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ACA Accounting Exams - what book to use to study...Some help would be appreciated on the below: I want my partner to potentially become an accountant in the UK (she would have to train from scratch, this is a 3+ year project). I saw there is a basic module that covers "accounting" at the certificate level. What would be a good book you would... 11 months 1 week
Sales - debunking 8 MYTHS (From a veteran)I read a lot of misleading information regarding sales jobs in banks on this forum recently (I am lumping sales/sales traders and all products here). I won't mention any particular users, but it got me angry. Given I have not contributed to WSO in a meaningful way in more than a year (apart from my... 1 year 1 month
Advice before you PM a professional on this...I don't post on this website as much as I used to, as 1) I am not a college student and don't have that much time. 2) I have a demanding schedule 3) All CFA exams have been passed... I just thought I'd make an exception and write the following advice post. If you are going to PM me: 1)... 2 years 3 months
Boston - Tell me moreI just watched "The Town", and I want to work in Boston one day (Think 10 years down the line). Except for pension fund management, and a certain large endowment fund, I can't really think of much out there. I only ever faced two hedge funds there, one EM fund and one event driven one, but that... 2 years 11 months
Why are you guys still interested in markets?I don't really go on campuses anymore representing my banks at banking fairs, so for the last 2 years I have had little contact with undergrads etc... I interviewed about 4 potential juniors recently, then decided against hiring someone without a client base. The only thing I really saw was that... 3 years 3 weeks
How to get into banking - and WSO myths...You come from a non-target? Sucks to be you You have a low GPA? Sucks to be you You want a job in banking? Sucks to be you I've been on this website for almost 6 years, and only recently re-started reading some of the posts. Most of them are pointless, but there is the odd post that will... 3 years 2 months
Why YOU should take the CFAThere is a lot of discussion out there as to why you should take the CFA, why it is shi.t, why it is a waste of time, why it is great, etc... Now I will try to explain why (IMO) you should take it: I. What it takes to pass your CFA: 1) You need to have been relatively good at University, and... 3 years 5 months
If you want to quit - SOLDIER ON BOY and stay put!I was going to reply to some kid bitching about his job, and how bad he felt about being shit at it. But instead of replying directly to him I thought I'd make a more generic motivational post: It's a very tough environment, has been since 2008 when I started. After my first year I was... 3 years 5 months
What to read and watch for sales peopleI made the below list for a work study a while back (i sent it to him by email). I was cleaning my inbox and stumbled upon it, enjoy. Trading (Fixed Income): Liar's Poker Mergers and Acquisition: Monkey's Business Reason for the crisis: The Big Short Maybe: Private equity: Barbarians at... 3 years 6 months
All you ever needed to know about what to wear in...My main market is closed, lucky you guys, here is a useful post! No one gives a damn, as long as you look half decent and don't wear red trousers and a clown nose... If you are a summer analyst / just started - don't fuck up the breakfast order that's all we ask of you. After you have worked... 3 years 9 months


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CoffeeBean: Do you have any peers who are...[quote="CoffeeBean"]Do you have any peers who are similarly leaving their jobs for startups?How do you feel about the startup scene? It seems really saturated.. I would like to do so too, but don't the capacity for now.[/quote] No- absolutely none. Except for a couple who were let go and started... 1 month 2 weeks
Keep it in cash. You never know, when you are too...Keep it in cash. You never know, when you are too drunk to sign on your black amex for that mathusalem bottle you just ordered 4 months 1 week Edit: the link is scary with the word manboob, but follow it it's SFO. Just a picture of a troll... 4 months 1 week
nelobynature: My friend's been following these...[quote="nelobynature"]My friend's been following these guys for a while and they seem to be trying to get into the interim financing biz:[/quote] Mate, just looked at their stock. It's a penny stock that keeps on going... 4 months 2 weeks
derivstrading: Its going to be the case of what...[quote="derivstrading"]Its going to be the case of what happens with regulation. 5 years ago I didnt think regulation would have such an impact on sell side trading, I was in the camp similar of what you are thinking, "the banks always find a way". And im sure they will, but for now S&T is a... 4 months 2 weeks
And that is why you never see anyone past the...And that is why you never see anyone past the associate level doing OCR, unless it's some poor MD or D that got dragged by HR to do it... 4 months 2 weeks
don't know why anyone threw monkey shit at you....don't know why anyone threw monkey shit at you. Perfectly valid question. I don't know how it is, but at Heathrow if you have an Amex platinum you get to burn through security. You must fly from one airport all the time, look at what agreement they have. They most likely have an agreement with a... 4 months 3 weeks
Amcat: For something to disrupt Bloomberg that...[quote="Amcat"]For something to disrupt Bloomberg that is so much a part of daily business, you need Symphony to be a "game changer". From what i heard, it is not. In tech today it is go-first, go-big or go home. (Google+ anyone??). Once a lead system is as well established it is extremely hard to... 4 months 3 weeks
IvyLeagueVet: Of course they aren't. However,...[quote="IvyLeagueVet"]Of course they aren't. However, we're talking about student debt here which is usually less than 5%. Risk adjusted returns should net you more if you know what you're doing w your money.[/quote] So let's assume a... 5 months 3 days
IvyLeagueVet: Totally w you on this. Actually I'...[quote="IvyLeagueVet"]Totally w you on this. Actually I'm very surprised that many said to pay down debts. This is a website of high finance pros that know the diff btwn return rates on a sizable bonus/capital and debt rates right?[/quote] Not all debt are created equal. I am surprised that... 5 months 3 days
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