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Post-MBA Corporate Finance in the tech industryanybody have any info on corporate finance in the tech industry post-MBA? i'm referring to non-strategy/M... 1 2 months 1 week
Class of 2017 ApplicationsI thought I would start a thread for those of us that will be applying this fall for a start date of Fall of 2015. What do you guys think is a good timeline for getting things completed over the course of the next 6-8 months? This is what I am thinking: Things I have completed: GMAT Things... 1 2 years 1 month
Consulting or Banking after MBA?these seem to be the two most common careers people want to pursue after bschool so for those of you planning on going into banking or consulting, i was wondering where you guys stand. do you plan on pursuing banking or consulting after getting your MBA and why? maybe provide a brief overview of... 12 2 years 5 months
IB exit opps at the Associate level and upHi, so I am planning on going to Bschool in a year or two and hope to go into IB. I was wondering what kind of exit opps there are in IB for ppl at the Associate and VP level? Do most just go to corp dev/strat groups? Does it vary by what group you are placed in? Seems like Analysts have a ton of... 1 2 years 8 months
Breaking into PE - Chances of breaking in? what are the chances of breaking into PE without any previous PE or IB analyst experience? i'm currently working in corp finance and hope to get a top 10 MBA in a year or two. i realize that getting a job in PE straight from BSchool will be tough, but what about if i put in 2-3 years as an... 7 1 week 6 days
Just started a new job a few months ago -- should...I worked in big4 audit for 2.5 years and started a new job a few months ago in the corp strategy group of a F100. The job is way better and I am learning a ton. I am planning on going for my MBA to hopefully pursue banking post-MBA. what I am wondering is, is it too early for me to apply this round... 6 2 years 10 months
What's the deal with Fannie Mae (FNMA) and...They've both been skyrocketing recently with another spectacular day for both. Fannie gained 11% and Freddie is up 9.5% for the day. What do you guys think long-term? Will the government let these two ever go private? Will the common shareholders get wiped out? 5 2 years 11 months
Strategic Planning - Compensation for analysts/...What exactly is Strategic Planning? I always thought it was the Corporate Strategy group within a company, but I've heard of instances where the Corporate Development team is part of Strategic Planning as well. Also, what does compensation look like for Analysts/Associates within Strategic Planning... 2 1 week 2 days
Got an email from background check vendor asking...went for a 2nd round interview this past week and have not heard anything since, but on friday I got an email from the background check vendor used by this company asking me for some information so they can perform the background check. does this mean i got the offer? have you heard of companies... 6 3 years 4 months
What do MD's look for when interviewing an...I have an interview coming up with a large financial institution for an FP... 2 3 years 4 months


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not positive, but if i had to guess, i would say...not positive, but if i had to guess, i would say you will be in one of the manhattan offices. rotational programs tend to be relatively competitive so i just cant see them stashing their rotational program guys all in the NJ office for the entire 2 years. thats not to say you might not rotate... 5 1 year 5 months
what's prob more important than physical location...what's prob more important than physical location of the office within the nyc area, is the actual groups that you will rotate through...granted the most sought after groups (M... 5 1 year 5 months
any idea if the increase in banking salaries will...any idea if the increase in banking salaries will spill over to MBB starting salaries? 46 1 year 6 months
greengohome: Being interviewed for early...[quote=greengohome]Being interviewed for early decision application to Columbia tomorrow at 8:00. Keeping my fingers crossed. 770 GMAT and 1 yr MBB + 1 yr non-profit + 3 years of PE... I think I should be a shoo-in but I got dinged after the interview 3 years ago so I'm spooked.[/quote] how... 127 1 year 7 months
umtugadocaralho: ... and if anyone knows this...[quote=umtugadocaralho]... and if anyone knows this - do rounds really matter? does it really make NO DIFFERENCE the round you apply? What do they do with the apps that come in Round 1 vs apps that come in Round 3? Do they just sit there or they start choosing those who will go to the final pile... 127 1 year 8 months
i understand that it is important to incorporate...i understand that it is important to incorporate school specific things in your essays (prominent professors, specific classes, students orgs), but how do you guys do that for applications that dont have the typical 'why X MBA'? for example, kellogg and ross both have similar kinds of essay... 127 1 year 8 months
how exactly does the consortium work? can exactly does the consortium work? can anybody apply through there? is there a vetting process before they accept you as a member? 127 1 year 8 months
i guess it's a given that other top banks will...i guess it's a given that other top banks will follow suit, but any idea if this will affect MBB pay? if 1st year associates went from making a base of 125k to now ~155k, that puts them a solid 15-20k ahead of post-MBA MBB starting base salary. seems like MBB will need to adjust their salaries in... 35 1 year 9 months
this reeks of shill post to gain some attention...this reeks of shill post to gain some attention for Dream MBA. never heard of this company while researching admission consultants until one of them pm'ed me on GC based on a post i made there. checked out their website and the website alone looked atrocious so i declined the offer for a free 30... 18 1 year 10 months
anyone else find it odd that bankerella was so...anyone else find it odd that bankerella was so cautious in giving out info on what her fellow classmates did post-MBA in fear of someone finding out who she is, but then goes into incredible detail about the girl who married the PE guy and started selling stuffed animals? that seems pretty specific... 80 1 year 10 months
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