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'Illegal Immigrant' - not PCBesides being liberal psychobabble-PC BS in order to get votes, I'm actually confused as to what immigrants in this country who are here illegally should be called? I always felt like illegal immigrant wasn't descriptive enough since they're not immigrants (that would imply they immigrated here in... 59 3 years 3 weeks
The end of AmericaGreat article, Druckenmiller is definitely in touch with what is, in my opinion, the biggest issue of the next 10 years: 7 3 years 1 month
Hilarious gallon smash prank I have mixed feelings, but honestly I was laughing the whole time. 8 3 years 2 months
Obama and gunsWell, we knew this was coming at some point: Obama's response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Personally I think it's bullshit to use an executive order to in any way circumvent the 2nd amendment. Kind of... 15 3 years 3 months
Future South AfricaAs some of you may know, South Africa recently had its presidential election and incumbent Jacob Zuma was re-elected in a landslide. How do you guys think this is going to affect the future of South Africa? I feel it's a death sentence. In my view (I follow SA politics) Zuma is an inept... 11 3 years 4 months
Alyssa Douglas: A hated woman.Not sure who else has been browsing the news circuit this morning but I stumbled across this: You can also see a few other news outlets which are... 31 3 years 7 months
Help choosing offersI have a while to decide, but essentially I can go one of two ways with my offer. I'm curious to hear an opinion about where I should go in terms of long term compensation, international opportunities, b-school opportunities (should I decide to go that route), and anything I might not yet have... 16 3 years 8 months
A 'premium' for accepting FT offer?Hi all, Quick question. I was talking to a contact of mine about doing OCR this fall even though I was offered a returning FT position after my SA gig, to fish for more money. He advised against it because he said that many firms put a 'premium' on top of your offer, since they are more aware of... 5 3 years 8 months
BTA/BA vs. consultant at DeloitteDoes anybody know the difference(s) between the 'consultant' and BA/BTA programs at Deloitte? The more I research the more I'm starting to feel they're synonymous but I'm not sure this is the case. Thanks. 3 3 years 8 months
For those of you looking for last minute suitsFor those of you who were dumb-asses like myself and waited until after your SA gig started to look for suits, I found a diamond in the rough. Men's Warehouse (there are a few locations in the city) has a 2-for-1 that saved my wallet. I got two decent enough looking suits, a lot of tailoring done (... 7 3 years 10 months


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go to croatia or belarus there are some wild...go to croatia or belarus there are some wild times there 123 1 year 3 months
West Coast rainmaker: But I assumed these were...[quote=West Coast rainmaker]But I assumed these were sane Democrats e.g. the Bill Clinton variety. This is well beyond what I would expect even in San Francisco - Berkeley, maybe. This is a man that honeymooned in Cuba and aided socialist revolutionaries in Nicaragua. Democrat or Republican, have... 74 2 years 7 months
Edmundo Braverman: subrosa: if I knew my...[quote=Edmundo Braverman] subrosa: if I knew my grandparents spent their youth tripping on acid while participating in an orgy with 30 or more tripping strangers I don't think I would have thought they were very sweet lol. Smash randoms like it was your job, because there'll come a time in... 29 2 years 7 months
NYCbandar: Props to the people that took the...[quote=NYCbandar]Props to the people that took the time to give real, mature, well thought out answers, even if I happen to personally disagree. Specifically Kanon and Going Concern. Other than that, this thread is a fucking embarrassment. "Oh, women have breasts, hehehe." I'm sure that gets... 25 2 years 7 months
yeahright: Men, everytime. Women think they are...[quote=yeahright]Men, everytime. Women think they are far more entitled and you have to tip toe around them with your words. [/quote] 25 2 years 7 months
naw anything under the deloitte consulting...naw anything under the deloitte consulting umbrella (HC, S&O, Tech) all pays the same post MBA 20 2 years 7 months
What if I put: "interracial porn" in my interests...What if I put: "interracial porn" in my interests section? I'd give someone an interview for that just to meet them. 33 2 years 7 months
Good write up. First off if I was going to take a...Good write up. First off if I was going to take a year off, I would absolutely travel/not stay in the states. I would definitely have some kind of purpose to my travels though. Volunteering with kids, working at a resort, etc. This gives life a little structure, and that can go a long way. 38 2 years 8 months
Matrick: Where I am from this is called "normal...[quote=Matrick]Where I am from this is called "normal behaviour". Ah well, times change i guess.[/quote] 11 2 years 8 months
Gonna have to say that I'll continue to go old...Gonna have to say that I'll continue to go old school and meet women in real life. 30 2 years 8 months
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