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"Mid-Corporate" Banking - compensation??JPM's Mid-Corporate group is the most well-known but there are also a couple of other banks that have developed a group similar to this. Does anyone have recent compensation info at the analyst level and also as you progress (i.e. 2nd/3rd year analyst, associate, etc.)? I know that base is 60... 3 years 2 months
Stifel continues to get after itStifel buys KBW for $575MM 3 years 3 months
Interview Case Analysis - Tons 'o' SBs...I have a superday coming up and I'm still waiting on details from HR, but from the research I've done I'm 99% sure there will be a case involved and I'm trying to find some good examples to use as practice. Can anyone shed some light on your experience with the case. I am interested to hear... 3 years 3 months
resume adviceI posted this in the resume forum, but the IBD forum seems to get a lot more traffic. Also, I'm going for MM IBD (but casting a wide net) so I need they eyes of those with banking experience. Thanks in advance for the help. Notes: This is the first draft of my revamped resume since leaving... 3 years 3 months
"New" resume - any suggestions?? This is the first draft of my revamped resume since leaving my last job and also my first time putting it up on WSO, so I appreciate all critiques. I know it needs a lot of work... so tear it apart. Thanks in advance for the help. Btw, I'm going for MM... 3 years 7 months
Anyone else doing MSF?Just checking to see if anyone here is planning on enrolling for the 2012 MSF. 2 years 10 months
GMATPrep Practice Test (unique question)I assume their are a lot of people on here that have downloaded the free GMATPrep software/practice tests from, so this is a question for you... I downloaded the program and it opens up and is functional and I can access the practice tests, answer questions, etc. etc. etc. BUT the "show... 4 years 2 months
Application / Admission QuestionIf you were to apply for an early deadline and get wait listed are you allowed to re-submit a new GMAT score if you retake it and get a better score? Obviously you are "allowed" to take the GMAT again but do B-Schools / MSFs take this into account or do they pretty much base their decision off... 4 years 5 months
Asking for a letter of recommendation while...I am currently working FT in a regional PWM office and will be apply to MSF programs within the next few months. I will be needing 2-3 letters of rec for the programs I am apply for and since I have 1+ years of FT work experience I will need some of them to come from co-workers/supervisors/... 4 years 5 months
Any GMAT prep materials for sale? (MGMAT & OG...1) Anyone looking to sell their MGMAT... 4 years 6 months


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Way too many exclamation points!Way too many exclamation points! 1 year 12 months
Need a lot more info and more specifics on your...Need a lot more info and more specifics on your work experience and background. 1) Since UBS has both, are you on a true PWM Team or in WM? 2) Are you in a major market or a small city? 3) What role(s) what you had (FA, WSA, CSA)? 4) When you say you're interested in moving into an "... 2 years 8 months
The "grad school is a party" and "the hardest...The "grad school is a party" and "the hardest part is getting in" mindset regarding MBA does not apply to MSF/MFin especially when you are talking the mid to top tier programs... generally the courses are quite rigorous but you can end up with an absolutely brutal schedule (i.e. little to no free... 2 years 9 months
NorthSider: As with anything, I think there is...[quote=NorthSider]As with anything, I think there is an appropriate balance. Though this post is a much-needed sanity check for many IB analysts that are just waiting to head out the door, the truth is that people who have tunnel vision on their current job are doing themselves just as much harm. I... 2 years 9 months
Advanced search function with a lot specific...Advanced search function with a lot specific filters would be very useful 2 years 9 months
Use this format:http://resume-videos-00.s3....Use this format: Don't italicize your bullet-pointed lines and use past-tense even if they are current roles I like putting study abroad in the education section 2 years 9 months
I don't think a one year program is a good idea...I don't think a one year program is a good idea for an international career changer 2 years 9 months
John J. Rambo: Don't waste 100k at Notre Dame....[quote=John J. Rambo]Don't waste 100k at Notre Dame. If you are going to spend that much you definitely want to attend a top 15. I am currently at a top 5 MBA program.[/quote] "I am currently at a top 5 MBA program" Pat yourself on the back, man ... you deserve it. 2 years 10 months
Just has to do with the industry coverage and the...Just has to do with the industry coverage and the primary clients that the group works with: IBD provides M... 2 years 10 months
Take the offer, work hard, opportunities to...Take the offer, work hard, opportunities to lateral will come up sooner or later if you stay on it, and have a long term perspective. The only thing that will hold you back is a negative attitude and thinking this is the end of world (i.e. you're not in a dismal position ... you got an offer at a... 2 years 10 months
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