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Does anyone work in emerging markets PE or IBD?Would appreciate someone to pm with a few questions 2 years 8 months
Working out and banking?I'm starting this summer in IBD as an intern at a bulge bracket, and figured it was a good time to make some other drastic life changes as well. My college relationship ended/is on hold for the summer, I'm working my first real job, and I wanted to use this opportunity to further test my dedication... 5 2 years 11 months
How do you discuss the company's recent...I have a few interviews coming up with specific industry groups and was researching some recent/big deals to bring up if asked during the interview. How is it best to discuss their recent deals? Should I pick the biggest/most publicized deal of the year or the most recent deal? And how much should... 4 3 years 4 months
Emailing alumni at banks I'm interviewing at?What's the protocol for this? I have a ton of first rounds coming up in January and wanted to do some networking beforehand. Is finding alumni through my schools directory/linkedin and emailing them to introduce myself/ask them for a phone conversation before my first round a good idea? 3 3 years 5 months
Did nothing during my internship - how to...I've had 2 boutique IB internships, one during the semester soph year and one during soph summer. I'm getting ready for junior SA recruiting and wanted to work on some final edits for my resume. My second IB internship was really great, and I got to work on a lot of deals that I highlighted on my... 7 3 years 6 months
Emergency resume edit! Junior SA w/ previous IBD...hey guys, I just found out that the application deadline for a IBD event at my school I wanted to apply to is tonight. I wanted to get some last minute eyes on my resume, and would really appreciate if anyone can take a look at it. Let me know if you would be willing to, and I will PM you a link. 1 3 years 6 months
Will a buy-side internship help with SA IBD...I am considering a semester internship with an asset management firm that invests in some big-name private equity funds (KKR, Blackstone, TPG). I think that would make it a fund-of-funds but I'm not entirely sure. I previously worked at 2 boutique investment banks my sophomore year, and I'm getting... 3 3 years 6 months
Following up after info seasons - help!Hey guys, so I have just about every major bank coming to my school in the next ~2 weeks. I know I'm going to be meeting tons of bankers and hopefully having some good discussions with them as well, but I'm always at a loss when it comes to following up. So usually when I meet people they fall into... 8 3 years 6 months
How do you guys change your banking oriented...So my resume makes me look like I am dead-set on banking (which I am). Banking SA recruiting doesn't start for a few more months though, so I wanted to drop in the mean time for some other positions and get interview experience in. For those of you with previous banking internships, you do you "... 6 3 years 7 months
Anyone else get insomnia?This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I have gotten a few hours of sleep every night for the past week almost, and I'm absolutely exhausted but cannot seem to sleep. Had the same problem during my summer internship, but would drink/take some sort of pill to knock me out. Really don't want to go... 79 3 years 7 months


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Does this apply to females as well? Or is suit...Does this apply to females as well? Or is suit color not as significant? 157 3 months 1 week
what specific questions do you have? feel free to...what specific questions do you have? feel free to pm 670 6 months 3 weeks
.. 8 2 years 4 months
Austin, Portland Austin, Portland 40 2 years 4 months
Don't bother memorizing Excel shortcuts. After...Don't bother memorizing Excel shortcuts. After your first 100 hour week you'll be a pro. I knew nothing before my summer, but got a hang of shortcuts super quickly. 10 2 years 4 months
Just have some fun and enjoy one of your last few...Just have some fun and enjoy one of your last few semesters of freedom. I think reading industry primers helped me the most (if you know what group you will most likely get into). Otherwise, refresh your accounting but don't worry too much - everything will be covered in training. VBA came into... 10 2 years 4 months
don't draw attention to it. they will notice but...don't draw attention to it. they will notice but no one will remember in due time 26 2 years 7 months
Washington has some awesome townhouses/condos in...Washington has some awesome townhouses/condos in your price range. Three stories, 2-3 bedroom, roof with view of downtown, and walking distance to a bunch of bars/the most decent night light in Houston 61 2 years 7 months
monkeybonez: Man alive, as someone who was...[quote=monkeybonez]Man alive, as someone who was hoping to get a boost into Houston O&G IB with a UT MSF, these stats are pretty terrible. I hope none of those grads went for O&G. It's possible I guess; I don't see TPH, Simmons, CS, or Barcap on the list of interviewers. But what else... 35 2 years 7 months
My theory is that people are built differently....My theory is that people are built differently. If you have aspirations to get a top finance job, and not just any job, than you won't feel satisfied if you "live your life" or whatever for a few years. What does "living your life" even mean? It's college, unless you are some ridiculously quant/... 6 2 years 7 months
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