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Perspective on IB to VC/internal M&A...Thoughts ? 3 weeks 1 day
Veterans on Wall Street, NYSSASeparately, there is a non-profit group called VOWS ( who are holding a Symposium and Hiring Fair Tues. Nov. 10th at GS headquarters. 3 months 4 days
Opinions on Point72 University programPoint72 Asset Management 15-months long training "University" has already been detailed in BI. (Link: 4 months 5 days
Any Finance bros at the League Montauk party Richly documented in BI today, wondering if any WSO users went to this NY party ? Link: 6 months 6 days
Slate Interview with entrepreneur Divya NarendraThe full interview is here. 6 months 6 days
Einhorn doesn't favor new season of "..."Red ink is the new black ?" 6 months 3 weeks
"Wall Street Week" show reinvented by A...Skybridge Capital's A. Scaramucci plans to reintroduce what it was once a popular show, and broadcast it at . Thoughts ? 9 months 4 weeks
BroBible interviews ex-Lazard turned pornstarBroBible is having a ball with Veronica Vain, the ex-Lazard intern aspiring pornstar. She's not into dating office guys who tend to eat too "many potbelly sandwiches". She goes to Duke's Deli. What do you folks think this girl eats ? What do you think her workout routine is at the gym ? Is... 11 months 2 weeks
New York School of FinanceNYSF seems to have gained a lot of traction, recently became part of WSO finance internship options. Promo video: 1 year 2 weeks
Lateral move: from Wall Street to pornCourtesy of brobible read an interview with a woman going by the name Veronica Vain -who previously interned at Lazard- and now works as a pornstar. -NSFW She's quoting Steve Jobs here: "You've got to find what you love... 1 year 3 weeks


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2 days 5 hours
Storage industry consolidation. with anticipated...Storage industry consolidation. with anticipated anti-trust issues... Sources of funds (excess cash, debt assumed, revolver, term loans , senior, sub. notes, WDC equity) should equal the Uses of Funds (equity purchase price, assumed debt, tender/call premium, transaction costs, capitalized... 1 week 1 day
Can you elaborate ? What is it you're doing that...Can you elaborate ? What is it you're doing that makes you a womanizer ? 1 week 2 days
Heard good things from Denver. New industries and...Heard good things from Denver. New industries and capabilities, Denver is so much more than O&G services, as it was in the '80s. 1 week 2 days
Offical.Offical. 1 week 3 days
Loved the quote. +1.Loved the quote. +1. 1 week 3 days
CRE: moneymogul:No doubt that startups aren't...[quote="CRE"] moneymogul:No doubt that startups aren't the best path to wealth. That said, it's only one form of tech entrepreneurship.Also worth noting is that "startup" does not inherently mean "tech startup" or "IT startup"[/quote] Yes. Milking camels for all their worth. 1 week 6 days
Good point. +1.Good point. +1. 1 week 6 days
Interesting. Transfixed by work--->affair...Interesting. [quote] Transfixed by work--->affair offers insufficient thrill /no time for affairs ? Or (and ?) Hardly ever see the spouse --->less chance of arguments. [/quote] 1 week 6 days
Or take a sabbatical, if that's possible.Or take a sabbatical, if that's possible. 1 week 6 days
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