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Cross Divisional move???I understand that many banks claim to give out 100% of their full time offers to internal summers. I was wondering how that works if you are interested in switching across divisions ie-Banking to Research, Research to S... 6 years 11 months
Reflections on nailing an SA offerI spent a good deal of time on this site (and many others) over the summer reading everything I possibly could in regards to how to land a job on Wall St. I ultimately concluded that 99% of people on here have no idea what they are talking about, but if you are astute and dilligent there is some... 7 years 3 months
Topic repetitionIs there a way to start filing/classifying certain topics beyond IB discussion, traders train, etc? There are just so many repeated questions, and I think that if we could file certain discussions under their respective topics, we may see less of the same "what are my chances?" or "gs FICC?"... 7 years 10 months
Mad MenAnybody seen the new show on AMC? Granted its Madison Ave and not Wall St, but its a look at how different business was 40 years ago. 7 years 10 months
Citadelwas reading up on the Ken Griffin and the firm. anybody know anyone personally who works there, and what they think of it? 7 years 10 months
Lazard?I have the opportunity to speak to a contact of mine at Lazard next week. I've done a little research on their website to get a feel for the company, but I was curious about what ppl here think of the firm. Also, does anyone know what kind of (if any) internship program they offer? I would... 7 years 10 months
Personality/Social SkillsFeel free to correct me, but the thing that I feel seems to be consistently overlooked on this board is the importance of personality/social aptitude. In addition to the grades/EC's/internships etc, aren't most banks looking for an individual with the "total package?" I am referring, of course,... 7 years 11 months


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Is this legit?its fine - he started at one level and was basically promoted; so he puts the last position held on his resume... if anyone asks, its a pretty simple explanation why is he applying for jobs after 4 months? personally i would be more concerned about that on my resume... 6 years 9 months
Cross Divisional move???anyone have any insight here? 6 years 10 months
A question about options1) Price is per share, contract is for 100 shares 2) You can excercise the put, but you'll have to buy an additional 20 shares to cover 3) Don't know 4) Yes, an option is worth less if there is less time until expiry. The same way it is worth less if the UA is less volatile. 7 years 1 month
Bear Stearns Summer Analystsdel 7 years 2 months
what exactly happened?Basically an old fashioned run on the bank. Think: "It's A Wonderful Life" w/Jimmy Stewart when they count the seconds until 4pm close in order to remain solvent during a run on the bank. The only difference is that, in this case, Bear is an I-bank whose 'depositors' are counterparties, or... 7 years 2 months
Follow up after phone interviewits common courtesy 7 years 3 months
Entry Level PE PayPE at goldman falls under the IM division. If they post those #'s, youve found it. 7 years 3 months
Some tough technicals..if a/d increases, that directly affects the bottom line FCF calculation. you add back more a/d 7 years 3 months
building relationshipsif you dont have time to read a book this afternoon, just find an interesting article in the journal and ask intuitive questions relating to that 7 years 3 months
Which office buzzwords do you hate?another one in my office: War room. This is not N. Korea. Nor is it the NFL draft. Lets please refer to it as the conference room that it is. 7 years 9 months