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Stock Yield questionI'm currently doing some practice problems for a test I have coming up. For some reason this one problem is getting to me, i feel like i don't have enough information to answer the question. Or maybe i'm just not understanding something. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it "Assume that... 2 2 years 1 month
Oil and Gas bankersTo anyone working in the oil and gas space, I would really appreciate it if someone with a membership to power intelligence would send me their O... 2 years 9 months last minute housingI just received a last minute offer to intern in NY. I've been actively looking and have been between EHS and NYCintern. I've heard a lot of negative things about EHS, but since it is so last minute, it might be my only I have not read much reviews about nycintern, have any of your guys... 3 2 years 11 months
ER Bonus numbersAs bonus number are coming out for IBD. How are the numbers looking like for research at the associate and analyst level? 2 3 years 3 months
Question about raising debt celingI'm sure most of you guys were well aware of Ben Bernanke's segment today at U of Michigan. During the interview he said "Raising the debt ceiling ,which Congress has to do periodically, gives the government the ability to pay its existing bills. It doesn't create new deficits, it doesn't... 4 3 years 3 months
Sophomore looking for inputsI'm in a bit of weird situation, hopefully some of you can provide some quality input. I am currently a sophomore attending a school in the Northeast, I live in Mass. This summer I am looking for internships but specifically out of state, (NY,Chicago, Charlotte, SF). I don't have relatives... 8 3 years 4 months
Donald Trump going at Obama... once againdiscuss 50 3 years 6 months
Cole Haan and Allen Edmonds shoesSo guys, I've been a long time Cole Haan customer, owning numerous pairs of their shoes, formal and casual. I've been thinking about making the transition to Allen Edmonds, my questions is, is it worth the hefty price tag $250+ for a pair of shoes? and how long do they hold up? 18 3 years 10 months
Fall/spring internshipQuick dilemma, I'm currently doing an internship for this summer. Earlier in the year, I was looking for a few summer positions and pretty much networked with a lot of people and my resume was circulated by the individuals I networked with. So earlier today I went to check my email, and one of... 5 3 years 10 months
Starting on the buy side (PM)I'm currently interning in the PM sector of my firm, working under three PM's. The work I've been doing has been pretty interesting and this seems like something I can really see myself doing. How likely/often does an individual start on the buy side at a PM shop? What are the positions... 15 3 years 10 months


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Why is this news?Why is this news? 11 2 years 8 months
It was okay, ASAP crew is no where near TDE/Black...It was okay, ASAP crew is no where near TDE/Black Hippies though. 16 2 years 8 months
jackbnimble: Bondarb: I really have never had...[quote=jackbnimble] Bondarb: I really have never had this problem as i wish the best for my friends and when i see someone doing something i would like to do my approach is to try to learn how they did it rather then to be jealous or envious. If u want to waste your life on envy you can ALWAYS... 58 2 years 8 months
I'm not too sure about what NYCbander is talking...I'm not too sure about what NYCbander is talking about but the majority of recruiters I've met with knew their shit pretty well and some of them were even ex bankers. What I would say is, go on your school's career website and if you can see the contacts of the recruiters that recruit at your... 12 2 years 8 months
dbroncos23: 4) Thinking different: Lastly, you...[quote=dbroncos23] 4) Thinking different: Lastly, you might have to change your mentality. I think we're so accustomed to receiving a task and burning through it that we fail to see why we are doing it. If asked, you should confidently be able to state why this chart is on the slide or what... 22 2 years 8 months
StudentLoanBackedSecurities: I have learned...[quote=StudentLoanBackedSecurities]I have learned many things, but one thing that I really want to share with WSO: Although I think banking is definitely right for me, I have learned that it is not all that "glorious" as I originally anticipated when making those 1,000+ networking calls/cold-emails... 22 2 years 8 months
I would advise against itI would advise against it 8 2 years 8 months
you're blindyou're blind 4 2 years 8 months
It is definitely interesting, I sometimes see...It is definitely interesting, I sometimes see what the associate is working on and a lot of it involves complex debt structures/modelling. I know for a fact i'll be looking more into it or even trying to get my hands dirty with one of his modelling just to get a basic understanding. 62 2 years 9 months
I'm a summer analyst in the Lev Fin group at a MM...I'm a summer analyst in the Lev Fin group at a MM. My experience has been really good, I'm glad i'm with a pretty good team that gets a good amount of deal flow and also acknowledges that employees have life outside of work. So far so good I am heavily considering going for a restructuring type... 62 2 years 9 months
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