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Public to PrivateHow does having a public sector company like New England Pension Consultants or Mass Pension Reserves Investment Management look on your resume when applying to a position in I-Banking? 1 3 years 1 month
Careers That Hollywood Over-Hypes (IB #1?) I saw this article "Careers That Hollywood Over-Hypes" on Yahoo earlier today and wanted to know how my fellow Monkeys felt about the description of being and investment banker. [quote]Over-Hyped Career #1: Investment Banker Remember Gordon Gekko from "Wall Street" and his "Greed is good"... 51 3 years 2 months
Wall St. Mentors Worth The Money?I am a year out of school now and I am working as a financial analyst at a company that is not in the financial industry. I have internship experience at a hedge fund and at Merrill Lynch in investment analysis, and that is the path I really want to go on, but I needed money so I accept the... 3 4 years 1 month
CFA For SaleDoes anyone have the CFA level 1 study materials that they are willing to sell, or do you know where to get them cheap? I am trying to get a head start on studying so I can take the exam as soon as possible. 7 4 years 8 months
Insider Trading - Interview the other day I had an interview the other day and one of the exec's interviewing told me of a few acquisitions they had coming up that are going to be huge for firm and will seriously boost their businees. My question is that if I were to invest in this company knowing this information, and was later on hired... 12 1 week 5 days
Credit / Personal FinanceI just graduated and I've never had a credit card before and need to build my credit. What do you guys think is the best credit card company or specific card that would be good for a kid who is starting his credit, not looking for huge rewards, doesn't travel a lot, wants to save money and doesn't... 4 4 years 8 months
LAMBO-LIvin'If you could trade places with any CEO in the world who would it be and why? 24 4 years 8 months
This is HUGE!!!So I have a big netwroking meeting this week with an alum who I've never met before but so happens to be from my hometown. He is a President at a PE firm in Boston. I was looking to get into PE after I spent a few years in IB but if I can get into PE right away that would be great. The problem is I... 11 4 years 9 months
ChinaIs it easier to get a job in IB in the U.S. or places overseas like the UK or China? 7 4 years 9 months
Boston BarsI am looking to meet/network with some people in the Boston area. Does anyone know of any bars or restaurants that a lot of Banking guys go to to grab drinks in the Boston area? 1 4 years 9 months


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Just got the chills. Great story. Thanks man.Just got the chills. Great story. Thanks man. 136 3 years 3 weeks
Great postGreat post 31 3 years 2 months
While finding motivation is important to overcome...While finding motivation is important to overcome adversity, it is more important to be able to stay optimistic after continuous rejection and defeat. It's about being persistent and relentless. 52 3 years 2 months
Great post. Very interesting.Great post. Very interesting. 150 3 years 2 months
This is a good post. You should always be...This is a good post. You should always be networking and working on your people skills even if it means going out of your comfort zone. Unfortunately, many people are incredibly book smart and score well on tests, but completely lack the basics personality skills that allow us to be comfortable... 64 3 years 2 months
This is a great story man. Thanks for this and...This is a great story man. Thanks for this and good luck! 40 3 years 4 months
Look up cover letter templates online to give you...Look up cover letter templates online to give you and idea has to what the content of the letter should look like. What ever you do, don't send this one. 7 3 years 4 months
Yes, there is an extremely overwhelming amount of...Yes, there is an extremely overwhelming amount of financial news/information out there that isn't easy to understand especially for someone who is at the beginning stages of learning. The best way to learn is to continue reading as much as you can in order to get well acquainted with specific terms... 11 4 years 3 weeks
You can't compare all those examples your brother...You can't compare all those examples your brother and your "smart" friends gave to finance, or in this case IBD, because they are completely different areas of study and intellectual capacity. 120 4 years 3 weeks
ChEM3: Vontropnats: ChEM3: lime1945:...[quote=ChEM3][quote=Vontropnats][quote=ChEM3][quote=lime1945][quote=ChEM3][quote=lime1945][quote=turk1][quote=Powerpoint Jockey]That sounds absolutely miserable.[/quote] I can't echo this sentiment enough. I don't understand how people have the will power to do it week in and week out.[/quote... 73 4 years 1 month
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