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Why Am I seeing so many double posts nowadays?Am I the only one seeing all these duplicates? 2 weeks 6 days
Fellow L/S equity analysts: what are you best...Other than the typical seeking alpha, etc. I get some stuff on the Twitter financial circuit but looking for other sources as well 10 months 2 weeks
Holiday Gifts for AssistantsWhat are some of you guys getting for your assistants this year? Everyone at my fund is talking gift cards but seems pretty impersonal to me. In the past I would buy a nice wine bottle or two. Would love to hear other people's ideas. 1 year 8 months
Personal account trading restrictions at fundsFor those in a HF role, what are your fund's personal trading restrictions? Trying to get a sense if mine is more draconian than others. I can't do public equities, corporate bonds, ETFs, or options on any of those. Basically just mutual funds and real estate. 2 years 5 months
Facebook IPO filing Wednesday, February 1 MS as lead, GS likely to be the Robin to MS's batman Over/under on a $100B valuation? 3 years 6 months
So who were the bankers for AT&TBecause whoever allowed them to put a $4B breakup fee in the agreement should not be allowed to give merger advice with a straight face ever again Found it: JPMorgan Chase & Co.,Greenhill & Co., and Evercore Partners 3 years 7 months


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Any update by chance? I'm still seeing this...Any update by chance? I'm still seeing this everywhere. 4 days 2 hours
Keith is an untrustworthy prick that will try to...Keith is an untrustworthy prick that will try to push you to take any job at any shop (no matter how shitty) he thinks you can get. But Dynamics is very professional and places well. They won't leak the fact you are interviewing. You can work with one of the other partners there if you'd... 2 weeks 6 days
pubfinanalyst: 3rd tier bank? Let's not get...[quote=pubfinanalyst]3rd tier bank? Let's not get ahead of ourselves hopefully you're at least employed by a bank and not doing the same thing acting like a tool like this kid was.[/quote] Do you see the "HF" by my name, or not? I was in banking when there still was a Lehman, Bear, and a... 1 month 3 weeks
User11221122: He should not have lost his job,...[quote=User11221122] He should not have lost his job, and he exhibited no lack of professionalism by writing this email. Anyone who has worked at any type of investment bank with a normal culture would agree with this. [/quote] No. You don't send interns stupid emails like this as an analyst... 1 month 3 weeks
Thinkpad X1 Carbon or Thinkpad T450s if you want...Thinkpad X1 Carbon or Thinkpad T450s if you want to save $ 2 months 2 hours
chobani: chicandtoughness: I don't think it's...[quote=chobani] chicandtoughness: I don't think it's the difficulty of investment banking you're referring to here. Kids that came from the top of their class in a top-tier school are more 1) well-adjusted, 2) have more experience dealing with high-performing / stressful environments, 3) may have... 2 months 1 day
NattyIce: LOL nice.. he's a second year analyst...[quote=NattyIce]LOL nice.. he's a second year analyst probably with a pe offer; doubt he cares what Barclays will do to him.[/quote] PE firms can rescind offers 2 months 1 day
He'd be a blast at an open mic night. Hope he...He'd be a blast at an open mic night. Hope he enjoyed self-destructing his career in one quick step With the amount of time it took for him to draft that email, he couldn't take the 5 seconds to think about how bad an idea it was to send that out? 2 months 1 day
CRE: "SpacemanSpiff" wrote:CRE wrote:Y'all aren'...[quote=CRE]"SpacemanSpiff" wrote:CRE wrote:Y'all aren't much slower using the non-keypad number keys? It's a world of difference for me, but perhaps it just comes down to practice. The new version reverts back to normal keys. The switch to the adaptive keyboard thing nearly caused a... 2 months 3 weeks
ai215: I beg to differ. The T450s can be had for...[quote=ai215]I beg to differ. The T450s can be had for less and is an equivalent/better machine. You pay up for the difference in size/weight for the X1 carbon: X1: 13.0 x 8.9 x .7 in. ~2.87lbs T450s: 13.03"x 8.90"x 0.83" ~3.5lbs Not saying it isn't a great computer, just want to give a full... 2 months 3 weeks