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HF with office in FrankfurtHi guys and girls, which hedge funds/alternative investment managers do you know with an office in Frankfurt. Here is my list so far - Apollo - Fortress - LoneStar - Oaktree Would say, they are all first tier. Do you know any second tier? Thanks Anira 2 years 12 months
Hudson Advisors => Distressed HFHi, How good are your chances to move from Hudson Advisors (NPL underwriting) to a Distressed HF? Thanks Anira 3 years 2 months
Hudson AdvisorsHi together, first of all: I was not sure where to post this, so hope PE is right. Does anyone know anything about Hudson Advsiors regarding lifestyle and culture? Thanks! Anira 3 years 2 months
What strategies do (prop) traders useHi everyone, I know a little bit about trading strategies e.g. using Momentum. But what do the prop traders use? Ìs it basically the same just more sophisticated? And how do floor traders place their trades? do they use any strategy or do they just pass through the trades? Thanks Anira 6 years 5 months
Trading: Hot topics for my thesis?Hi together, First of all happy new year to all of you. I am currently looking for a subject for my thesis and I would love to do something trading related. It is not so much the research focus of my prof but he is fine with me suggesting him a topic for my “trading-thesis”. So, now it is up to... 7 years 1 month
Trading simualtionHi together, does anyone of you know a trading game that simulates everyday´s traders work realistically, so you can try whether I am have the ability to trade or not and if it´s fun... Many thanks! 8 years 7 months
MBA or MSc Quant FinanceHello together, what would you recommend someone who wants the opportunity/possibility to work for a HF (and is currently working in consulting)? Many thanks, AniraX 8 years 8 months
next stupid question: does a CAIA help in S&T?Or do you know any other similar qualification that might help? 8 years 8 months
MBA for S&THello together, would a mba help to do a career change towards S&T or would a msc in finance better? have a nice day AniraX 8 years 8 months
CFA - usefull for structuring?Hello together, how much does a CFA exam helps you if you (want to) work in structuring derivatives? Have a nice day, AniraX 8 years 8 months


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Asking as potential employee. Asking as potential employee. 2 years 11 months
Thanks a lot, Kenny, for the confirmation. Any...Thanks a lot, Kenny, for the confirmation. Any chance you know some more funds with office in Frankfurt? 2 years 11 months
PE: Best would be to work in the PE group doing a...PE: Best would be to work in the PE group doing a lot of DDs. However, you only see the commercial part. CFA is nice but not soo important if you have a decent financial knowledge anyway. HF: Here I am just guessing. If you build knowledge in an industry that might help, if a HF is looking for... 2 years 12 months
That's a good point. Based on their focus on...That's a good point. Based on their focus on distressed opportunities rather than classical LBO/buy-outs, I thougt they are more HF than PE (but I know that they also have PE teams). 2 years 12 months
That's true. My research so far shows that these...That's true. My research so far shows that these moves happen from time to time... Thanks for your answer! 3 years 2 months
From a European perspective I would go for JPM as...From a European perspective I would go for JPM as internship to have the brand on your CV 3 years 2 months
Engineering or science like maths, physics,......Engineering or science like maths, physics,... are sought after due to their analytical skills, but in general, it doesn't really matter. 3 years 2 months
I am a girl and into watches :-) Don't know if it...I am a girl and into watches :-) Don't know if it helps as I asume they are not that popular in the US, but for me, the best value for money you get at Sinn: 5 years 5 months
artmonkey: Do you really think anyone divulge...[quote=artmonkey]Do you really think anyone divulge this information so easily?[/quote] Thanks for your answers and the link. Of corse I am not hoping for someone explaining ther strategy in detail. I know some books wirtten for private day traders like e.g. "High Probability Trading... 6 years 5 months
The topic should be for my master thesis. Ideally...The topic should be for my master thesis. Ideally it could also be used for a PHD, which I hope to do directly after the master/after an internship in S... 7 years 1 month
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