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Question re: Account settingsI couldn't find any other place to put this at, so here it is: how does one change the status from say, prospective monkey to whatever else? I tried to edit my account but it won't let me. 7 years 9 months
Schools outside of U.S./Canada/U.K.What are considered good B-school for finance outside of US, UK, and Cananda? I know INSEAD is highly regarded. Are there any other great ones that are considered legit in NYC or London? 7 years 9 months
BaruchOK...I don't go to Baruch, but I just need an opinion. It seems like every business major I meet from Baruch has high hopes of getting into banking or HF. I was under the impression that this is a city people really make it to BB's? or even MM's? I'm asking since one of my family... 7 years 10 months
Questions RE: back officeSo I've been looking at Vault Salary surveys and I saw that risk management (is that considered back office?) 1st yr analysts are paid up to 100K-110K all in. I was wondering if this was an exaggeration. If not, for someone who is more worried about lifestyle, wouldn't this be a better deal?... 7 years 10 months
Practice Case StudiesCan anyone recommend any good books/websites/anything else for good business analyst level practice case studies for strat consulting? If they're MBA level case studies, that's fine as well. Thanks. 7 years 10 months
Finance PhD'sWhat's the typical starting job for fresh Finance PhD's other than academia? Do they tend to go into quant-based funds or something similar or do a lot start out at Associated at BB's? Also, does it matter which school you get your PhD from? Can a PhD from Tier 2 B-school get a good job or is... 7 years 11 months
Another question regarding a screwed-up summerThis is my first post after reading this forum for last two months. I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. So Currently I am a rising senior at a semi-target, majoring in biology and finance, with a minor in economics. I came to school hoping to go into medicine. I jumped through all... 7 years 11 months


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pdf. or doc. what is the standard for a resume...adobe pro can covert word files into PDF's. Just download it if you don't want to buy it. 7 years 9 months
People withouth FT offers are screwed?does that mean people without a finance internship are completely out of luck even at target schools? 7 years 9 months
FT w/out any internshipwhat about coming from a semi-target and having a bio research internship instead of a finance internship? Is there a chance if one's got all EC's and grades and everything? 7 years 9 months
Backup Careers in case one doesn't get into...while it's true that M/B/B is a great stepping stone to a top is by far not the only route. In some other thread, you mentioned that you like IT. I personally know people with IT background who got into top MBA's. It's doable...just do what you really like. Things will take care of... 7 years 9 months
Smaller lesser known consulting firms? salary/...just so you know, you won't be making 150K anywhere in consulting post-undergrad. 7 years 9 months
Smaller lesser known consulting firms? salary/...manoftroy, at what level are you asking for 150K? Post-MBA? How many years of experience? 7 years 9 months
Questions RE: back officehow are the exit ops or career outlook? Is it possible to jump up to front office sometime or get into corp finance? And how is the promotion ladder? Is it a dead end or not? 7 years 9 months
Baruchthank you for the responses. Appreciate it. 7 years 10 months
Baruchbump...anyone else? 7 years 10 months
are the LACs targets?the only smart, well-rounded kids at Northwestern are MMS and pre-med kids. This tool might as well get a degree in journalism, because he's fooling himself. And getting 3.3 at Northwestern should compel you to commit suicide...Northwestern is not that tough. 7 years 10 months