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Any Metalheads on WSO? 9 months 2 weeks
deleteddeleted 1 year 4 months
blahblah 9 months 1 day
Energy CommentaryLooking for a good source covering long term (monthly or quarterly) commentary for the energy markets. 9 months 1 day
Bruised before meeting a BSD 3 days 3 hours
. .. 9 months 1 day
Paul Tudor Jones Video - NYMEX (2003)Primarily focuses on the energy markets, however the section that he talks about "making money on wall-street" and systematic strategies were particularly interesting. 1 year 9 months
Remove topicPost has been removed 1 year 11 months
meh- 5 months 4 days
Deleted thread- 2 years 3 months


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Take HF Offer Out of Undergrad? 3 days 3 hours
Take HF Offer Out of Undergrad? 3 days 3 hours
What news sources do you read?- 2 months 1 week
Energy CommentaryThanks guys, but i've moved past that trade. being short cad + oil and receiving ca rates obviously paid off in spades. on to the next one... 2 months 3 weeks
Please Help: Which is my best SA offer? I want to...4. Strong group. 2 months 3 weeks
The First Annual WSO Fantasy Macro League 2014The whole thing is intended to be ‘non-competitive’. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be very competitive with this type of stuff so I totally get where you’re coming from. “If you share ideas, you’ll receive ideas” – that was the response I got when I asked a macro guy why he’s surprisingly... 3 months 2 days
The First Annual WSO Fantasy Macro League 2014Its never too late, @"Martinghoul". Glad you're on board! An update: The league thing I put together just didn't meet the cut. Privacy could be circumvented via searches and it was too basic. I'm also a perfectionist. People who know me can attest to it so there's that as well. Some delays... 3 months 3 days
The First Annual WSO Fantasy Macro League 2014not being attached to trades - the mxn trade has never looked better, particularly given the rates story - tiie cureve pricing meaningful hikes later this year which i believe materialize earlier. expect inflation in particular to 'surprise' to the upside over the next few months. positioning is... 3 months 4 days
Quant Investment Career[quote=IlliniProgrammer]You can be anything you want to be... But you can't be everything you want to be. As an extreme example, I can't be a hedge fund billionaire, an astronaut, and make it to all of my kids's softball games. I've had dreams of all three, but I only get 80 years. [/quote]... 3 months 1 week
Quant Investment Careerdidn't read ur post fully... but it sounds like u want to take the quantitative trading route. i think a CS degree would be ideal, with heavy emphasis on statistical methods and machine learning as part of ur electives - maybe do a minor in math. and honestly, learn to be succinct asap. i... 3 months 1 week