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worst 2 days everWow how much bad stuff can happen in a row. Yesterday my car broke down, someone stole $120 of my wallet, and my glasses broke. Today I got a bill for 2 grand for something I thought was going to be like 400. And next week is finals week. Life is pretty bad right now. 3 years 6 months
RantIm not liberal by any means and I think that most of those people at OWS are mindless morons. 3 years 8 months


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Technical question: NOLs, Beta, etcI see now. I didn't read all the responses. I thought he was talking about using levered beta to estimate a firm beta instead of equity beta. 1 year 11 months
Technical question: NOLs, Beta, etc_ 1 year 11 months
JPM Asset Management Superday TimingI didn't really interview for a particular group necessarily. My interviewer said that HR would contact me if I got a super day but didn't give me a timeline. He was pretty optimistic about my chances. 2 years 5 months
JPM Asset Management Superday Timingits been almost two weeks since my phone interview. My interviewer acted like I had a really good chance at a superday. Haven't heard anything yet. Anyone else heard anything? 2 years 5 months
Surprisingly Painful Interview Questions5 is multiple states. It could have been a better question if they had posed it with you as the policy holder. Than it would have been all in the same state. A way more interesting question. 2 years 7 months
What the hell happened to my favorite finance...i really like alphathrottle too. At first I thought they forgot to renew their domain, but idk what going on. Its been like 5 days now. 3 years 4 months
Is Kelley a Target?people who go to kelley think it is way better/harder than it is in reality. It is pretty much the definition of semi-target imho not a target at all. But every kid there thinks they're set for life because they have the "kelley advantage" 3 years 4 months
worst 2 days everya you win 3 years 6 months
Going into Sales - What Should I Read?bombardiers is really good 3 years 8 months
KIMMY K FILES FOR DIVORCEshe didn't inherit her money she made it doing advertisements. Stupid people actually think hey if Kim is buying that so should i and companies pay her 20k for a tweet. Add that to a few million a year from that sorry excuse for a tv show and fashion lines and you get a real chunk of change.... 3 years 8 months