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In pursuit of uselessness Last time I did a post on the philantrophy of Warren Buffet. In his conversations Buffet mentioned a philanthropist that no one else knew about and that was “Abraham Flexner”. I did some research on Flexner and learned that he truly did change the face of medicine in America, but Flexner also... 2 years 2 months
The Philanthropy of Warren BuffetThere's a video interview with Buffet from Forbes on philanthropy posted on YouTube. I jotted down some notes to share since the Oracle's philosophy is usually worth remembering: On his kids: [quote]“My kids went to public schools, and their kids went to public school and that's how it... 26 3 years 4 months
Antifragility: Things that gain from disorderIf you haven't heard about it already, Taleb, the guy behind the Black Swan theory(or as they claim) is out with another book. Although I wasn't intending on buying the book initially, his Saturday essay (WSJ) was what finally convinced me. Then of course Felix Salmon came out with a review... 18 3 years 5 months
A lesson from Roman HistoryLast week I posted about the history of the Drachma and Greece. Thought it would be interesting to share the history of the Roman empire and its currency. The following is based on a speech by Joseph R. Peden given in 2009. Scholars have devoted a great deal of energy to examining the problem... 4 3 years 5 months
A brief history of the DrachmaIn 1827, when the modern Greek State was created, money transactions were carried out mainly in Turkish coins, as well as in foreign currencies such as the Spanish Distilo. There was no Greek currency until 1828. A national monetary system, based on silver, was established for the first time in... 4 3 years 5 months
Sell-side outperforms buy-side?I found this working paper very interesting on the HBS working knowledge website so thought I'd share. The paper mentions that total $ spending is not too far apart on both sides: "In 2006, U.S. and U.K. investment firms spent $7.7 billion on buy-side research versus $7.1 billion on sell-side... 2 3 years 5 months
A tragic hero of financial engineeringMost of you here are familiar with the Black-Scholes formula since it’s imbued in every possible textbook of corporate finance 101 under the sections of option pricing. The infamous black-scholes-merton formula was created by Nobel laureates (now unfortunately also blamed for the credit crunch) who... 12 3 years 5 months
Gallatin: A forgotten financier[part 2]This post is a continuation to last weeks: A forgotten Financier There are two major achievements that deserve mention. First, there is Gallatin’s singular success in his pursuit of debt reduction. Gallatin took advantage of prosperous and relatively peaceful times to reduce the public debt... 2 3 years 6 months
Gallatin: A forgotten financierA lot of you who have an interest in economist history have probably heard of Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury Secretary appointed by Washington, but many of you have probably never heard of Albert Gallatin and today I just wanted to pay homage to him. Gallatin was born into a wealthy... 3 3 years 6 months
Volatility of an Impossible ObjectChristopher Cole of Artemis Capital Management has an excellent new piece of research out there and I just wanted to highlight some parts out of it today. He specifically targets traditional empirical views on things and mentions how the efficient frontier is no longer a valuable tool, and how fear... 5 3 years 6 months


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AndyLouis: twitter for me = information overload...[quote=AndyLouis]twitter for me = information overload. would like to utilize more and just follow a select few, just haven't gotten around to getting all that set up. someday perhaps[/quote] Agreed, so hard to keep up with million links to articles that I'd like to read. 24 3 years 3 months
TNA: Whatever happened to the days of Andrew...[quote=TNA]Whatever happened to the days of Andrew Carnegie? Buffet needs to build libraries, hospitals, start college funds, change the world. This Bill Gates shit is having jack balls impact.[/quote] I'm not really sure if the Gates foundation is doing a lot or not, but this is pretty... 26 3 years 4 months
SirTradesaLot: I will read it, but I'm not...[quote=SirTradesaLot]I will read it, but I'm not terribly excited about it. I thought Fooled by Randomness was a good book, but Black Swan should have been a chapter, not an entire book. Repeating yourself is good to a certain point and then it just becomes obnoxious, which is what he did in... 18 3 years 5 months
Here's some other links:'s some other links: http://www.... 18 3 years 5 months
Don't take this as a personal attack; arguing...Don't take this as a personal attack; arguing about this here isn't going to do anyone any good, but just as an FYI, the contributing authors are not paid for writing. [quote=Sandhurst]It's not about calling out this particular post. It's about the paid content program, and a clear lack of... 12 3 years 5 months
Mr. Pappagiorgio: I think your link might be...[quote=Mr. Pappagiorgio]I think your link might be broken.[/quote] Thanks....fixed. 5 3 years 6 months
808: Nice post. This underlines a big part of...[quote=808]Nice post. This underlines a big part of the reason for America's decline. The country was founded on the principles of freedom and justice, which means, like you said, "For most of the short history of the US, it has attracted capital ruthlessly. People who work hard, people who study... 6 3 years 7 months
NealCaffrey: nassim nicholas taleb is already...[quote=NealCaffrey]nassim nicholas taleb is already pretty widely credited with this term since he wrote a book called "the black swan" that is literally this exact idea. even down to the 3 requirements[/quote] Agreed, Taleb is widely credited for talking about Black Swans, but like Burry... 6 3 years 9 months
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