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2014 CFA Level II - Best 3rd Party Provider?Signed up for Level II in June next year, interested to hear what people would recommend for a 3rd party study provider? I used Schweser exclusively for Level I and found it covered all the content in a good way, but I've heard that they are weak on some FRA / Econ areas in Level II. 2 years 2 weeks
CFA Level IISo I took the plunge before the first fee deadline and signed up for Level 2, June 2014. Anyone else just committed themselves to 6 months of misery? Any tips for how to tackle this beast? 2 years 2 months
WSO London DrinksTime for some more London drinks - the venue for the last one was a poor choice (my fault) as it was too crowded and people struggled to find each other. That is why this time I'm thinking we go back to the site of the first drinks - The George pub near Liverpool Street station - informal, easy to... 2 years 2 months
London WSO DrinksIt has been a while since we Brits got together for a few pints and now that "that exam" is over, it is high time we enjoyed the wonderful London summer! So far we have had 2 events, both with a decent-ish turnout. The evenings usually started off a bit slow with nobody really knowing who... 2 years 5 months
Working In Big 4 Audit in LondonSomeone was asking me about this in PM and I wrote a long and detailed reply about what it is like to work in Big 4 and what advice I would give to people thinking about interning / working there. Thought it might be useful for others so my reply is below. Happy to answer any questions. [quote... 2 years 6 months
CFA June 2013 Mocks AvailablePm me if you need June 2013 mock exams for any level. Will only be giving to users with decent SB / MS ratios and good post histories. 2 years 6 months
BIWS Advanced ModellingAnyone bought this or have experience with it? Is it worth doing or does it simply go into too much detail and would free content such as Macabacus be better? 2 years 7 months
Is Volatility Back?Yesterday was the worst day on the financial markets for about 5 weeks, coupled with an incredibly good day (for no apparent reason) the day before. March was a very boring month in terms of market movements and April has certainly gotten off to an interesting start. When you look at some of... 2 years 7 months
Fundamental Value for Personal InvestingQuick question - what approach would you guys take when looking into company fundamentals for your own personal investing assuming lack of access to Bloomberg / ER reports etc? For the big, diversified... 2 years 8 months
The Best Sources of Financial News &...The world today is chock-full of information, far more than any one person could possibly digest or hope to read. For this weeks blog post I decided to give a list of the news sources I use and find helpful, as well as inviting others to share their ideas. So, here goes. General Business... 2 years 8 months


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Really? 5-8% to fund you for 2 years of partying...Really? 5-8% to fund you for 2 years of partying after which you may or may not get a job in an insecure industry and then to pay it back over 20 years? I think 5-8% is a steal. 7 months 2 weeks
Looks great on iPad, much better than before....Looks great on iPad, much better than before. Thank god the blue is gone! 8 months 1 week
Not sure if this is serious or a troll but I'll...Not sure if this is serious or a troll but I'll bite... You eat when you want to. Usually 6-8. Finishing on budget is definitely not the biggest challenge, the biggest challenge is getting through the tedious, mostly irrelevant, mind numbingly boring work without killing yourself. 8 months 2 weeks
Former Big 4 employee here, did 1 audit busy...Former Big 4 employee here, did 1 audit busy season in my first year then moved. Can confirm the above is broadly accurate. Also - get the hell out of audit as soon as you can. Tips to avoiding work / late hours: 1) Get staffed on medium sized clients (5-10 people teams) with reasonable... 8 months 2 weeks
Kind of missing the point aren't you? Whichever...Kind of missing the point aren't you? Whichever one you take you'll make more than enough money. Do the one which you actually enjoy and will wake up happy for. 9 months 6 days
Guide to metal Beginner In Flames Five Finger...Guide to metal Beginner In Flames Five Finger Death Punch Alter Bridge Before the Dawn Trivium Machine Head Dark Tranquility Scar Symmetry Intermediate Arch Enemy Amon Amarth Dissection Opeth Children of Bodom In Mourning Insomnium At the Gates Be'lakor Advanced... 10 months 2 weeks
In decreasing order of importance: 1) Interact...In decreasing order of importance: 1) Interact well with senior people and go for as many coffees / lunches as possible with different people with influence 2) Make sure your work is as error free as possible. Before sending anything off to be reviewed print it off and read through every single... 11 months 2 weeks
Feedly, Twitter, iBooks, FT, Citymapper, Telegram...Feedly, Twitter, iBooks, FT, Citymapper, Telegram, Mailbox, Economist Espresso, Geometry Dash. 1 year 6 days
I keep trying to read it but it's SO DRY.......I keep trying to read it but it's SO DRY.... Margin of Safety definitely up there with the best. 1 year 1 week
- What would you say is the most interesting part...- What would you say is the most interesting part of your job and which area has the steepest learning curve for a new guy? - What kind of path would you recommend for someone currently working at a Big4 accounting firm in an advisory role? Have an internship at a bulge bracket in IBD, CPA... 1 year 2 weeks
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