking about FT or SA?are you guys talking about FT or SA? 12 8 years 5 months
open up a corp fin textbook sonopen up a corp fin textbook son 6 8 years 5 months
Gotcha. I definitely have learned an incredible...Gotcha. I definitely have learned an incredible amount from reading this board for the past few months. More than all the vault guides, info sessions, and networking q&as I've been through combined. Just wanted to make sure there weren't any small things that I was misinformed about.. 4 8 years 5 months
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