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WSO Happy Hour - LondonA few years ago we had several WSO drinks in the City but these have basically died off. I admit some responsibility for this as I used to organise them but have slacked. Nevertheless, spring is here (bar the occasional 2 minutes of snow in April....), deal flow is quietening down pre-Brexit vote... 9 6 hours 23 min
Certified User only sectionI completely understand that the business model for WSO is to a) bring in a wide variety of finance people and b) to cross-sell related products, but it seems that every other thread nowadays is an undergrad or intern asking whether they should choose university/group/bank A or B (which... 3 4 days 19 hours
Big4 M&A - An ExplanationOver the years I've seen several posts on people considering jobs at Big4 corporate finance / M... 40 2 months 3 weeks
2014 CFA Level II - Best 3rd Party Provider?Signed up for Level II in June next year, interested to hear what people would recommend for a 3rd party study provider? I used Schweser exclusively for Level I and found it covered all the content in a good way, but I've heard that they are weak on some FRA / Econ areas in Level II. 3 2 years 5 months
CFA Level II - Tackling the beast? So I took the plunge before the first fee deadline and signed up for Level 2, June 2014. Anyone else just committed themselves to 6 months of misery? Any tips for how to tackle this beast? 9 2 weeks 37 min
WSO London DrinksTime for some more London drinks - the venue for the last one was a poor choice (my fault) as it was too crowded and people struggled to find each other. That is why this time I'm thinking we go back to the site of the first drinks - The George pub near Liverpool Street station - informal, easy to... 4 2 years 7 months
London WSO DrinksIt has been a while since we Brits got together for a few pints and now that "that exam" is over, it is high time we enjoyed the wonderful London summer! So far we have had 2 events, both with a decent-ish turnout. The evenings usually started off a bit slow with nobody really knowing who... 24 2 years 10 months
Working In Big 4 Audit in LondonSomeone was asking me about this in PM and I wrote a long and detailed reply about what it is like to work in Big 4 and what advice I would give to people thinking about interning / working there. Thought it might be useful for others so my reply is below. Happy to answer any questions. [quote... 32 2 years 11 months
CFA June 2013 Mocks AvailablePm me if you need June 2013 mock exams for any level. Will only be giving to users with decent SB / MS ratios and good post histories. 2 2 years 12 months
BIWS Advanced ModellingAnyone bought this or have experience with it? Is it worth doing or does it simply go into too much detail and would free content such as Macabacus be better? 3 years 1 week


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Personal finance including budgeting, cash flow,...Personal finance including budgeting, cash flow, credit and, most importantly, compound interest should be absolutely mandatory classes from age 16. Our generation is going to have real problems in about 30-40 years time. 20 18 hours 8 min
Commented on this already about how putting '...Commented on this already about how putting 'incoming analyst / SA' etc on LinkedIn is pretty stupid, but seems there's a lot of students talking about how 'recruiters are reaching out to them' or its for 'networking with people in the team they'll be joining'. Let me explain what (at least for me... 154 1 day 40 min
Will do!Will do! 9 3 days 19 hours
Great idea. Agree with some of the other posts...Great idea. Agree with some of the other posts though that a) GPA etc shouldn't be mandatory and b) if you want this to work internationally you need some more freedom around conventions. I.e. UK recruiters will have no idea what a GPA is, but they'll know what a 2:1 or 1st is. 87 4 days 6 hours
Don't bother. You'll be given a PC.Don't bother. You'll be given a PC. 13 4 days 18 hours
This. The phrase "informational interview" is one...This. The phrase "informational interview" is one of the stupidest and most cringey I've ever heard in my life. Don't ever use that. 23 5 days 6 hours
As above, this is an extremely simple question...As above, this is an extremely simple question and you coming here asking for help rather than figuring it out doesn't reflect well on you. That said, answer below: Debt: calculate the YTM using your financial calculator, this is your pre-tax Kd. Adjust for tax and you have cost of debt.... 5 6 days 37 min
Oh the irony.....Oh the irony..... 154 1 week 17 hours
Agree with what others have said - it's frankly...Agree with what others have said - it's frankly ridiculous. You're still unemployed and still have none of the skills you'll develop as an analyst. To those of you saying "I know X people have had recruiters reach out to them" - recruiters emailing you means absolutely nothing. When you have a... 154 1 week 1 day
I don't really understand why people post these...I don't really understand why people post these questions. Surely you can figure out basic human interaction? It's not like to need to over analyse offering to buy someone a drink. It's just manners and politeness. What Skinnayy said is exactly how it goes. 24 1 week 5 days
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