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How difficult is it to break into AM with a...Obviously this depends on a number of factors but on a relative basis (compared to IB, PE, etc.) how difficult is it to transition from say mid-level PE (non-MF but well-known successful deals) to a top AM firm based on the following assumptions: - CFA - competitive GPA at target/semi-target... 1 year 7 months
Credit AnalysisHaving worked in PE I am very familiar with various debt instruments, traditional credit analysis, coverage/leverage ratios, covenants, collateral, etc. but do any of you guys work in a role that requires daily credit analysis? Can you recommend any credit analysis texts and/or provide me with a... 1 year 12 months
Any of you guys work at a BDC or in secured...Any of you guys work at a BDC (or other entity) that focuses primarily on secured lending? If so, please shoot me a quick PM. Thanks. 2 years 2 days
Are you a Value Investor (Aswath DamodaranPatrick and Mods, I was in the middle of reading a great post about Apple as a value investment by Professor Damodaran that appears to have been removed due to spam. Can we please get this re-posted? We should be so lucky as to have one of the greatest corp finance/valuation professors in the... 2 years 5 months
NYU Part-timeWhat is the board's perspective on part-time programs such as NYU or Chicago? Do part-time programs carry any clout? Do these schools place well in the world of finance assuming you come from a relatively strong background in the field you anticipate pursuing. 5 years 4 months
Goldman will merge with Wells FargoDespite what they are saying about the stand-alone business model on the earnings call Goldman (and MS) will inevitably have to merge... Goldman Wells within the next year 6 years 9 months
What if you hate modeling?I have been doing PE for 2.5 years and have done quite a bit of modeling (LBO, merger, operational, etc.). I am not particularly good at it nor do I enjoy it very much. Are there any finance related jobs that do not involve extensive modeling as I would prefer not to sit behnid a computer screen... 7 years 2 months
Finally the market is giving credit to...My very undiversified PA portfolio consists of i-star (SFI) and Dillards (DDS) both of which deserve the credit they are getting in today's rally. Last week Chuck Jaffe of Market Watch called i-star the Stupid Investment of the Week Big yield, bounce-back potential aren't enough to make this... 7 years 3 months
SPACs - $300 M to burn...with a catchAfter having issued a SPAC several months ago I found this article in DealBook this morning to be entertaining. Certainly worth a read... DealBook: $300 Million to Burn, With a Catch 7 years 4 months
Soccer in the city...Does anyone know of any pick-up or open-run indoor places in and around the city?  Someone PM'd me with some general info on this topic but I was wondering if anyone else had any insight.  Have a good weekend. 7 years 5 months


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Mid-Market PE Valuations: Where Up is DownInteresting post. I think there will be a significant thinning of the herd given that there is too much capital chasing too few deals which will drive up purchase price and diminish fund returns. I've spent my career on the outside spectrums ($B+ acquisitions and now VC type deals) but I think... 2 days 3 hours
Pronunciation of "Houlihan Lokey"Hou-li-fuck-do kids get interviews without knowing that Google will literally say the name out loud? 3 days 21 hours
NYC Fourth of JulyGet up to the choppa (and head out east to the beach). 3 days 21 hours
In need of of a reality check!Remove CEO club. No one gives a shit about fake made up EC roles. Sounds like you are working very hard so keep it up and transfer when you can. 1 week 4 days
What's the best way to develop your own...Pay them for inside information. Works 80% of the time every time. 1 week 5 days
Understanding basic concepts regarding public...On my phone so can't type a lengthy response. A REIT IPO requires a portfolio of assets unless you do a SPAC or blind pool with a RE mandate, which would allow you to raise the capital and then identify the pool of assets or targetCo. All of the traditional reasons to go public apply:... 1 week 5 days
Business School or Straight to PE from Elite...Tell HBS 2+2 that you want to do 4+2 so that you will be an even stronger mba candidate and post mba hire. If you're post MBA goal is PE then you need pre MBA PE experience and if your long term career goal is PE then an MBA is unfortunately a pre-req. Not having an MBA has been a huge hindrance... 1 week 6 days
Only girl, help?Only girl at a hedge fund. Worried about what happened to the guy at SAC? 2 weeks 1 day
Relationship Question: Not the usual oneFrom the NYC/CT area. I think my comment is pretty universal though. Also, lots of young guys believe that having a serious gf/wife/kids will hold them back in their careers but I have seen the opposite in many cases. A good woman will support you and keep you grounded. Added responsibilities... 2 weeks 3 days
Scoopbooks vs WSO IB Interview GuideBecause Patrick isn't Stalin and this isn't Russia? OP, I always recommend Scoops Practitioners Guide to the new guys as it's very thorough and easy to read. The WSO guide is in more of a cliff notes structure but is highly relevant, comprehensive, and well done. I would probably give a slight... 2 weeks 4 days