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Monday @Mentions February 17, 2014I'm seeing access denied for "focus on the downside brushing up on credit skills" because it was flagged for spam? Had this bookmarked last week and wasn't able to get around to reading it 1 year 4 months
Investing in Bank DebtCould this change at all with the deleveraging going on with banks at the moment? I.E. could banks be looking to get more loans off of their books even in non distressed situations? This seems like a possibility, especially in Europe where bank debt is a more popular financing choice than in the US... 1 year 8 months
CFA Results Passed Level 2 with > 70 in all areas (very surprising given I felt very uncomfortable with Ethics and PM and to a lesser extent derivs leaving the exam) Passed Level 1 last year doing Schweser readings almost exclusively, doing CFAI and Schweser EOC questions. Did almost 2k questions from the... 1 year 11 months
Verizon looks to buy stake in Verizon Wireless...From everything I've read (not much, most at bronte capital), this would incur a pretty massive tax bill for verizon and be disastrous for vodaphone, as its really one of their only performing assets 2 years 2 months
TinderIt was crazy popular for a while in my area, and now its pretty much dead, waiting for one of the big social media companies to come in and overpay for it 2 years 3 months
Best College from list for i-banking?Babson is the entrepreneurship school not bentley, having said that neither place well into IB 2 years 3 months
National and Regional Sports NetworksAny competition will be a good thing from a content perspective. I'm sick of getting NBA thrown in my face every time I watch sportscenter because ESPN is pushing their own book 2 years 3 months
20 Things I Wish I Knew Before the CFA ExamsIf you have no weekends for 6 months before the test, you're doing something wrong. You can study during the day and easily have time to go out at least one night 2 years 5 months
Series 7 and 63 about to expireI think that they expire 2 years after you're employment with the firm that sponsored you ends. 2 years 6 months
Monster Energy Killing PeopleJust read this, pretty good perspective on the case 2 years 8 months