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About time - EURCHF almost -40%, then retraces When I created my username, it was getting close enough. It was the most fun day of my relatively short FX career, watching EURCHF move all the way up after getting oh so close to parity. In... 4 months 2 weeks


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Why are people so stingy with connections?Because trust is an even more valuable currency than time or money. Anecdotes are not data, etc. etc. but FWIW here's my POV (been out of finance world for a while though): Generally, I refer people according to my own trust in them, and accompany the reference with my honest thoughts.... 1 week 4 days
Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street: Working at Google...It's probably worth adding that the motivation of the people with good salaries in the industry is almost never money (beyond providing for their family). They enjoy making stuff, they enjoy solving problems, and they love computer science, reading papers for fun and playing with open source... 3 weeks 4 days
Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street: Working at Google...They're surprisingly fast to acquire - at least enough to be able to hire and manage good programmers, IMHO. Now learning category theory and writing something like Pandoc, that's different. But I think it is worth reading through a few books and getting familiar with the concepts. There's a lot... 3 weeks 4 days
Silicon Valley vs. Wall Street: Working at Google...Untrue, or true only for commodity positions you don't care about anyway in shops where it sucks to work. Computer science is a large and deep field. If you have sound mathematical bases, and you have covered the principles, everything else is a matter of learning a new syntax for it. For... 3 weeks 5 days
WSO - What Do You Hate?Quick thoughts on UX: - serif fonts generally are more readable for large blocks of text. It's fine (looks "better", today) to have headers in sans-serif or exotic fonts. See Quora for a modern example (and they are a very data driven design team), or read both Claude Hopkins or David Ogilvy for... 3 weeks 5 days
Jet Lag - How to avoid/mitigate?To be fair, age could also play a role. In my early 20s, I could "skip" jet lag (and have 10 drinks and be fine the next morning). Today not so much. Enjoy it whilst it lasts... 4 months 3 days
Jet Lag - How to avoid/mitigate?I do 6+ hour time zone shifts at least 4 times a year, have been for a while. My rules: - aisle seat. Oh yeah. You do NOT want 20+ hours flying without having freedom to move about. The 3-4 times I didn't get an aisle seat the person who did promptly fell asleep for the whole flight, and they'... 4 months 1 week
Garden Leave - Where would you go?They're more interesting because most of the poor countries have the same survival economies due to their tenuous individual rights. I include large parts of China in that. The food, your interaction with taxi drivers, everything ends up being a repeat with slight variations and a new landscape. I'... 10 months 2 weeks
Garden Leave - Where would you go?[quote=fixedfaileddelivered] EURCHF parity: In your position, I'd find a way to do South America for a month (1 week/country), Africa for a month (start in South Africa and move north) and Asia for a month (personally, I'd do Japan, Beijing, Shanghai/Hong Kong and Singapore with my four weeks... 10 months 3 weeks
Garden Leave - Where would you go?There are two continents where you'll probably never work: South America and Africa (unless you get off the normal career track in finance). When you live and work in London, you'll discover Europe and maybe Russia and the Middle East. New York gives you easy access to North America. In your... 10 months 3 weeks