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About time - EURCHF almost -40%, then retraces When I created my username, it was getting close enough. It was the most fun day of my relatively short FX career, watching EURCHF move all the way up after getting oh so close to parity. In... 10 months 2 weeks


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Just taking SQL - or more specifically,...Just taking SQL - or more specifically, understanding relational databases - it gives you a means of manipulating and understanding data very fast and very reliably, much more so than Excel. Simple example: the vlookup. It's actually a form of left join. Except let's say you're doing a vlookup on a... 2 months 3 weeks
One more: understand volatility. Read Taleb's "...One more: understand volatility. Read Taleb's "Dynamic Hedging" which is still the most intuitive text on the idea. Life is probabilistic, not deterministic, it's about maximizing odds, not doing things and getting certainly rewarded for them. There is no "path", only a set number of mutually... 2 months 3 weeks
Be considerate, be nice to others. Many self-...Be considerate, be nice to others. Many self-confident people were dicks when they were younger (guilty) and learn the hard way. I'd say the people whose pride I've really hurt keep me up at night more than any other memories, especially the women. And of course, being a dick gets you burned out of... 2 months 3 weeks
The Instagrams and Snapchats (and even WhatsApp,...The Instagrams and Snapchats (and even WhatsApp, despite its generating cash flow almost from the start) do not "need to monetize". They are much more valuable doing what they are attempting to do: divert a significant amount of consumer attention from Facebook and Google products whilst getting... 3 months 3 weeks
Well, for maybe 2-3k from the Midwest, you can...Well, for maybe 2-3k from the Midwest, you can fulfill two of your dreams already. The Great Wall is a 1-2h minivan ride from Beijing, so you can go walk amongst the massive crowds and admire the nothingness on both sides. It is somewhat worth it, although I wouldn't go to Beijing just for it (... 4 months 3 days
Glengarry Glen Ross is about people being put in...Glengarry Glen Ross is about people being put in a situation where there is no exit (the leads suck, they can't get more leads, they're too old for another job), and then being pressured to do the impossible. It's a typical left wing "life sucks and you can't do anything about it" movie. Like... 4 months 4 days
The fascinating thing about Breivik and what your...The fascinating thing about Breivik and what your discussion is missing out is that he planned it out from the start. Key to his manifesto were: 1. he intended to strike a blow to left wing politics in Norway for three decades 2. he wanted to show how easy it was for someone with a decent IQ... 4 months 5 days
Friends depend on who you are and your values...Friends depend on who you are and your values really. I've met thousands of people, I know where to poke to get people to show their colours quickly, and if they align with mine we usually keep in touch. The great thing about Singapore especially is how little race matters (and other groups,... 4 months 5 days
If money is your only metric, you should consider...If money is your only metric, you should consider Asia: - decent talent is scarcer (although this is changing) which both means easier promotions and easier performance reviews (I'm just off a meeting with a 50yo American who complains he'd just be reaching C-level age in the US, but reached it... 4 months 6 days
Some day when I retire, I'll go through my 40GB...Some day when I retire, I'll go through my 40GB or so of emails from the last decade and try and patch it together into a blog. Occasionally, I read back emails I sent friends as time passed (the 2 page variety) and it's funny watching my own mindset evolve. Emails are the best because you don't... 4 months 6 days
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