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Real Estate Asset Management to Real Estate PE? Is this at all a common career path? Any anecdotal evidence of you or someone you know that made the transition? Considering a position as a Sr. Asset Mgmt. analyst at a hotel real estate firm. 7 months 5 days
Non-Big-4 Valuation Advisory to IB: How Likely?What's up jabronis, Just wondering if anybody has any anecdotal evidence regarding moving from a valuation advisory shop to a MM bank or boutique for a lateral Analyst hire. Missed the boat on Fall recruiting and have a couple other options in the works but think this could be a decent fall... 2 years 2 months
Zelman & AssociatesAnyone know anything about this place regarding compensation, mobility, or reputation? Specializes in the Homebuilders sector but also branching off into REITs, Building Products and a few other related sectors. I'm speaking from an entry level Equity Research Associate perspective. 2 years 6 months
Dinged: Other candidates "Bubbled Up Higher...So I was interviewing with a MM bank and got dinged. Turns out the guy that was running recruiting and dinged me quit his job the day after informing me. I decided to e-mail the new guy who took over for recruiting and asked if there was any particular question I got wrong (I know I didn't) or... 2 years 6 months
Canaccord Genuity BostonCan anybody shed some light on this? I networked with an I-Banking Analyst at Canaccord Genuity who pushed my resume along. I just got an e-mail from their recruiter thanking me for applying for the "Financial Analyst" position for the Boston office. Is that what they call their Investment... 2 years 7 months
Is PE consulting / deal sourcing / transaction...Hello y'all, Posted this in PE as well but IB gets the most foot traffic. Just had a phone interview with a company that presents themselves as a PE consulting and deal sourcing firm. I was looking for an internship and she asked which division I would be more interested in. Obviously,... 2 years 11 months
Is PE consulting / deal sourcing / transaction...Hello y'all, Just had a phone interview with a company that presents themselves as a PE consulting and deal sourcing firm. I was looking for an internship and she asked which division I would be more interested in. Obviously, consulting is probably out because of the travel involved (but... 2 years 11 months
Asking for Leave of Absence for SA stintHomo erectus', I've got a bit of a tricky situation coming up. I was interviewing for a FT analyst position at a Boston-based boutique. I made it to the final round (final 3 candidates) but didn't get the offer. They ultimately went with a candidate that had an investment banking internship. I... 3 years 4 months
Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral AssessmentHola Monkeys and Men, I've got my final round interview at a boutique on Friday and I just received an e-mail that as part of their hiring process, they utilize the "Predictive Index (PI) behavioral assessment." Has anyone ever heard of this / had to do one of these? Is there a right way or... 3 years 5 months
1% Declares VictoryHow do I embed this? 3 years 6 months


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Good Luck CFA Candidates!Sat for level 2. Thought it was pretty fair overall with the exception of a few questions. I thought the Kaplan mock exams were actually a little more difficult than the actual exam. Cautiously optimistic I passed. I'd say 65% chance or so. You never really know with these things. 11 months 3 weeks
Denver Meetup - Round 2I'll come when I move out to Denver in the next 3-5 years 12 months 2 hours
Running Out of Time? Here's How to Blitz...I would also suggest quickly going through every Blue Box question again to make sure you are aware of the steps/methodology. The ones you don't remember the steps or formula, put it on a Flash Card and add it to your pile. Once you are done that you'll have a stack of cards of formulas and... 1 year 4 days
Is Flipping Houses for You? Probably Not, Here...Why not save yourself the hassle and just get it appraised and inspected? Maybe pick out 2-3 houses you are serious about buying, shell out the $1000-2000 it would take to get them each appraised and inspected and choose the one with the highest NPV? Consider it a sunk cost and move on. 1 year 4 days
How to get decent returns with a small portfolio?[quote=Waymon3x6]Opening up your portfolio won't help with IB. Two different unrelated industries (unless you're going for S&T). 2k is a small amount. I think most brokerage houses require 2k minimum for margin, so you may be able to do that. You can make a lot off options (and lose a lot, too... 1 year 1 week
Will You Buy Your Fiance a Diamond Ring?[quote=Piesel]Whats wrong with all you guys... firstly diamonds are just extremely beautiful and sexy. I spent my whole bonus on getting my fiance a cartier ring and making the whole event a once in a life time moment, and i.dont regret a single penny spent on it. I believe life consists of those... 1 year 1 month
Will You Buy Your Fiance a Diamond Ring?[quote=MMBanker14]What is the typical amount spent on a ring as a % of salary? Several girls have told me that their friends [b]expect[/b] their rings to cost about 3 months salary, which I think is insane.[/quote] Expect is a dangerous word. If a girlfriend "expected" me to shell out 3 months... 1 year 1 month
CFA LII[quote=woodywoodford]I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 300 hours is reco for level 1. Level 2 is generally more like 500 hours, and having been there...double the level 1 time sounds about righ[/quote] 300 hours for Level 1? Is that a joke? Maybe if you've never opened a finance textbook... 1 year 1 month
CFA LIIOP did you end up passing? I'm at about 105 hours of study now and need to crush it for the next 6-7 weeks to hit 250 hours let alone anywhere near 300. Not feeling totally fucked yet but I'm spending too much time reading and haven't done practice questions yet. 1 year 1 month
How Meaningless is the Unemployment Rate?Simple. Look at U6 and the LFPR. And count how many of the jobs created since the recession have been in bullshit service sector positions like waiters, bartenders, etc. Put that together and what do you get? A totally fucked economy with a disappearing middle class. 1 year 1 month