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Mine level modelingHeyo, Anyone know where I could find some mine level modeling guides? - Not primers. Anything from base to precious metals; also if there's anything about different kinds of processing (sulfide vs oxide, etc), that'd be awesome. Thanks! - Will give SB if you have something half decent 1 year 4 months
Post MBA S&T/ResearchHi all, It seems that there are many threads on here discussing post MBA associate tracks, lack of buy side laterals, etc. Many people use MBA to rebrand and move into banking, despite possibly having no former banking experience. My question is, how common do those of you on the desk see MBAs,... 1 year 10 months
Best Of-Worst OfJust thought I'd share an interesting little compilation by Bloomberg: 2 years 7 months
Wall Street Prep RxHey everyone, Looking further down the road in my career, I'd really like to pursue something in HY/distressed/special situations credit research and, since my current position doesn't expose me to this type of modeling, I was thinking of investing in WSP Rx package. Has anyone used this... 2 years 7 months
Help with DuPont Analysis!Hello everyone, So I'm hoping that perhaps someone is familiar with this approach, as I've built a model for DuPont analysis and am having some problems with the numbers. I am using CFA reading material (Reading 41) to help build my ratios out from an operating model of a company. The strange... 2 years 7 months
Reuters, Michigan, and HFTHi everyone, Hope you're all enjoying your Fridays! I recently read an article on dealbreaker ( regarding the express release of Michigan's consumer sentiment survey to certain high paying subscribers on... 2 years 8 months
Medical problemsHey guys, This saga keeps droning on. Recently had some medical problems with injury and was lucky enough to be released from the hospital today. I start work tomorrow and will be able to attend, however certain medical inconveniences will be hanging around and I am waiting to hear back from... 2 years 8 months
Sources for IG Fixed income readingHello everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone knows of any good sources or blogs for reading up on daily investment grade fixed income news. Mainly in regards to research. Perhaps something similar to this? 2 years 8 months
Well deserved thank you to WSO!Afternoon monkeys, I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank everyone on this sight who has given me good, and sometimes harsh advice. I just graduated from a very small private school with a 3.5 GPA, decent internship experiences and hardly any connections. I've had quite a few interviews,... 2 years 8 months
Credit research associate interviewHi everyone, I have been scheduled for an interview for credit research associate analyst at an investment management firm. The group is investment grade and it is entry level position. I have prior credit research experience, however am wondering if anyone familiar with the industry can... 2 years 9 months


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bro, i really don't care how much daddy made or...bro, i really don't care how much daddy made or that he paid for your college or seeded your pa or whatever your life's narrative is. if you don't want to slave away doing 'ib' (not the same as corporate banking, typically), then why are you asking a forum what to do? If the fof put you... 1 year 1 week
And for the record, it annoys me that I had to...And for the record, it annoys me that I had to read about six posts down to find the first facetious comment; and, it was from Flake. He's always a cynical ass hole 1 year 1 week
What you didn't know kemosabe, was that his pa...What you didn't know kemosabe, was that his pa was net short! OP, why are you interviewing with FoFs and corp banking when you go to an 'elite' school and are obviously an investing genius? Off topic question; but I am starting a L/S penny-stock HF, does anyone have any advice? My current... 1 year 1 week
2nd year hy analyst - 80k with 20-40k bonus2nd year hy analyst - 80k with 20-40k bonus 1 year 1 week
No, financial. And yeah, interesting but not...No, financial. And yeah, interesting but not quite what I'm looking for. More like working down from ore mined to metals sold and revenue, c1 costs, etc 1 year 4 months
DD desk or the fund, dude DD desk or the fund, dude 1 year 4 months
Thanks for the responses guys. So the most viable...Thanks for the responses guys. So the most viable path seems to be HY publishing/ER --> desk analyst, given the current environment? Do many banks recruit post MBA ER/HY publishing positions (in comparison to IB Associate)? Thanks again! 1 year 10 months
Or GMOOr GMO 2 years 1 week
You've been blackballed. Have fun flipping...You've been blackballed. Have fun flipping burgers and mopping floors for the rest of your life, after you get over the "shock" of course. 2 years 5 months
OP, I don't even know what half of the stuff that...OP, I don't even know what half of the stuff that you named on your wish list are. Troll or not, you sound like a complete douche because: A) You intuitively know what "Frette sheets" are, as well as a baldi malachite tub (really don't care if I spelled those correctly). B) You googled these... 2 years 6 months
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