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PE out of undergrad compensation?I'm wondering if any of you, by way of direct or indirect experience, have any idea of what a first year analyst within a PE Fund would earn all in? I've been told many kids that get this opportunity out of college get paid the same or more when compared to kids in m&a, but im curious. thanks! 15 3 years 6 months
Testing the waters with offers?So, those students who did their SA gig most likely are either ending or just ended. At my firm, we don't hear back regarding offers for at least 2 weeks if not longer (we were told we'd know before school began). I can confirm that at other firms are not all like this but it is not uncommon. My... 1 3 years 8 months
Rejected for first round OCR - Now what?Now that some of us (at least me) have heard back about being invited for a first round interview with OCR, what happens if we're rejected? Can we still try and network a later interview off campus/first round over the phone with alumni or someone? I ask the above because I know summer... 4 4 years 3 months
On campus recruiting questionHi, For anyone familiar with Columbia on campus recruiting, or any campus for that matter: those who've applied to on-campus interviews for IBD (and other finance related jobs specifically with bulge brackets/MM), the deadline I believe is tonight at midnight (jan 8th). Does that mean they don't... 2 4 years 3 months
Hedge Fund News SourceIs there a go to news source (website) for those interested in the space? I know the big names (deal book, deal journal) but I'm looking for something targeted just at hedge funds. Thanks! 6 4 years 6 months
Directly to MBA from UG?I'm curious how those of you with MBA experience, or recruiting experience, think about some of the new programs being initiated by colleges to allow undergraduate students to begin their MBA as a college senior? My thinking was that, at least for finance, you'd become an overvalued asset: no... 9 4 years 8 months
Background Check -- Questions?A friend of mine applied to work as a teller, not IBD, at a major bank (think Bank of America, Chase, Wells) and went through their formal recruiting/interview process. He made it to the background check stage and was notified via email he failed, and that the bank was moving on in the application... 7 4 years 8 months
Will the exit opportunities of IBD change?I'm new to this site so please forgive me if I'm asking an old or obvious question: Clearly, there are some changes going on in the world of finance. Smaller banks, less profits, higher interest rates (sometime in the future), and more regulation. It's safe to say the government, probably for... 4 4 years 9 months
Networked with a CEO. CFO?I'm wondering if anyone has successfully reached out to a big time CEO/CFO/Fund manager or something of the sort, and gotten a response (positive or negative)? Seeing how eager everyone is to break into the industry, I'm assuming this has at least been attempted before, no? Would love to hear... 3 4 years 9 months
Suggestions on my career path?So I'm an ungrad at a target school (I think?). I'm really interested in value investing, Buffett, Ackman, and others like them - would love to one day run a hedge fund, but wouldn't we all? Everyone tells me that I should head the IBD route initially, but I'm wondering why? If I want to run a... 7 4 years 9 months


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I saw this and have to comment: FMA, if your in...I saw this and have to comment: FMA, if your in advisory, is equally as incredibly difficult to get into and stimulating/awesome. within advisory, you're on the team that's helping greece solve it's problems, valuing securities JP morgan doesn't understand within Bear Sterns, or referred to... 4 3 years 5 months
My friend is going to BlackRock within their new...My friend is going to BlackRock within their new alternatives division with newly built PE Funds (Direct, not FOF [ I tried interviewing for both and it didn't work out]). Seems like this is a new place of growth as that's what I heard. 14 3 years 6 months
I can confirm - my buddy is one of them.. i tried...I can confirm - my buddy is one of them.. i tried to follow him in there but it didn't work out :c/ 16 3 years 6 months
b school seems less important now-a-days. i've...b school seems less important now-a-days. i've spoken with some people in incredible pe funds that are now hiring more undergrads because of the market dynamics and the fact they can simply hire out of college for a major discount, train and not have to un-train, and over time have someone just as... 6 3 years 6 months
usually januaryusually january 34 3 years 6 months
answer: no. most importantly though it depends on...answer: no. most importantly though it depends on how you project yourself, your social life as a 24 year old (can you chill with 22 year olds?) and how you project yourself as an analyst 1st year at 24 along side a 2nd, 3rd year analyst who's also 24 (awkward having someone your age tell you what... 49 3 years 6 months
xxxxxx 5 3 years 6 months
xxxxxxxx 13 3 years 6 months
xxxxxxxx 10 3 years 6 months
xxxxxxxxxx 16 3 years 6 months
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