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How difficult is it to break into AM with a...Obviously this depends on a number of factors but on a relative basis (compared to IB, PE, etc.) how difficult is it to transition from say mid-level PE (non-MF but well-known successful deals) to a top AM firm based on the following assumptions: - CFA - competitive GPA at target/semi-target... 1 year 6 months
Credit AnalysisHaving worked in PE I am very familiar with various debt instruments, traditional credit analysis, coverage/leverage ratios, covenants, collateral, etc. but do any of you guys work in a role that requires daily credit analysis? Can you recommend any credit analysis texts and/or provide me with a... 1 year 10 months
Any of you guys work at a BDC or in secured...Any of you guys work at a BDC (or other entity) that focuses primarily on secured lending? If so, please shoot me a quick PM. Thanks. 1 year 10 months
Are you a Value Investor (Aswath DamodaranPatrick and Mods, I was in the middle of reading a great post about Apple as a value investment by Professor Damodaran that appears to have been removed due to spam. Can we please get this re-posted? We should be so lucky as to have one of the greatest corp finance/valuation professors in the... 2 years 3 months
NYU Part-timeWhat is the board's perspective on part-time programs such as NYU or Chicago? Do part-time programs carry any clout? Do these schools place well in the world of finance assuming you come from a relatively strong background in the field you anticipate pursuing. 5 years 3 months
Goldman will merge with Wells FargoDespite what they are saying about the stand-alone business model on the earnings call Goldman (and MS) will inevitably have to merge... Goldman Wells within the next year 6 years 8 months
What if you hate modeling?I have been doing PE for 2.5 years and have done quite a bit of modeling (LBO, merger, operational, etc.). I am not particularly good at it nor do I enjoy it very much. Are there any finance related jobs that do not involve extensive modeling as I would prefer not to sit behnid a computer screen... 7 years 1 month
Finally the market is giving credit to...My very undiversified PA portfolio consists of i-star (SFI) and Dillards (DDS) both of which deserve the credit they are getting in today's rally. Last week Chuck Jaffe of Market Watch called i-star the Stupid Investment of the Week Big yield, bounce-back potential aren't enough to make this... 7 years 1 month
SPACs - $300 M to burn...with a catchAfter having issued a SPAC several months ago I found this article in DealBook this morning to be entertaining. Certainly worth a read... DealBook: $300 Million to Burn, With a Catch 7 years 3 months
Soccer in the city...Does anyone know of any pick-up or open-run indoor places in and around the city?  Someone PM'd me with some general info on this topic but I was wondering if anyone else had any insight.  Have a good weekend. 7 years 4 months


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"Wife Bonuses" - Allowances of the...Despite what most of us would like to believe, most wives run shit (at least in the sense that most of us are too tired/lazy to argue). I don't think some of the young guys appreciate the dynamics of marriage, especially if you are a high earner and don't have a prenup. Marriage is by far the... 2 days 18 hours
CFA opens what kinds of doors?Once you register for the exam you can put CFA Level 6 candidate: yellow belt. I would only do it for L2 and L3. It's covered in the ethics section. 3 days 6 hours
V Neck Undershirt Brands?I don't think these guys are on our level but there is not a single product out there better than Tommy John. Wish I owned the company. 1 week 18 hours
VC in the SoutheastYou can cold call Southern Capitol Ventures in Raleigh but traditional VC is basically non existent in the SE. Do you have any entrepreneurial or tech experience? 1 week 18 hours
Age is just a number right? What industry did your business operate in? Is your long-term plan to live in FL or are you open to NY/CA? I would put your chances at breaking into traditional PE at almost zero but think you have a better chance at VC if you can spin your entrepreneurial story. You sound lost, which is fine... 1 week 2 days
How to avoid eyes hurting after staring at a...You blink 1/3 less often while working at your computer, which can cause eye strain. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks following the 20/20/20 rule, every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It has to be 20 seconds (nothing less) for the same reason 6 minute abs is not as... 1 week 3 days
Car - buy vs lease?Get a certified pre-owned 3 series, A4, etc. or Civic, Camry, etc. if you are looking to go a cheaper route. Leasing doesn't make sense in your case and buying new for a car you may not keep is stupid given the depreciation off the lot. 1 week 4 days
Will corporate finance jobs still be around in 10...I think automation and outsourcing will continue to impact the financial services industry. I also think skynet will inevitably take over the world. 2 weeks 19 hours
Acquisitions for Retailer?It obviously depends on a number of factors, such as how acquisitive/active is the retailer, how much real estate they own, and what their store unit growth plan looks like on a go forward basis. It's certainly not the best path to REPE but again it depends on the quality of your experience, the... 2 weeks 19 hours
when to end a networking relationship that is not...I don't think you entirely understand the overall purpose of networking, which is...wait for build a network that you can leverage over the course of your career. Shit's a marathon not a sprint, kid. The financial world is small and incestual, if you stay in it long enough you will always... 2 weeks 1 day