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Best Inspirational moviesHey fellow monkeys Have some time off and this is my last week before i start the drill. I like inspirational movies and would like you guys to share your top 5/10 Cheerio 7 months 2 weeks
Android / Iphone / BB AppHey guys, Active after a long time on this site. Have some downtime for a week or so and thought about a mobile application app which all monkeys can access while commuting, little free time while pitches are being printed etc. A simple search here tells me that Patrick was looking at it in... 7 months 3 weeks
Remembering FinancialsDesignation wise I am responsible for Capital Goods industry, but given the boutique nature of my firm I have to work across the industries. I am able to understand business models while I am researching or making a pitch book. However, many a times after 3 months of pitching a partner comes up... 1 year 1 month
Private companies dataAny idea where I can find private companies' data in UK Poland Czech Rep I believe the companies will have to submit their BS and PnL to govt for taxation purposes. In many countries this can be accessed by public by paying a nominal fees. I am looking for these sites 2 years 5 months
HFs based in Singapore/HKHey there, Anyone in a good mood to pull up a list of HFs based in Singapore/HK, from a premium subscription? I know that I can get it through google and have been doing it for some weeks, but better to have as wide a net as possible Cheers 2 years 8 months
DSP BlackRock email formatI am interested in knowing about the email format of DSP BlackRock people. Tried all the permutations, but their server doesn't allow the mails to bounce back, so not able to figure out their email format. Anyone willing to give a... 2 years 8 months
Indian Hedge FundsHello, If anyone is in a good mode, can they pull out names of India based and India focused hedge funds from online premium subscriptions? 2 years 10 months
What is the first thing that comes to your think of HR. I guess, all bankers hate HRs. I have couple of free hours and pissed with an HR. So thought to ask fellow monkeys about their opinion of HRs. PS: only abuses allowed, HR supporters find another thread 2 years 10 months
Stainless steel pricesHey there, Could anyone give me a hand by sharing 3-4 years of world stainless steel prices? Tried google and everything my caffeinated mind could think of, and fellow monkeys are my last hope :( Cheers 3 years 1 day
Ohh Yeah!! I made itAfter graduating about an year back, finally I made it into IBD. It is just a boutique in my native country (think BRICS), but I pulled it off just by pure cold calling and networking. My story isn't as inspirational as many have shared here, but just to summarise it: Keep on going ahead, even if... 3 years 2 months


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Much appreciated, always loved brain teasers Much appreciated, always loved brain teasers 2 weeks 5 days
The Alchemy of finance by George Soros ? I heard...The Alchemy of finance by George Soros ? I heard that it was a waste of time.. 3 months 2 weeks
eh? So, you started your post by new to So, you started your post by new to finance and ended on..... 6 months 1 week
thanks for sharing, great find thanks for sharing, great find 6 months 3 weeks
great story mate, congrats on the offers! great story mate, congrats on the offers! 6 months 3 weeks
Wow, this could be big Wow, this could be big 6 months 4 weeks
congrats mate congrats mate 6 months 4 weeks
Great post! Great post! 7 months 2 weeks
@MBA_Junkie: I don't think, companies would zero...@MBA_Junkie: I don't think, companies would zero down on only one candidate for selection. They keep range of people and start doling out offers in the order of their preference. So if someone throws a figure of 60% at the last minute vis-a-vis a figure of 20% during the initial rounds, in all... 1 year 1 month
How much R language is used in HFs? What are the...How much R language is used in HFs? What are the top three computer languages used in HF world? Is it necessary for Risk people to know programming? Sorry if questions are naive. 1 year 1 month