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"Wall Street Week" show reinvented by A...Skybridge Capital's A. Scaramucci plans to reintroduce what it was once a popular show, and broadcast it at . Thoughts ? 2 months 2 weeks
BroBible interviews ex-Lazard turned pornstarBroBible is having a ball with Veronica Vain, the ex-Lazard intern aspiring pornstar. She's not into dating office guys who tend to eat too "many potbelly sandwiches". She goes to Duke's Deli. What do you folks think this girl eats ? What do you think her workout routine is at the gym ? Is... 4 months 1 week
New York School of FinanceNYSF seems to have gained a lot of traction, recently became part of WSO finance internship options. Promo video: 5 months 1 week
Lateral move: from Wall Street to pornCourtesy of brobible read an interview with a woman going by the name Veronica Vain -who previously interned at Lazard- and now works as a pornstar. -NSFW She's quoting Steve Jobs here: "You've got to find what you love... 5 months 2 weeks
Hottest Women in Hedge Funds -courtesy of HedgeHoIf you'd like, rate them. Link: John Mayer's Paper Doll Song 7 months 2 weeks
Corvex CCI presentation "betwixt and between...At the Robin Hood Investors Conference, hedge fund Corvex Management wants CCI to a) increase the dividend payout ratio or b) Lever up "to 6x", then buy Verizon towers. CCI presents an "80% AFFO Payout Scenario (1.20x Coverage) or "90% AFFO Payout Scenario (1.10x Coverage)". Aren't... 8 months 1 week
Barbarians at the gate: the appeal of a job at BXSeems that a job opening at Blackstone doesn't go unnoticed: an Associate position @ the BX Charitable Foundation gathered 2,142 applicants (and counting) from LinkedIn alone If it is safe to assume at least that many from other sources, there might... 8 months 2 weeks
NYC Bartender letter to powerful Hedge FunderBy now this story has made the rounds... [quote]"Hedge Funder who allegedly grabbed waitress ass" A SoHo bartender is fed up with misogynistic bros treating her like a piece of meat, and she's written a powerful open letter to the hedge funder who she says grabbed her ass at work. Laura... 9 months 2 weeks
Comment on the Dealbreaker Paul Enright landlord...Reading Dealbreaker's Paul Enright tenant-landlord litigation story I stumbled upon a terrific comment by a 'Guest' one day ago. This is one of the best, if not the best, fundraising letters I have seen lately. 10 months 3 weeks
Refreshingly honest ?Howard Wang, a former analyst at Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates started Convoy Investments LLC, a macro fund that isn't charging a performance fee and only a 1.25% management fee. He's also taking foundations and pensions money for free -up to 25% AUM. 11 months 4 hours


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Remembering Jimmy LeeThanks. 2 weeks 16 hours
Billion-dollar Tech Babies: A Blessing of...Cautionary tale: any gains for the investing public in an IPO are minimal since the valuations are so high after going through Rounds G or H or whatever. 2 weeks 3 days
Top 20 Hedge Funds List[quote="Esuric"]Thanks. I've responded to this point multiple times. As markets continue to develop, there are going to be increasingly cheaper and more efficient ways to diversify. The typical fee structure for this asset class, and comparable asset classes, is not sustainable unless they can... 1 month 1 week
"Wife Bonuses" - Allowances of the...[quote="Dingdong08"]I'm going to go out on a limb and say that those who understand, are trying to rationalize it with logic, or support the allowance and performance based bonus system are not married and probably haven't had a longer term relationship. Unless you live in Saudi Arabia where women... 1 month 1 week
Dick Fuld, the comeback?Looking forward to it. 1 month 1 week
Best/more recent pickup line used?+1. Also to @Hakendenaron" . 1 month 2 weeks
Why I Quit My Job (a.k.a. "Regrets of the...Well written. 1 month 3 weeks
Wanted Advice for a Female Aspiring to be an IB...[quote="CountryUnderdog"]You never know if some 50 yr old man will "help" a dancer out if you know what I'm saying.[/quote] Ha ! 2 months 1 week
F*&King Analysts[quote="milehigh"]There's no doubt in my mind that we've let quality candidates go just because they didn't go to an Ivy League school or have above a 3.5 GPA, and we've hired people with those stats who ended up being busts. Ideally, I'd take a hungry non-target over an entitled Ivy leaguer any... 2 months 1 week
List of PE Firms in NYC[quote="Skinnayyy"]This seems to give a pretty good list.[/quote] +1. 2 months 1 week