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Any Metalheads on WSO? 324 1 year 8 months
deleteddeleted 2 years 4 months
blahblah 42 1 year 8 months
Energy CommentaryLooking for a good source covering long term (monthly or quarterly) commentary for the energy markets. 7 1 year 8 months
Bruised before meeting a BSD 11 11 months 2 weeks
only in canada 10 3 months 3 weeks
Paul Tudor Jones Video - NYMEX (2003)Primarily focuses on the energy markets, however the section that he talks about "making money on wall-street" and systematic strategies were particularly interesting. 6 2 years 8 months
Remove topicPost has been removed 7 2 years 10 months
meh- 2 1 year 4 months
Deleted thread- 6 3 years 2 months


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First answer this question: What makes you think...First answer this question: What makes you think you can consistently 'beat the market'? Some of the smartest and most driven people out there are guaranteed to fail. There is no way in hell you can answer that question at 16. Odds are, you'll probably never be able to answer that at all... 2 3 days 12 hours
four most powerful words in the english language...four most powerful words in the english language: "i need your help" 31 4 weeks 1 day 28 1 month 5 days
-- 12 1 month 6 days
Paul Tudor Jones - Probably the most disciplined...Paul Tudor Jones - Probably the most disciplined trader out there, one of the greatest fund managers of all time yet still remains grounded and gives back in a big way. 28 1 month 6 days
ironnchef: i will repeat that nobody on this...[quote="ironnchef"]i will repeat that nobody on this board needs to worry about this doesn't apply to you.[/quote] u sure dude? i can name at least 4 ppl on wso to whom that applies to.... few heavy hitters post/ have posted on wso. 23 1 month 2 weeks
completely agree. happens far too frequently...completely agree. happens far too frequently around US BLS stats. also happens with asian data - you'll see AUD spike a few min before every recent RRR announcement. i still think OP is full of shit. 74 1 month 3 weeks
---- 74 1 month 3 weeks
real yields declined. gold heads higher.real yields declined. gold heads higher. 8 1 month 4 weeks
why don't we settle this: post your trades in...why don't we settle this: post your trades in real-time here with chart screenshots, rationale, entry+exit px etc and lets keep track of the performance stats. 92 2 months 4 days
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