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what gpa range are the folks at M/B/B looking for?what gpa range are the folks at M/B/B looking for? (particularly M in Toronto Canada...) 7 years 10 months
any former actuaries/actuarial science students?Post here how you were able to make the transition to working as an analyst/associate at an IB. 7 years 12 months
IB - TorontoWhat does it take to get an interview with one of the banks (RBC, BMO, Scotia, TD, CIBC) for an analyst position? 8 years 2 weeks
i-banking: MBA w/out prior finance experienceI'm going to start b-school in sept. but I have no finance experience (e.g., analyst with an i-bank). I'm guessing that the likelihood of getting an internship (in the summer before 2nd year) with an i-bank is quite low (assuming that I am competing with MBA students who've had analyst positions... 8 years 1 month
how much do you enjoy your work?scale of 1 to 10 8 years 1 month


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LAWnot enough people associated with law on this forum... 7 years 10 months
what gpa range are the folks at M/B/B looking for?thanks for the comments so far. Other than M/B/B, can you recommend other respectable management consulting firms that would be ideal (e.g., 2nd choice...)? also, what about M/B/B starting salary stats for Canada? I understand this kind information is readily availible for the U.S., but... 7 years 10 months
what gpa range are the folks at M/B/B looking for?for their Toronto office? any exceptions to that rule? particularly, exceptional experience at a Big4 + accounting degree from Waterloo... 7 years 10 months
Any persians here?PERSIAN used to be the western word for Iran. Iranians in Iran don't call themselves persian... they call themselves IRANIANS. only the douchebag iranians who come to the US/Canada feel the need to call themselves persians. but iranians are not the only ones that do this... go check out people... 7 years 11 months
IBanks in Canadawhat is the prospect of a waterloo actsci (math) student getting into an analyst position at any of the IBs in Toronto? 7 years 11 months
Any persians here?I'm sure there are lots of iranians here, not too sure about persians... on that same note, are there any romans, medians, phoenicians, or minoans here? 7 years 11 months
From Law into I Bankingkeep us informed, I'd like to know how it works out... I'm about to start JD/MBA and this is an option that I've been looking into as well. 7 years 11 months
How I got into Bankingpal, I have no problem with you. You want to fool people, go for it. You aint fooling me thats for sure. Cheers 7 years 11 months
How I got into BankingI am not going to be arrogant and say that there is 0% chance that the OP is telling the truth. But from experience, these kinds of stories have little factual basis or are often outright lies. I think its a good skill to have - being able to make a bet on whether or not something is bs...... 7 years 11 months
How I got into Bankingdo you guys realize that the OP is probably making this whole thing up? "Business school in New England majoring in Computers" majoring in computers? that makes as much sense as majoring in cell phones... if the kid had said he was doing computing or computer science, then I'd bite. Why is... 7 years 11 months