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Private Equity - Carried Interest?Have a question for all the PE guys here. I've been trying to figure out if the carried interest I get paid (middle level guy..senior associate/VP) is market. My fund based out of SF focuses on the middle market, but we have a decent fund size (between $2 and $2.5 billion). I receive 0.5% carry... 3 years 10 months


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Recruiting for PE and HF at the same timeTelling you right now, much better to just pick one. 100% of the time, if i like a resume and the candidate has expressed interest in both, the recruiters tell me the candidate doesn't know what he/she wants to do and may not be that committed to private equity. That's a big deal because if the... 2 years 3 weeks
First year associate (pre-mba) compgekko's right, for those 3, would expect between $250k and $300. 2 years 1 month
First year associate (pre-mba) comp$500-1B has such a wide range for comp... more so than any other size bracket and location plays a much bigger part compared to larger funds. Some funds don't pay very much due to their small size whereas other funds will pay up because they want to compete for the talent. I've seen some that pay... 2 years 1 month
First year associate (pre-mba) compI have managed associate recruitment for years (large MM) and have worked with each of the reputable pre-MBA search firms, each of which have given me stat sheets of associate comp (1st, 2nd, 3rd and sr. associate level, but i'm really focusing on 1st year in this post) at all of the well known PE... 2 years 1 month
Help me plan my next steps1) Yes, even with pre-MBA PE experience, landing a post-MBA PE job is EXTREMELY difficult. 2) It's improbable but nothing's ever impossible! I can't imagine many people come out of bschool or pre-mba jobs thinking "i want to do africa-focused PE" so if you are able to land a good summer associate... 2 years 2 months
Which Path is better for MM PE? Corp dev. to PE...Better to be "stuck with" a DCM job, but i think better odds of landing a MM PE gig with the corp dev job based on your description. If you really want to get into PE and have the best shot, i would do the corp dev job, understanding that you still probably won't get a shot with any megafunds or... 2 years 2 months
PE FoF - If I go to a FoF, is going back to a "regular" PE fund possible later on? Not necessarily a megafund, but simply returning to the GP side? It'll be very difficult unless you are okay starting over as a 1st year associate or going to b-school. Principle investing and FoF investing are... 2 years 5 months
Is Investment Banking pretty much the only way to...If you truly want to go into PE, you should suck it up and do the 2 years in banking. It's actually not a bad experience, but you will sacrifice time with your family. From what i've seen, it is extremely difficult to get into PE without banking experience. Also, going into S... 2 years 5 months
Reference ChecksBy the way, i would drop the volunteering reference. You should try to have 1 senior level (MD/Director) reference who can speak to your personality and one mid-level (VP) reference who can speak to your modeling/technical skills and work ethic. 2 years 6 months
Reference ChecksJust be honest and upfront with whomever the recruitment point person is about your concerns. PE firms are sensitive to this because it is an issue for many candidates. I hired an associate this year who had the same concern so I did reference checks after he accepted the offer. Just keep in... 2 years 6 months