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Neanderthal Vs. GMAT: Place your bets!I'm going to kill the GMAT... at least, tthat is the idea. How hard can it be? I mean, i have over 2,000 banana points on WSO... My current score is c. 620 GMATs, but I'm aiming for 700+ GMATs on test day. I've just registered for the 1st week of December. I've never blogged (is that the right... 36 3 years 6 months
Guys... How to read?I've always been a hardback/paperback guy, but have just ordered the new Kindle (the Paperwhite, no ads). How do you guys read? i.e. what format do you prefer? I prefer paper. I dislike reading on my laptop and even at work, will usually print out documents at work to read and mark up, much... 15 3 years 6 months
A $350 Trillion problemLooks like the BBA is ready to relinquish its LIBOR setting responsibilities. This opens up an interesting discussion about what might replace it and who will be responsible for overseeing LIBOR. Will the UK government regulate it? Will they follow the European example with how EURIBOR is set... 3 3 years 7 months
Soros: Germany should lead or leave!Soros is pontificating on the Euro and how to solve the crisis at the moment (Q... 1 3 years 7 months
RE Asset Management Resources & BooksGuys, I need some help. Any resources (articles, case studies, frameworks) or books that you can recommend for Real Estate Asset Management? In particular anything relating to "Asset Management" of the following: - *Development projects of all types (hotel, office, mixed use). - Hotels. -... 6 3 years 7 months
Monte Carlo simulation in REPE?When modelling real estate private equity deals, or real estate portfolios... - Do you guys ever use Monte Carlo simulations* (whether Crystal Ball or your own programming)? - Do your risk guys use these (if you are at a bank, or financial institution)? - What about you RE junior debt /... 8 3 years 10 months
New GMAT FormatThere is a new section (Integrated Reasoning) on the GMAT that replaces one of the essays: 1 - How does one prepare for this? 2 - How do schools consider the results of this part of the test? Their propaganda video... 7 3 years 10 months
Monkey Shit tracker?Is there a way that I can view the exact posts / thread that I have received monkey shit for? It would be useful to see where I have received MS instead of having to go through each post individually (why bother?). 13 4 years 1 week
$1.1 billion for Ducati?Are you going to have a high revving Ducati engine in your small Audi? What about a Quattro dirt bike? [quote=Reuters] Volkswagen's Audi unit has agreed to buy thoroughbred Italian motorcycle maker Ducati for about 860 million euros ($1.12 billion) including debt, two people familiar with the... 8 4 years 1 week
Affordable Aston Martin for analystsI can't believe I missed this... Here's an option for all of you entry level finance guys who happen to be Aston Martin fans. The Aston Martin Cygnet Aparently it only costs circa £30,000 and comes with a bespoke five-piece luggage set... A bargain considering the next cheapest Aston Martin... 12 4 years 1 month


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The "tool" factor goes both ways... 1. People who...The "tool" factor goes both ways... 1. People who define themselves by the status of their watch 2. People who put down others for appreciating nice watches As long as you don't let your watch, or your attitude towards your watch define you, you'll be ok. So in practical terms, don't feel... 300 6 months 1 week
That's not what i meant about "caring", although...That's not what i meant about "caring", although i may have used a play on words in one clause. I meant, how do we help the poorest in our society to get healthcare. it's not about being emotional, although that article does paint Singapore in a pretty disturbing light; a futuristic "Stepford Wives... 99 3 years 5 months
EURCHF parity: Relinquis: How do people live...[quote=EURCHF parity][quote=Relinquis]How do people live in this mythical place? How do they care for their poor and people who cannot afford to treat their illnesses or physical traumas? How do they care for the poor of their elderly? Do they care, in this mythical place you describe?[/quote] Do... 99 3 years 5 months
Wow. Where is this mythical place you describe? I...Wow. Where is this mythical place you describe? I love hearing about this mythical USA where the private sector provides solutions to all problems without relying on any government funded research or infrastructure and without deference to the public at all. Where markets are "free" and "... 99 3 years 5 months
This is a great roundtable discussion with some...This is a great roundtable discussion with some of the top executives at the major film houses. Universal, Paramount, Sony, Fox, Dreamworks and even Lionsgate. It touches on some of the topics of this thread, from the people who make the financial and managerial decisions, including: What... 164 3 years 5 months
It fascinates me to hear USAs discuss the right...It fascinates me to hear USAs discuss the right to basic healthcare; as if they're talking about buying iPhones or general consumption. 99 3 years 5 months
Yeah, the needed to make sure they could set up...Yeah, the needed to make sure they could set up the franchise to continue. I think Craig is still signed up for a couple more Bond films. I just hope they don't turn him into a cartoon again. 164 3 years 5 months
tl;dr... Bond has finally been transformed;;dr... Bond has finally been transformed; no longer defined by his cocktail. He's still cool, but in that unhappy intellectual way. Full version ... Contains no spoilers With Skyfall Bond has completed the journey from traditional 'good guy' hero to the post-modern age. Or maybe, whatever... 164 3 years 5 months
Sorry Feb. I should have said he's 'not a...Sorry Feb. I should have said he's 'not a politically correct Bond either'. The current Bond isn't PC, but he isn't just a caricature 1960s/70s style Bond either. I don't want to give out any spoilers, but if you've seen Skyfall then you know what I'm talking about. He isn't going to get beaten... 164 3 years 5 months
G.M.Trevelyan: Anglo-American rhetoric? fyi,...[quote=G.M.Trevelyan]Anglo-American rhetoric? fyi, all Euro banks were twice as leveraged as any of the British and American banks. This is fair rhetoric for anyone concerned by the actions of the EU. [...][/quote] Do you mean Bears Stearns, Merrill Lynch, HBOS, RBS? or that paragon of financial... 13 3 years 5 months
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