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Can we get rid of the stupid blur if you don...Some of us try to browse this website at work, and would rather not log in, but its impossible because of the really stupid blur that appears over all the posts. 2 years 10 months
Is it weird if I make a'm a normal person, like to go out when I can, but I just don't seem to meet girls I like when going to bars. And I don't have time to go do random hobbies and stuff to meet people. I feel like is probably extremely efficient, but I always felt that online dating was for 3 years 1 week
Bonuses rolling in?How are bonuses stacking up for you guys? Mine has come in: - Second year ER associate / top BB/elite boutique in a satellite office - $90,000 base - bump to $100K for third year - $57,500 bonus - all cash. 3 years 2 weeks
How much do average graduates save every year? Just curious about this. Not talking about our Wall Street bretherin, talking about the folks who graduate, make $55K, don't live in NYC etc. 3 years 1 month
Where can I buy an overcoat?With one of those brightly colored collars? I saw a guy wearing a coat with the collar popped, and the underside of the collar was bright looked awesome. 3 years 1 month
Stifel Acquires Miller BuckfireWow, another big move here by Stifel. First Weisel, then KBW, now Buckfire. What's the consensus on the street on Stifel now? They've clearly bought some of the best brands in their respective industry verticals. 3 years 1 month
Want to take up golfLet me just say, I've never played golf or been on a course ever. I'd like to start playing, or at least learning. With that, I have a few questions: 1) How do I start? Just turn up to a driving range and attempt to hit balls really hard? 2) What clubs should I buy to start out? 3) Any... 3 years 3 months
Want to buy a watch - But not nouveauI think I finally deserve to buy myself a nice watch. I'd like something very nice, but not tacky or nouveau (Rolex, Breitling etc), I can spend up to $7,500 but less is obviously better. Can anyone suggest and brands? I have a slim wrist so nothing huge, but also want something that is elegant... 3 years 3 months
How do reserve releases work?I'm curious about how banks boost their earnings by doing this. My understanding is that the banks charge-off more than they provision for, and this depletes the reserves....but how does this impact the income statement? Is it just that the banks are provisioning less than they would otherwise?... 3 years 4 months
How to impress a boss who's never there?So my MD is almost always travelling. I like to think I do a good job, take initiative etc but my MD is so trusting of me, and so hands off, that he rarely looks at my work etc. In past, I've always made great impression's on my bosses but it's almost impossible now. Can anyone share some... 3 years 4 months


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Highly encourage you guys to join John Allens...Highly encourage you guys to join John Allens though. Unlimited shoe shines, manicures, hair cuts, beers for $800 a year. VERY good too. 2 years 9 months
Used to get my cuts at Esquires. Used to get my cuts at Esquires. 2 years 9 months
Up to the individual. They usually ask you what...Up to the individual. They usually ask you what you want when you start. It's usually 50-50 too. Some change it to their nickname, some leave it as joshua 2 years 9 months
I should shave everyday. I shave every other day...I should shave everyday. I shave every other day. But i look better if i shave everyday. 2 years 9 months
Lol thats VP money. Lol thats VP money. 2 years 9 months
Actually, some banks have changed it. From first...Actually, some banks have changed it. From first hand experience, I know of at least one BB that did not give the associate 0 -> associate 1 pay bump. That said, bonus time made up for it. 2 years 9 months
- Headphones a must, if i forget them i go home...- Headphones a must, if i forget them i go home and pick them up 2 years 10 months
AndyLouis: newfirstyear: Some of us try to...[quote=AndyLouis][quote=newfirstyear]Some of us try to browse this website at work, and would rather not log in, .[/quote] curious as to why you don't want to log in?[/quote] I dont mind reading at work, but I'd rather not be associated with an account at work. 2 years 10 months
What do you look for in a research associate....What do you look for in a research associate. What in your view, makes a rockstar associate versus a good, or average one? 2 years 10 months
Boston, San Fran, Chicago, Houston, LA, Charlotte...Boston, San Fran, Chicago, Houston, LA, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas in that order 2 years 10 months
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