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Duopolistic Pricing StrategiesDoes anybod know any accessible and practical reads in duopolistic pricing strategies? I work in a duopoly and need to come up with some better pricing strategies, and figure the study of duopolies would presumably give some guidance. Any ideas? 1 3 years 9 months
Price Elasticity of DemandHello. How does one go about estimating the price elasticity of demand for a product/service in the real world? For anyone who is an economics researcher/consultant/smart person, is it practically difficult? Basically what I want to do is find the demand curve for my product at different... 2 3 years 9 months
EBIT vs EBITDAWhy is EBIT considered a better proxy for cash flow than EBITDA in industries where depreciation/capex is very large? E.g. retail (when businesses own the property), areospace etc. Or am I completely wrong? 13 3 years 9 months
How does one value a car-park?How does one value a car-park? Is it just via the standard mix of comps and DCF? If so, what are the key metrics that drive value, and what are some of the multiples used? I'm assuming drivers of value would be: size of carpark, price per spot, occupancy rates, proximity to CBD/airport/... 5 3 years 9 months
Joint advisers on transactionsHello. When two (or more) banks advise the same client on a single M... 2 3 years 11 months
Getting into IB from overseasHello. As some of you may read, I had my M... 3 4 years 2 months
RBS withdraws grad offer with 0 working days...Hey guys. I was due to start a grad role in M... 74 4 years 2 months
Choosing an industry group - Skill set? Which factors should one use when deciding on the industry group they'd like to be in? Assuming no prior strong interest in any one industry, what should one consider? I'm thinking the co-workers and the boss obviously, how many deals are likely to take place in the industry...what else? Maybe how... 2 1 week 3 days
Rules on business interests while in IBWhat are the rules governing share ownership and other business interests while working in IB? I understand that you need to declare any trades you make, and obviously you can't trade on inside information you've gleaned, but what about private business ownership? Is this allowed? I assume yes as... 2 4 years 4 months
1st year bonus - Starting in M&AOk so I am starting in M... 13 1 week 5 days


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If you want good SHL practices check out...If you want good SHL practices check out GradTests ( The whole testing thing is pretty big in Europe, NZ and Australia. They're pretty standard - almost always SHL and almost always numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning. I think these assessments are pointless because you can... 19 1 year 3 weeks
Am surprised there's no takers among the...Am surprised there's no takers among the capitalists here. 2 1 year 3 weeks
Let's be honest, most valuations are basically...Let's be honest, most valuations are basically hokum. That's especially the case for early stage firms. 6 1 year 3 weeks
ST Monkey: met him a couple of times, but I...[quote=ST Monkey]met him a couple of times, but I must say, Thiel is a bit strange and kinda off the way with his behavior.[/quote] it's amazing how many highly talented and leading people are..frankly wierdos. in the case of the brilliant entrepreneurs, it's not so much drug-induced I suspect (... 35 2 years 9 months
which accelerators are you talking about anyway?...which accelerators are you talking about anyway? they're all different. FI? 8 2 years 9 months
Connor: You Australians and your funny words. ?[quote=Connor]You Australians and your funny words.[/quote] ? 5 3 years 9 months
sparenaven: Google is your friend you...[quote=sparenaven]Google is your friend you degenerate moron.[/quote] So you've written one post ever and it's that? Good on ya mate. 5 3 years 9 months
This is why I hate some bits of finance. What a...This is why I hate some bits of finance. What a load of bollocks. None of the above matters! All that matters it the covariance risk of the stock and whether or not it's under or overvalued. The rest is just noise. 8 3 years 9 months
this is a joke right?this is a joke right? 87 3 years 9 months
good, i'm waiting for iphone 5 thengood, i'm waiting for iphone 5 then 16 3 years 10 months
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